How to print one page on word mac

You will need to download and install at least one of these three programs. I wound up using CocoaBooklet, but all three of these programs work the same way. You generate a PDF file from whatever word processing program you choose, thus setting the page breaks.

Portrait and Landscape in Same Word Document

The booklet application takes the PDF file, shuffles around the existing pages, and shrinks them down to two pages per sheet, creating a new PDF booklet. You then print that PDF booklet from Preview. Here are my impressions of these three programs.

My tests were all done on 8-page booklets. The programs are small to download max 4MB and easy to figure out. BookLightning v. Might not work with certain duplex mechanisms, see next section. Cheap Impostor 2. In fact, I wanted to pay for the advanced features just because the developer took the time to write such good help, including how to make your own book.

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However, Cheap Impostor in basic free mode shrank the custom page size too much, and I could not quite tell whether the advanced features would allow me to stretch the text on a shrunken regular page, though I thought they might. They would certainly have let me control for the smaller page size. The advanced features did promise to deal with creep, and in general, Cheap Impostor seemed to allow the user to control the most aspects of creating a booklet.

CocoaBooklet 1. It worked very well for my purposes and offers an amazing amount of control for a free program. I decided it was the best choice for my needs. Freeware, donations accepted. The program documentation explains it better. In CocoaBooklet and Cheap Impostor, you have the option of either automatically appending a suffix, or saving all booklets to a default location you set.

How to Print a Specific Page in Word 2013

You need to be a bit careful about duplex printing. If your printer flips paper along the short edge, then in the PDF booklet, all pages should be rightside up. If your printer flips pages along the long edge, then in the PDF booklet every other sheet of paper showing two pages should be upside-down. You may need to experiment to sort this out. Some duplex printers will let you choose short-edge or long-edge—either will be fine, just make sure that the setting matches the setting in the booklet program.

Short-edge will be less counter-intuitive for you, as there will be no upside-down text.

How to Print Double-Sided Documents on Mac

This is called manual duplex. All three programs have preferences to split the created booklet into odd and even pages, so that you can simply print two files instead of entering 1,3,5,7 into the page range, and then printing 2,4,6,8. Just create your file in Word as you normally would, with a regular paper size, and follow the instructions in your preferred booklet program. Set your booklet up in MS Word, using a paper size that is half the size of a sheet of regular letter paper. By regular paper, I mean the US 8.

In the US, you want 5. To create a custom paper size in OS X, you need to open up TextEdit or Pages , and create the custom paper size there.

Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet on Mac

Interestingly, certain printers grayed out the custom paper size and would not let me choose it. In Word, you can format the document for Any Printer, if you want. Format the booklet as you like. I used margins of. This is where formatting for a different printer may give different results.

Also experiment with different settings for the header and footer margins. Use an appropriate text size for the final product—the pages will not change size when you convert them to a booklet.

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To go along with Bobs answer here is a Screen shot of Print menu for my printer look and feel will be different according to Printer you using:. To get to layout click below Presets button.

Steps to Print Two Pages Per Sheet on Mac

Normally it is listed as Copies and Pages switch to Layout. Notice item Two-sided if not set will show none. Set long edge would read just like a Book. Short Edge you flip pages like in a steno pad. Or legal pad. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Learn more. Skip to main content. CynthiaMMarshall Created on March 14, How do I print 2 pages per sheet using Word for Mac I recall this being pretty straightforward back in the day but can't figure out how to do it now. Pulling my hair out!