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Comment Bookmark. Cheat Codes Press and hold the right Shift button on your keyboard and then type the following codes without the quotes to enable the corresponding effect.

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Pokemon Masters will be available Summer Building a military base owned by the other superpowers will prevent the invasion. While these professions may not be very prestigious, but they are the backbone of your island's economy. Make sure you always have citizens employed in these positions as their absence will have adverse effects on your economy.

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Raise the salary in the corresponding building if necessary. Once you've organized your workforce, establish a stable cash flow early on in the game. You accomplish this by building some farms, mines or logging camps. Be careful though, as your workforce is limited to the number of citizens on the island and you can end up with a banana economy. If you end up short on workers for your buildings you can construct an Immigration Office in order to attract immigrants from abroad.

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In order to set up a successful tourism industry you need to build a tourist dock, some tourist accommodations, and at least a few attractions. A high service quality in these buildings will, ensure that more tourists will leave happy from your island, providing an increase to your tourism rating.

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The higher your tourism rating, the more tourists will decide to spend their vacation on your island. Also consider that different types of tourists prefer different attractions.

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