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Perhaps most importantly, the iPhone 4, with its Retina display and bold new look, was a piece of modern industrial design that demanded to be held, used, and studied to be fully appreciated. I understand why the original iPhone makes for an ideal starting point to discuss the iPhone X. When rumors of Apple abandoning Touch ID in favor of facial recognition appeared earlier this year, I was skeptical. Transient from Dustin Farrell www.

Apple has always been conservative in this regard but rightly took the steps to make their photos more vibrant in this generation. This is the right move in my opinion. Most of the photos taken with a smartphone end up on Instagram or some other web platform these days. In light of the recent security concerns with macOS that allows anyone to easily gain root access, secure your Mac by locking down root.

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In this brief video walkthrough we show you how to change your Mac's root password using Directory Utility and Terminal. The Internet is under attack. This is the Battle for the Net. This is how we fight back. This is an early look at a new Windows 10 feature currently in development that we're calling Sets.

With Sets what goes together, stays together, making it easier to get back to what you were doing. According to Apple, you can juice up your phone to 50 percent in just 30 minutes! But the hardware noise reduction does a stunning job. Video in Schichten. These are created by the inline SVG in the page. These SVG icons are stretching by default to the width of the viewport. Nothing wrong with that, but you can improve the rendering for people like me who prefers sad-boring-peaceful web pages.

Sketch even describes itself as a vector-based design tool. It feels that way. The vector editing tools you expect to be there are there e. When asking around about what people like about Sketch, everybody seems to have a different answer. Finally, the XP-style icons bail out. Still a chrome-style column-header background … worse than no background.

Updated here. Before you click, note that there are flashing lights that might trigger a reaction in some people. The embedded video really gives a sense of the dot projector at work. Fascinating stuff. Citroen DS Nutzer von Shein oder den anderen betroffenen Apps sind allerdings nicht ohne Weiteres hackbar. The other, simpler explanation is that it simply takes 9 months or longer for engineering decisions made within Apple to percolate out to the rumor reporters and analysts — and their sources are so far removed from the halls of Cupertino that they mistake old news for new news.

The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever having to touch your cables. Programmierer die Kombi oben-rechts und unten-links. Regardless of whether the test was single-core or multi-core, High Sierra provided consistently better performance in the analysis. Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef has revealed what he has labeled KRACK; an exploit that attacks a vulnerability in the handshake of the WPA2 protocol that you most likely use to protect your Wi-Fi at home and millions of small businesses around the world use, too.

Though the cameras in Apple's latest iPhones boast the same megapixel count as last year's models, the new devices sport greatly improved internal components, from "deeper" pixels to an upgraded image signal processor. See how the new hardware compares to its predecessor in this video. CSS Grid Layout will transform the way the you design and develop for the web—and Rachel Andrew will change the way you grok the spec. Learn to use Grid Layout within a system that includes existing methods to perform the tasks they were designed for—and take advantage of this pivotal moment in the evolution of layout.

Undefined values are no longer a nuisance in 4D v16 R5. Thanks to object notation enhancements, the 4D language now accepts evaluation of any expression containing undefined values. No more errors or interrupted code execution! And Internet Explorer supported frames, and yet was not Mozilla, and so was not given frames. Trotz stetiger Updates und erster Schritte in Richtung Monetarisierung mussten wir gestern schweren Herzens einen Insolvenzantrag stellen. How does Apple ship iPhones around the world on launch day? We got a behind-the-scenes look with head of retail Angela Ahrendts. This information is collected without permission and is used for ad re-targeting, which is how ads follow people around the Internet.

The feature does not block ads or interfere with legitimate tracking on the sites that people actually click on and visit. Download MP3. It also helps you to quickly see where the issues are. In fact, a list of potential errors are displayed in a listbox; and when you click on an error, the JSON text concerned is highlighted directly in the file content. And as these screenshots from Google maps demonstrate, it's causing traffic jams on North-South interstates throughout the path of the totality:.

This week I chat with Shawn King about photography and how people can take better pictures using their iPhone. It turns out there is! It's called Oxygen, and it's quickly becoming the tool of choice for WordPress web designers. Watch this video to learn about the rapid development of real-time apps with GraphQL and Node. ES6 is the latest specification for JavaScript which brings new features to the language. ES6 has a lot of forward-thinking ideas attached to it and is a really exciting programming language to use.

CSS Grid is now live in all major browsers, and with it everything we know about web layouts changes! The CSS Grid Layout Module introduces a native CSS grid system, provided at the viewport level, that achieves what CSS frameworks and popular grid systems could only dream about: Responsive, flexible, pure CSS grid layouts, independent of document source order, that allow us to treat the browser as a true design and layout surface. If you're flying a drone in a public place like a park, you're going to get some looks.

This means the font must be embedded in the app somewhere. We tried the same with iTunes on macOS.

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OmniGraffle 3 is here! It has a ton of new features and a brand new interface. Another key selling point of jQuery in the past has been Ajax. Admittedly fetch can be a bit more complicated than this small code sample. If we want ease of use though, there is a simpler option that has gained popularity - but it's not native to the browser, which brings me onto Denn auch nach 60 Jahren bleibt die Stilikone aus Italien so jung und emotional, wie sie es schon immer war: mit dem neuen Fiat Anniversario.

You work at the college library. The books are in a straight line, but they're all out of order, and the automatic sorting system is broken. How can you sort the books quickly? Chand John shows how, shedding light on how algorithms help librarians and search engines speedily sort information. As a consequence, once you have activated the Object Notation in your database, it is no longer allowed to use these symbols in variable names, method names, table names, or field names.

And of course it is the same for your existing code! And you know what? So I show here a generic method to achieve this job. But to call High Sierra a minor release is to ignore the big under-the-covers changes it brings to the Mac, some of which have been in the works for years now. It is also a great drone for people who value portability above everything else. This little guy you can take anywhere, anytime which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. However if range, video quality, and battery life or flight time are important to you, you will be better served with either the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 or Inspire series.

Das habe ich jetzt gemacht — und es funktioniert. Anyone else with the same needs here? Anything else to add to this particular wish list? Ping me. With Business Chat, a customer discovers a business using Apple apps, services, and features for example, Siri, Maps, Safari, and Spotlight , then chats with the business using the Messages app on their Apple device. Business Chat routes messages between a customer and business using the Business Chat Server.

The server exchanges messages with the business by way of the Customer Service Platform CSP , which is a web service implemented by the business or third party. All a business needs to do to take advantage of Business Chat is provide a CSP on top of their existing contact center. V16 und V15R5 gestartet. The upgrades are a piece of cake to accomplish. Like with the former late inch iMac with Retina 5K display, there's a push button located above the power input. When pushed, a memory access panel pops out making it simple to swap out or add memory modules.

Alongside the storm of iPad-specific features, the next version of iOS will also bring advancements to the Lock screen and Control Center interfaces. Built-in apps and services such as Maps, App Store, Notes, Messages, Podcasts, Music, Siri, and more received individual updates — some more comprehensive than others. The new ARKit and Core ML frameworks were announced as well, giving us our first tangible examples of Apple's investments in AR and developer-friendly machine learning. Who knew that if you turned Donald Duck upside down you get the other Donald?

Advances in culture, technology, and science depend on past innovations and advances. Humans become capable of more and more as the momentum of knowledge grows. Lined up correctly, a tiny domino results the toppling of a massive domino further down the line. Daring Fireball. But you'll still need to know what good HTML looks like. You'll need to know how to structure HTML in such a way that is useful for you, accessible for users, and accomodating to styling.

The way CSS lands in the browser and how it is applied will continue to change, but you'll still need to how to use it. You'll need to know how to accomplish layouts, manage spacing, adjust typography, and be tasteful, as we always have. Original work by miguelmarquezoutside. Anyway, the whole point of including these results in this footnote is that I also ran the exact same test with Chrome on the inch MacBook Pro With Touch Bar. The average result: 3hm. On the exact same machine running the exact same test with the exact same list of URLs, the battery lasted almost exactly 1.

The DJI Spark is a tiny little drone, smaller compared to the Mavic Pro - here's my hands-on of the working prototype. List IP addresses of current host 4d-plugin-addresses. Replica of deprecated "Pack" commands 4d-plugin-io. STOMP client libstomp implementation 4d-plugin-stomp. Millions of visitors a year come to Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the most visited national park in the western United States. However, on extremely rare days when cold air is trapped in the canyon and topped by a layer of warm air, which in combination with moisture and condensation, form the phenomenon referred to as the full cloud inversion.

In what resembles something between ocean waves and fast clouds, Grand Canyon is completely obscured by fog, making the visitors feel as if they are walking on clouds. Thousands of miles, fuel, and dollars and over two and a half years of obtaining footage have resulted in never before seen perspectives of Route I'm proud to show you Route 66 like it has never been seen before.

From Chicago to LA, you'll get your kicks with this video from 66! He did it because well-paid workers had more to spend. On houses, on clothes, and of course, on cars. When you enable your workers and your customers to do more, connect more, produce more and get paid more, you create a positive system.

The goal isn't to clear the table, the goal is to set the table. Mai But what about you? If an evil monarch forced you to choose, in what order would you give up these inescapable giants of tech? I tend towards bubble. As of January, there were Android apps that were created using SilverPush's publicly available software developer kit, according to the paper, which was published by researchers from Technische Universitat Braunschweig in Germany.

That represents a dramatic increase in the number of Android apps known to use the creepy audio tracking scheme. In April , there were only five such apps. Inria - Pl ntNet, the application that helps people identify plants - YouTubeInitiated in , the Pl ntNet project, backed by Agropolis Fondation, provides a collaborative platform and tools to make it easier to share information about plants. Alexis Joly and Pierre Bonnet present the project. If they chose to make a success of it, it would be by the same mechanism of devaluation to chase huge numbers of tiny, disposable purchases.

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Click on the image to bring the animated GIF to life. Watch the flex on the screen, note the hand required to keep the screen from pushing over backwards. From a security perspective, Unicode domains can be problematic because many Unicode characters are difficult to distinguish from common ASCII characters. This is known as a homograph attack. This is really scary. Take a look at his example of making Apple. This restoration is of a friend of mine's car, a Citroen 2cv AZU van. As some of the other cars I am showing in my videos, it was in pretty bad shape at start but the end result is once again pretty nice.

Not restored perfectly to the OEM state but it was a sane body on a brand new chassis and full of accessories. Really a nice car. Build yourself a mobile icecream-stand or do some cooking somehwere deep in sweden. Me, like many others, is always fighting to get the 4D forms layouted properly. There are the competing needs to show everything important, not to make anything too small, and the design should be nice also.

Now comes 4D Write Pro — Sh…. I published that yesterday. Today this 4D Blog -entry. You've got the choice: stay with V First things first, I had zero expectations for Clips. My experience was almost universally positive. Clips is both easy to use and fun. The elaborate courtship rituals of animals from around the world are featured heavily in every BBC nature documentary series.

In the video above featuring a scene from the series Life Story, watch a Japanese puffer fish create an elaborate pattern in the sand in order to attract a mate. Codea for iPad lets you create games and simulations — or just about any visual idea you have. Turn your thoughts into interactive creations that make use of iPad features like Multi-Touch and the accelerometer. If we look into the middle of this century, and if Africa makes it - stability, economic growth, social progress, rights for women, stable government, they get two child families - then they will be a burden on the environment.

The period of life when you are disabled and sick and blind and cannot work, that has not increased, it has just been delayed. And she leaned backwards, looked out of the window that was the Bay of Hong Kong outside, and then she said with a smile: "Yes, I'm thinking about children every day. It's the idea of a husband I can't stand. I think it's good that we receive many refugees, but I'd rather have them coming with their families together rather than forcing them out on these dangerous trips where they lose all their money to criminal organisations.

If we can manage migration in the world, it can benefit the person who migrates with their family, the country from where they come and the country to where they go. Schwarzstorch am Papenbach Juni from Ozett on Vimeo. Can you imagine what kind of new things will now be possible? One word: design automation okay, two words! You want Artboards that showcase a font and its variations, like a Google Fonts page? Someone could even build a Sketch equivalent that runs on the browser. The possibilities are many! Nobody in Redmond thought, "Gosh, that's a little distasteful"?

I mean, "Let's just turn our operating system into a billboard! Until recently i never even looked at it, too much data too little visible information.

That changed once I saw a nice little piece of code written by Justin Carr from Australia. To the left you see OSM data as it was in early October To the right you see the current state. Use the slider to see more of the one or the other. Awareness is the first step, Ms. Marshall said. She recommended that clients record themselves in conversations and listen to the recordings five minutes a day for two weeks.

Speakers need to relax and take a deep breath when finishing a thought. A focus on breathing will make it more difficult to introduce a wayward expression. Substitute silence for the verbal fillers, Ms. Marshall added. So the obvious choice would be to call Google to the rescue. This whole thing smacks of click-bait journalism. The New York Times ran that headline based on an interview with an owned site, without vetting those details.

The opinion of the piece is one thing I disagree with the battery conclusion, and it misses things like range, ease of pairing, and inserts bass bias, which is subjective but the headline seems handcrafted to create controversy, pull in eyeballs. Good news! So what are you waiting for? The world of desktop apps awaits! What I find most fascinating is the idea of crowdsourcing crack detection.

When a crack is detected, the theory goes, Apple could contact the user to verify. The user would verify the crack perhaps tracing it on the screen and Apple could follow up to learn what type of impact caused the crack. Pretty cool idea. Man kann das auch wie ein Journalist angehen … Nun ja! Learn by example: htmlreference. It features all elements and attributes. Artist Patrick Caulfield's bullshitless headstone in Highgate Cemetery.

Are printing processes harassing your server? Enter the No Harassment Zone! Many years ago, Altura was very important for migrating 4D and 3rd party plug-in code from Mac to Windows. While 4D itself does not need Altura anymore, it still supports it for legacy plug-ins and, as a result, uses it in many places to keep old plug-ins working.

We have now removed it completely which is allowing us to use some modern technologies that were not possible before, such as SDI windows. Camera Restricta from Philipp Schmitt on Vimeo. Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces and take a photo when you smile. What if your grin wasn't the only thing they cared about? This modification has strictly no impact for you and your developments; all commands and events for embedded Web Areas work the same as before, except few preferences which are not supported and are ignored.

You can just enjoy your brand new Web rendering engine serenely. I love this app and the ability to pull GPS data from imported photos and map and categorize them. Love the multiple photos per location option and also the extensive ability to organize and tag your locations. This is great if you are back in a frequented city and want to see all your closest favorite places near your current location.

Instead he gravely warns you that, "in ten years, iPhone will account for about 60 percent of Apple's revenues! Apple will be incredibly reliant upon iPhone profits! But that's the problem: most of that growth will come from expanding iPhone sales. Conventional Mac computer sales will only grow from today's 5. It will be so terrible. Warn your friends! Escape the day-to-day routine and follow traveling photographers Elia and Naomi Locardi as they travel from country to country, continuously circling the globe.

Their breathtaking photos from their journeys convey their own personal discoveries and awaken fascination and wanderlust in us all. Then, a few weeks ago, it needed to be serviced and the dealer lent me a brand new top-of-the-line version of the same model. This one was like using a Nokia from - they've added all the smart stuff, badly.

There are so many buttons that even the buttons have buttons, and though each particular feature makes sense on its own, and might even be implemented quite well, when they're all added together the effect is absurd. Everything that moves, says a16z partner Frank Chen, will go autonomous. But what does that really mean? In this presentation from our a16z Summit, Chen goes over the 16 most commonly asked questions about autonomous cars, and what their answers might be: ….

Was sich findet und aufzuheben lohnt. Defending your app from copies and clones — Marco. A timeline map of the , year history of human civilization. This animation shows how humans have spread and organized themselves across the Earth over the past , years.

Top 10 tips for introducing Jobs-to-be-Done theory to your company. Introducing Jobs-to-be-Done or any new idea or process to a business can be tricky. Even more so if you are not in an executive or high ranking position. Here are 10 tips to help introduce Jobs-to-be-Done to your organisation. Have you ever wanted to setup an auto-responder eMail message in the Mac Mail app? Whatever the reason, all inbound emails will get an automated response with the message of your choice.

Icon modernization continues — 4D Blog. While icons may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of design, they actually play a crucial role in improving human-software interactions by offering a method of communication beyond just text. I'm wondering why they are still pixels, not SVGs? Calculations in collections — 4D Blog. Calculate average, total or price including tax are common tasks in any business application.

Collections are an easy way to aggregate your data in a consistent way. With it, this type of calculation becomes very simple, because there are collection methods that do everything for you! That's a mess as is. How does SpaceX get these amazing camera shots? Ever wondered how we get such smooth tracking shots of rockets moving at incredibly fast speeds? In this video, I talk about the camera equipment that's used and how it was used in the past. Skydio — The self-flying camera has arrived. Skydio R1 knows what to film and moves itself with the freedom of flight to get the best shot, letting you capture otherwise impossible videos of your adventures.

Karl Traunmueller has released Compositor 1. Autocomplete function expanded to object attributes — 4D Blog. But, this means no tokenization of attributes and the feature is this method-only. How I design with CSS grid. The actual planning of how a layout would be set up. We set a counter to count a set of elements at the same DOM level. That counter is incremented in the CSS rules of those individual elements, essentially counting them.

Convert collections — 4D Blog. I color coded my interpretation of the comments into four categories: Grey: Background and promotional commentary Red: Strategy and signals of what management considers important and may include data beyond the regularly reported numbers. Green: Financial data Black: Commentary. Blue: My commentary, in brackets.

Go find some Picassos and note how old he was when he made them. Cool custom Lego sets. Using path elements in objects — 4D Blog. Dual lenses give users zoom flexibility, the lighting effects present in Portrait mode are impressive, detail in video capture is excellent, and the beautiful display really makes photos and videos come to life on the device. Low light performance can be disappointing, though, and the new file formats aren't the friendliest for Windows users.

Overall, the iPhone X is one of the most capable smartphone cameras on the market today. Discover the power of dynamic forms — 4D Blog. Well, we heard you, and 4D v16 R6 now opens new opportunities with dynamic forms! A wide range of possibilities to manage your collections — 4D Blog. The next blog post will go into more detail and demonstrate multiple ways to insert or remove elements from a collection.

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This is now possible with 4D v16 R6 as a preview. Web apps saved to the home screen and web pages in SFSafariViewController can now use the camera to capture images! Want to see all data Windows 10 sends Microsoft? Following the publication last year of the data collected by Windows 10's built-in telemetry and diagnostic tracking, Microsoft today announced that the next major Windows 10 update, due around March or April, will support a new app, the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, that will allow Windows users to browse and inspect the data that the system has collected.

In , a company called Forethought, founded by two ex-Apple marketing managers, rolled out PowerPoint and business meetings have never been the same since. Brock tells the story: …. Understanding Apple and its huge pile of cash iMore. Did you know using dark menu bar on macOS gives you an extra vertical pixel? The end of the conference era — Marco.

You can watch, read, bookmark and check your progress all in one app. On top of that, you'll learn how to design and build this app! Why not buy other companies? Sharing information in multi-threading environment — 4D Blog. The Intel-based Final Cut Studio 5. Aperture 1.

Final Cut Studio 5. It's updated twice daily and has four different RSS feeds. Official Apple refurbs offered at a considerable discount carry the same 1-year warranty and opportunity to buy AppleCare as new machines. Believe it or not, there are refurbished MacBook Pros available. While over the years we have had mixed luck with official Apple refurbs all were from vendors other than the online Apple Store and for difficult-to-find hardware like PowerBook c's and G4 Cubes , Apple always made good on repairs just as if they were "new" machines. It is available for download via the automatic Software Update application or as a stand-alone file from this Apple Web page.

According to the Read Me file,. New iPod Software 1. For all other iPod models, iPod Updater contains the same software versions as iPod Updater Important: After downloading the iPod Updater software, connect your iPod to your computer and launch the iPod Updater application. If iPod Updater determines that your iPod needs to be updated, click the Update button to install the latest software on your iPod. Features of iPod Software 1. Volume limit Bug fixes. The "Volume Limit" is a new control listed under Settings on the main menu.

One can use it to limit the maximum volume that the iPod can play. Concerned parents can also lock the maximum volume with a "combination" numeric code. The details on how to use the Volume Limit setting are on this Apple Web page. We downloaded iPod Updater and updated our iPod with video and iPod nano. The new Volume Limit setting worked as advertised. Our iPod nano was set at maximum when we first checked. The Latitude D has a Owen Linzmayer, author of "Apple Confidential 2. In addition, author Kirk McElhearn will reveal the truth behind those efforts to pass a law in France that threatens to force Apple to open its iPod copy-protection scheme, or close the iTunes Music Store in that country.

Avie Tevanian will be leaving Apple this Friday to pursue other interests. Here is his bio and photo posted on Apple's Web site:. Avadis "Avie" Tevanian, Jr. As chief software technology officer, Avie Tevanian focuses on setting company-wide software technology directions for Apple. Tevanian joined Apple in February of as senior vice president of Software Engineering and is a recognized pioneer in creating cross-platform development environments used worldwide. Tevanian was appointed to his current role in Tevanian holds a Ph. Apple has not released a press release but the News.

Yes, it's true according to the man himself. I've got my kids brainwashed The man who blurted out publicly that he does not know the meaning of the word "monopoly" when he runs the world's most lucrative monopoly and who bounced around on a stage screaming at the top of his lungs in earning the moniker "Monkey Boy" also practices mind control on his own offspring. Well, maybe his days at Microsoft are numbered. There's dissension in the ranks at Microsoft according to this PC Pro article registration required with some blaming the woes of Microsoft's Vista on Ballmer.

We hope he stays so as to keep things as they are at the Evil Empire. Besides, we hear from those who know him personally that he really is a very nice person and who else could provide us with such outrageous material for this column? BeLight Software announced their own switcher contest, Let's get switched , and dedicated it to celebrate Apple's 30th anniversary. Everyone is welcome to participate by sharing their advice on how best to convert a person to using the Mac.

The three best switching ideas, as selected by BeLight's executives, will get a special prize, a one-year subscription to either Macworld or MacAddict magazine each. Join in the fun, check out the official rules and send BeLight your switching idea today. It is designed to help run the maintenance tasks that come with Mac OS X to help keep things running smoothly--it's available as a Universal application.

There are two new routines in v3. Jesse Hogie's Maintenance Automator Action is our favorite and we run it every few days on all of our Macs. This software utility allows you to view and configure the cache and processor clock speed settings on your PowerLogix CPU upgrade card. The included utilities allow you to enable or disable the cache "on the fly", change the speed at which your backside cache operates and automatically enable the cache at this speed at boot time.

For some reason, every update to Mac OS X seems to break this utility. All are available for preorder now. Their initial work has shown amazing results, and they hope to have the dual processor aware version of Quake 4 Mac ready to release soon. According to Aspyr, historically it has been difficult for many games to get a speed boost from dual processors, but having access to a very well engineered codebase that is SMP aware on the PC has really helped in this case.

Also, keep your eyes open for the soon-to-be-released Call of Duty 2 and Sid Meier's Civilization IV and more announcements of great titles coming to the Mac from Aspyr. We're waiting for Call of Duty 2 , the sequal to our favorite shooter Call of Duty , that was introduced first on Microsoft's Xbox.

EP2116035A1 - Voice messages converted to text for display on a web site - Google Patents

Universal binaries are coming for many recent Aspyr games. The last month has seen lots of progress in our Macintosh development efforts on Intel Macs noted Aspyr. Final testing is winding up on Universal patches for The Sims 2 and Civilization 3 Complete , and our first in-the-box Universal game, Quake 4. Having completed a thorough test of all our older games on Intel Macs, we'll now move to some of the other titles. To mark this milestone, Feral released a trailer displaying the game's battle scenes in all their military splendour. You can download the trailer in two formats: click here for a standard QuickTime trailer, or click here for a special iPod Video version.

Imperial Glory is a game of military tactics and political strategy in which you lead one of 5 great nations through the turbulent Napoleonic age of the late 18th and early 19th Century. Your role is to make history by transforming a nation into Europe's dominant Empire. Featuring a comprehensive turn-based management mode as well as titanic real-time 3D land and sea battles, Imperial Glory requires sophisticated thinking and a ruthless will to win.

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For those for whom the Update feature does not work, manual updates can be downloaded from this Web site. Updates are cumulative and are listed beginning with the latest update. Here is the list of updates:. It does so by periodically polling the S. Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology is a technology built into most modern hard-drives that acts as an "early warning system" for pending drive problems.

ClubMac has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible products including; Maya Complete 7. While still a Power PC application itself, v4. Also included is information on Apple monitors, printers, scanners, digital cameras, Newtons and versions of the Mac OS. Version 4. Also included is information on the type of firmware each Mac model has along with the power provided by its FireWire ports. This is a "must have" Mac app and it's donationware. Incidentally, one advantage of the miniMate is that it is not bundled with a back up application of someone else's choice and presumably is priced lower for that reason.

We thought our readers might identify with most, if not all, of these criteria and we wanted to find an application that achieved a majority of them.


Our search for a Universal incremental backup application started a month ago when there were few such applications available. So we had time to pick and choose. We decided to listen to vox populi - the "Voice of the People. Do you? More here. But we digress.

What were users saying about such applications. We had been using a certain heavyweight incremental backup data application that did not produce bootable clones. So, we were "out of the loop. We read lots of user comments on such web sites as MacUpdate. We read various reviews. We will spare the innocent any aspersions. The overwhelming favorite seemed to be SuperDuper! And we read on the developer's Web site that a Universal version was in beta testing and wasn't just a recompilation for Intel Macs.

When version 2. You can download and use it for free forever as long as you're willing to back up everything on your hard drive every time. We weren't. We've taken several paragraphs to tell you how we decided on SuperDuper! You might wonder if we now plan to take you through each of the backup steps. We don't - because the developer has done a terrific job of describing each step and providing screen shots. In our experience, the application is simple to use, works well, fast and performs exactly as described.

One option it offers is to boot into the clone drive after it has finished updating it, as proof of its effectiveness. That's a nice idea. Many users of other backup applications write that it wasn't until a crisis came that they discovered that their backup didn't work! But, what about customer support. We didn't have any trouble that necessitated help but we had an idea to share with the developer so we wrote him about it.

A reply came in a couple of minutes! Holy Cow! Lots of information in the form of FAQs and a general discussion forum as well with rapid responses from the developer. But wait! There's more. A 60 page User's Guide is available for download. A nice feature is that the documentation is integrated with the application. Reach a stage when you want some advice? Click on Help! Have you ever noticed that the applications that work really well also seem to have the best customer support, too?

We like our experience with SuperDuper! We've used it successfully several times since our first update. And perhaps that's the bottom line. There are eight award categories altogether and Shadow of the Colossus won 5. Call of Duty 2 , coming to the Mac soon from Aspyr Media, was nominated in the Audio category but did not win.

Darwinia is published by Ambrosia Software for the Mac. There are other Mac-compatible titles among the other IGF prize winners. To become law, however, the upper house also needs to pass the law. Apple has likened the law to state-supported piracy and yesterday the US Commerce secretary sided with Apple's position. Carlos Gutierrez stated support for Apple's defense of its intellectual property and that the French law needed a further look. The release of Vista, the next version of Windows, will be delayed from the second half of to early according to yesterday's Microsoft announcement.

This is just the latest schedule slip for the successor to Windows XP. Vista was formerly code-named "Longhorn" until the "long-" jokes got to be just too much for Microsoft. The Microsoft claim is that the schedule slip is being done to increase quality. Why should we care? But does it? How does this latest delay help the Mac? Supposedly, according to the argument advanced by some, there are all these Windows users out there just salivating to drop a wad of dough on a new computer during the holiday season and just because there won't be any new Windows OS, they'll be really upset and buy a Mac instead.

Okay, it would be nice if that happens but we don't think it will in any significant numbers. No one with even half a brain "looks a gift horse in the mouth" no matter how small but, in general, rebound relationships are not likely to be stable ones. This is an unlikely timeframe, in our opinion, because Leopard is likely to be first released to developers in August at it's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Our guess is that Leopard will be specifically optimized for bit and bit Intel-based Macs with all major third-party software running on it natively. Besides, we know that Mac OS X We also think the slip in Vista's schedule will benefit Apple. Not because it gives Apple any sort of early jump but because it gives Apple more time to develop Leopard and combine it with new fabulously-designed, blow-me-away, Intel-based hardware that leaps the slothful Microsoft and its BUB-makers in a single, well-timed bound!

One of the phishers must have read our article because we immediately got one. Here it is:. Remember, the IRS never uses email to communicate. Don't fall for this scam. Like the device itself, this book is a long-running bestseller, now in its fourth edition. What makes it so popular is the wealth of useful, accessible information it provides--especially since Apple doesn't supply a manual of its own. The agreement places a new Apple 1. Also included is updating the AirPort wireless systems in all middle schools, training and four year warranties.

Four years ago, Macs Only! The innovative FlashDisc is not only a brand new product, it forms the basis for an entirely new flash-based media category. Available in rich, vibrant colors, Verbatim FlashDiscs can be used for cost-effectively exchanging data or as an alternative to leaving behind hardcopy business presentations. Depending upon the file size, each 16MB FlashDisc can hold hundreds of documents, dozens of presentations or photos or a handful of MP3 files. Students can keep multiple FlashDiscs for each class subject and can access the information any time, anywhere.

People of all ages can use FlashDiscs to distribute photos or favorite songs to friends and family. Businesses can share data and presentations with colleagues. Weighing approximately 0. The drive is fully compatible with Mac OS 9. Don't fall for it. The IRS never uses email. This partition scheme is a new step for Mac users. The default partition scheme in Disk Utility on Intel-based Macs is the partition scheme currently installed.

The second question is why has Apple hidden the required partition scheme selection two levels away under a button labeled "Options" in Disk Utility? Many antenna products require that you open the computer case to attach cables to the internal wireless card. MacBook Pro Connect eliminates this requirement - making improved wireless performance within the reach of every MacBook Pro user. No wires, no surgery and no hassle. It also extends the accelerated performance levels that has made the MacBook Pro such as hit," said Rick Estes, president of QuickerTek. We're not a fan of fans and most options on the market have one that runs audibly, at least on occasions.

We also need more USB and FW ports than are provided on the iMac three and two, respectively so a fan-less external FireWire drive that can act as a hub is what we are after The external dimensions of the MiniMate are identical to the Mac mini, a form factor that happens to fit very nicely on top of the pedestal foot of the iMac Core Duo. The periphery of the underside of the MiniMate has a series of vent slots for convection cooling and the bottom has a rubberized non-slip surface. It has silver metal sides that match the iMac pedestal perfectly and a white top that is the same shade as the iMac Core Duo.

These turned out to be the perfect lengths to plug into the horizontal strip of ports on the back of the iMac Core Duo. Unfortunately, no enclosure-only version is available for those who already have a bare hard drive. We positioned the MiniMate a quarter turn to the left to better accommodate the cable connections to the back of the iMac Core Duo.

A black logo on the white top of the MiniMate disappears from view under the iMac itself. An activity light intended to be viewed through a pinhole on the front now turned to the left side is easily visible by reflection from under the drive. A very neat and practical place for an iMac external drive. It even stays in place on top of the pedestal when you turn the iMac.

Now to get the MiniMate working. By the way, we picked up a helpful tip from MacFixIt that we're delighted to pass along. Here's the best part. After the rudimentary registration preface, we were asked if we wanted to transfer all our data from another Mac or another partition. We chose partition, hoping that meant our iMac Core Duo's internal hard drive. It did! We were also asked to select which files to transfer; we chose all of them.

In a very short time, the transfer was accomplished. How's its speed? But relative to our iMac G5 Rev. In summary, we are quite pleased with our 80GB MiniMate. It fits very well aesthetically with our iMac Core Duo, runs completely silently and well after a month of use, gives us three extra USB 2. After searching for a Universal Binary application that will permit us to keep the two drives synchronized, we settled on SuperDuper!

Stay tuned for a future Macs Only! Hands-On Report. Under Deke's seasoned guidance, through twelve step-by-step lessons and relevant, real-world projects readers will learn fundamental and advanced concepts, theories, techniques, and best practices for making the most out of InDesign. The interview will occur during the meeting using a "voice-over-internet" phone VOIP. The meeting, open to the public, starts at 9 a.

Late yesterday, Apple posted this Web page that explained that v1. If one did this, Safari would get a generic icon and malfunction. Now, Adobe has posted a preview universal edition of Flash Player v8. In our hands-on testing 8. When the Flash Player test page is viewed with Sea Monkey, it shows v8. Adobe plans to support the new Intel-based Macs with Flash Player 8. Mac Members: Apple has provided free a set of icons that may be used during iChat sessions by. Mac members. Log in to your. Mac account and you can see the following message:.

Mac and AIM instant messaging networks. As an additional benefit, messages exchanged among. Mac members are automatically encrypted except for text chats involving more than two people. If you've never played around with iChat AV you may not have discovered how easily you can switch among icons when you use the application. We've created a page that explains how it works and, as long as you're a.

Mac member, lets you download some distinctive icons to play with. You can use what you download as long as you like, but we can only offer some of the sets for a limited time. Until June 1, to be precise. Mixed signals can cause doubt and frustration in any relationship and this event reminded me of that. The NSDoubleLocalizedStrings user default is a reasonably well-known and officially documented localization debugging aide. It repeats the text of each localized string, making it double-length so that you can test whether your layout still works.

Yesterday I was a bit scathing over published solutions for problems with iCloud, specifically the common problem of protracted or failed synchronisation of iCloud Drive. I have been unable to discover any suggestions based on insights into how iCloud works, methods for establishing where the failure is or its cause even a cryptic error number , nor more specific remedies which can be attempted. This just happened to me.

Update : Brad Dougherty :. Update : Howard Oakley :. Speaking of long-running Web sites, Kottke. Business History The Media Web. The revenue that used to sustain MacInTouch has dropped below a viable business minimum, while a plethora of other websites, operating under different business and security models, produces constant Apple news, reviews and commentary. Ric passed on RSS and blogs and feeds and permalinks. For a year or two he tried to get permalinks working — which made Macintouch potentially tweetable. Friday, March 23 , [ Tweets ] [ Favorites ].

A worse consequence is the number of pitfalls that ABI instability present, that are difficult to understand intuitively, and in many cases impossible, or at least dangerous, to work around. These pitfalls lie mainly in areas where developer code is executed on behalf of a system service, in a system process.

In this context, it is not possible for developers to ensure that the required version of Swift libraries will be available to support their code. Game over. Update : Daniel Jalkut :. Extensions Mac macOS Sarah Edwards tweet :. I used the following command to watch my unified logs in the Terminal while the process above was doing its thing:. It still takes the passphrase as a command-line argument, so it might still be exposed in other ways, rather than using the more secure -stdinpass method that hdiutil uses.

You therefore might like to destroy or encrypt that logarchive. I am not aware that Apple has issued any warning of this potential security breach. Given that the bug appears to have been recognised and fixed, that seems more than a little remiss. Update : Moe Lassus :. Thanks to moelassus, who reported seeing this bug persist in It does not, any longer, affect the creation of new encrypted APFS volumes, but occurs when an existing unencrypted APFS volume is encrypted, by erasing just that volume in Disk Utility.

It is that call which is currently appearing in the log. Previously: Sierra Log Littering. Update : Sarah Edwards Hacker News :. I have found that the install. I had entries dating back to when I originally installed High Sierra on this system back in November of ! Although When Apple introduced its new unified log in macOS Sierra, almost every other system log went silent other than in residual entries by legacy products , apart from install.

This has now proved helpful in many situations, as sysadmins and others can still examine installation and update problems without having to do battle with thousands of other entries in the unified log. Console still lacks any ability to browse history in the unified log, except when the live log is converted into a logarchive, and even then it is hard to use.

Sarah Edwards :. APFS encrypted volumes can be created on the disk level as well as the volume level and it truly seems to make a difference. Update : See also: Paul Ducklin. Kate Taylor :. The store was packed with people. It was unclear which employees were available to help and which were otherwise occupied. Without a reservation, it was nearly impossible to get help at the Genius Bar. To make matters worse, it could be days before there was an open reservation. Social media has been flooded with complaints about Apple Stores in recent months. During Christmas [season] you can hardly move.

Buying something at an Apple Store, ostensibly the most important interaction at any type of store, is annoying and involves wandering aimlessly to find an employee. Not fun at all. My last five visits have been complete disasters. It was worse than going to Best Buy in the 90s. Oleg Dreyman via Joshua Emmons :.

No errors, no warnings, nothing. What if instead we could force the correct behavior? Sarah Perez :. But with Brief Mode enabled, Alexa will instead emit a small chime as she performs the task. I would love an option like this for Siri on all of my devices. Alexa Amazon Echo. Simplify your project as much as possible so that backers have an easy decision to make. If you have 30 levels of rewards, it can become paralyzing. They will almost always backfire and make you look like an asshole. The whole point of Kickstarter is to test out your idea and see if it connects with an audience.

If it does - great! You get to make your thing. My biggest fear about dispensing advice and platitudes is that people will just try to do the same things that I did. Business Kickstarter Marketing. Vlad Savov :. My impression of the EarPods has always been colored by how loosely they sat in my ears. The merest tug or tension on their wire would unseat them. Well, without a wire, that entire issue is obviated, and moreover, the stem of the AirPods sits flush with the side of my face and helps to anchor them in place.

See also: Kirk McElhearn. Monday, March 19 , [ Tweets ] [ Favorites ]. The Guardian Hacker News :. Documents seen by the Observer , and confirmed by a Facebook statement, show that by late the company had found out that information had been harvested on an unprecedented scale. However, at the time it failed to alert users and took only limited steps to recover and secure the private information of more than 50 million individuals.

The data was collected through an app called thisisyourdigitallife, built by academic Aleksandr Kogan, separately from his work at Cambridge University. Through his company Global Science Research GSR , in collaboration with Cambridge Analytica, hundreds of thousands of users were paid to take a personality test and agreed to have their data collected for academic use. Chief Security Officer of Facebook alexstamos says that Cambridge Analytica misusing the data from 50M profiles was a feature of their platform at the time. I have deleted my Tweets on Cambridge Analytica, not because they were factually incorrect but because I should have done a better job weighing in.

Facebook was doing things covered under the ToS. For the first time in the history of Facebook — and countless people like me screaming about it for years — people decided to be upset. The honor system is not a valid layer of defense in depth. The New York Times :. He added that the company was suspending Cambridge Analytica, Mr. Facebook is a machine built to collect your personal information and hand it to others, en masse.

Not surprised that a hostile actor acquired that information. I expect there are many, many, many more that we will never hear about. Anyone who builds a Facebook app and any rookie can do this has access to an absurd amount of information about you and your loved ones. The only thing we can do is delete Facebook. And Messenger, and Whatsapp, and Instagram, and every app like them. There is a widespread belief that Facebook is a frivolous thing people should just quit. Two billion people use it. For many of them, it is the Internet. Facebook has worked hard to get ubiquitous.

In large areas of the Third World, Facebook has offered free data plans as long as you stay on the site. The company routinely ignores or downplays the worst-case scenarios, idealistically building products without the necessary safeguards, and then drags its feet to admit the extent of the problems. Google is already facing significant antitrust challenges in the E. Facebook, meanwhile, has always seemed more immune to antitrust enforcement: its users are its suppliers, so what is there to regulate?

That, though, is the answer: user data. It seems far more likely that Facebook will be directly regulated than Google; arguably this is already the case in Europe with the GDPR. The problem is much bigger than that. Karl Bode :. Nothing personifies this more clearly than the telecom industry, which has been gobbling up and selling consumer data on an industrial scale for the better part of the last few decades. More than a decade ago, ISPs like Comcast began hoovering up your clickstream data data on every website you visit and selling it with little accountability and absolutely no transparency.

When press outlets back then asked ISPs about what data they were collecting, most would simply refuse to respond. And regulators and most press outlets saw no real problem with that. Including of course Facebook itself. Still, it seems to me that a lot of these wounds are self-inflicted. Not just in choices the company makes from a product and policy standpoint, but also how they choose to react to issues when they arise.

Paul Lewis :. Sandy Parakilas, the platform operations manager at Facebook responsible for policing data breaches by third-party software developers between and , told the Guardian he warned senior executives at the company that its lax approach to data protection risked a major breach. Sarah Frier :. Spencer Ackerman :. Nor, The Daily Beast has learned, did chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg attend the internal town hall.

Stamos, who plans to leave Facebook by August, had advocated more disclosure around Russian interference of the platform and some restructuring to better address the issues, but was met with resistance by colleagues, said the current and former employees. In December, Mr. Stamos said he would leave Facebook but was persuaded to stay through August to oversee the transition of his responsibilities and because executives thought his departure would look bad, the people said. His group, which once had people, now has three, the current and former employees said.

First, we will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform to dramatically reduce data access in , and we will conduct a full audit of any app with suspicious activity. We will ban any developer from our platform that does not agree to a thorough audit. And if we find developers that misused personally identifiable information, we will ban them and tell everyone affected by those apps.

That includes people whose data Kogan misused here as well. We will reduce the data you give an app when you sign in -- to only your name, profile photo, and email address. We already have a tool to do this in your privacy settings, and now we will put this tool at the top of your News Feed to make sure everyone sees it. In , FB was caught deceiving people about how it violated their privacy. Today, Zuckerberg is outlining the steps he promised to take in They did not disclose this at the time, nor did they notify the fifty million users whose information was accessed by Cambridge Analytica.

So their claim in their press statement that they felt deceived is bunk: they knew, and did nothing when it mattered first. We broke the story first in We led the reporting last weekend. You used legal threats to try and stop us. James Allworth :. And was three years before Facebook cut off API access to pulling this kind of data. For the longest period of time, Facebook was an advertising business that dreamed of being something else other than an advertising business. It wanted to be a platform. Kara Swisher and Kurt Wagner :. Your trust is at the core of our service.

We know that and we will work to earn it. Privacy settings on Facebook are sadly opt-out. If you need any more evidence for how important selling your info is to Facebook, look no further than how long it takes to opt out of everything you can. David Nield :. Serenity Caldwell :. Something Apple would never do, but should - indicate on the App Store page for each app which analytics SDKs are included within it. Update : Taryn Luna via Hacker News :. The California Consumer Privacy Act would require big companies to disclose the type of information they gather, explain how it is shared or sold and give people the right to prevent businesses from spreading their personal data.

The initiative has months to qualify for the November ballot and will likely become one of the most expensive fights this year. Shady as hell. Colin Kalmbacher :. Irony Alert: the same is true for the Times , along with every other publication that lives off adtech: tracking-based advertising. Apple is complicit with the power Facebook has amassed by refusing to provide their own identity management service. Update : Josh Constine Hacker News :. The ironic thing about the Facebook data mess is after they get regulated other advertising companies will need huge legal and compliance teams to deal with the new regulations.

We just became aware of the Cambridge Analytica cockroach…how many more are under the sink? Apple handed over the role of managing our identities to Facebook - with their system level account login control. So the best thing that Apple could do for users - to protect their privacy - would be provide a better alternative that did so. The worst thing from a privacy POV would be to bury their head in sand Sean Gallagher :. This contradicts the experience of several users who shared their data with Ars.

Dylan McKay told Ars that he installed Messenger in , but only allowed the app the permissions in the Android manifest that were required for installation. He says he removed and reinistalled the app several times over the course of the next few years, but never explicitly gave the app permission to read his SMS records and call history. In my case, a review of my Google Play data confirms that Messenger was never installed on the Android devices I used. Facebook was installed on a Nexus tablet I used and on the Blackphone 2 in , and there was never an explicit message requesting access to phone call and SMS data.

Yet there is call data from the end of until late , when I reinstalled the operating system on the Blackphone 2 and wiped all applications. We just misunderstood! Everything is on the up-and-up here. Ben Sandofsky :. When an app uses the Facebook SDK, Facebook gets access to the same permissions that the containing app has. Let that sink in. On a locked down platform such as iOS, your privacy and security are entirely in the hands of the OS vendor. On an open platform such as macOS, you can take your life into your own hands.

Little Snitch on iOS? Reverse engineering 3rd party apps on iOS? Not without jailbreak. Want to freak yourself out? Update : See also: The Menu Bar. What percentage of users connect IG accounts to FB? Update : BuzzFeed :. It suggests that senior executives had deep qualms about conduct that they are now seeking to defend.

Ezra Klein: One of the things that has been coming up a lot in the conversation is whether the business model of monetizing user attention is what is letting in a lot of these problems. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, gave an interview the other day and he was asked what he would do if he was in your shoes. And therefore, as with a lot of media, having an advertising-supported model is the only rational model that can support building this service to reach people. But if you want to build a service which is not just serving rich people, then you need to have something that people can afford.

I thought Jeff Bezos had an excellent saying on this in one of his Kindle launches a number of years back. Update : Josh Barro :. Apple is a company that works hard to charge you more. Amazon is a company that works hard to charge you less. Facebook is a company that works hard to charge someone else more for access to you. Fair Zuckerberg counterpunch to Tim Cook. So Facebook is making a healthy amount from its paying customers advertisers.

Kara Swisher :. Jobs told me that Apple had held unsuccessful talks with Facebook about a variety of unspecified partnerships related to Ping. Jobs let that word hang in the air and even raised a disdainful eyebrow when I asked what he meant, including whether Ping would incorporate connecting with Facebook or even using Facebook Connect, which would make it much easier to find friends to share music with. The linguistic trick Zuckerberg pulls here is that nowhere in the entire interview does he mention the words user or customer. He only says you in the plural sense and people.

Update : Olivia Solon Hacker News :. The Facebook data of up to 87 million people — 37 million more than previously reported — may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, the company has revealed. The drip-drip-drip PR strategy is an old trick, and Facebook utilizes it every time they have bad news involving a number of users. Seems like a breach of trust to me. Update : Issie Lapowsky :. The data consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which harvested as many as 87 million Facebook users' personal data, also could have accessed the private inbox messages of some of those affected.

Facebook slipped this previously undisclosed detail into the notifications that began appearing at the top of News Feeds on Monday. These alerts let users know whether they or their friends had downloaded a personality quiz app called This Is Your Digital Life, which would have caused their data to be collected and potentially passed on to Cambridge Analytica. Wil Shipley tweet :. This contains receipt verification code plus a semi-complete ASN. Patrick McKenzie via Ryan Jones :. Some of the entrepreneurs generously allowed us to talk about their pricing strategy publicly, to help the next generation of SaaS companies.

This advice is distilled from my career in running and consulting in various SaaS companies. The tendency of most SaaS companies is to set prices without much consideration and leave them alone for years at a time. Charles Arthur via Michael Yacavone :. How had it got two?

At this point the Genius said he suspected there was something wrong with my SSD. So he restarted the machine, held down the key to boot from a network drive, whizzed over to the one marked Could Disk Utility read my drive now? I sure did — SuperDuper clones, and a Time Machine backup. Apple obviously needs to implement some network drives formatted with APFS. Which might mean an overhaul of how it does some stuff in-store; but it should expect that there are going to be more and more people coming in with machines that are APFS-encoded.

According to Forbes, the GrayKey iPhone unlocker device is marketed for in-house use at law enforcement offices or labs. Two iPhones can be connected at one time, and are connected for about two minutes. After that, they are disconnected from the device, but are not yet cracked. Some time later, the phones will display a black screen with the passcode, among other information. The exact length of time varies, taking about two hours in the observations of our source.

It can take up to three days or longer for six-digit passcodes, according to Grayshift documents, and the time needed for longer passphrases is not mentioned. Even disabled phones can be unlocked, according to Grayshift. After the device is unlocked, the full contents of the filesystem are downloaded to the GrayKey device. From there, they can be accessed through a web-based interface on a connected computer, and downloaded for analysis.

The full, unencrypted contents of the keychain are also available for download. The rising wait times and the phone erase function are built into the operating system. Update : Juli Clover :. Friday, March 16 , [ Tweets ] [ Favorites ]. Nathan Gitter :. These kinds of visual errors are not new to iOS 11, mobile apps, or user interfaces.

As apps grow in complexity and user expectations rise, these seemingly small bugs can have a large impact on the final product. They make apps feel janky. Hiding the keyboard without an animation is possible, but might cause complications later down the road. If you are designing an element that animates between multiple states, make sure to consider all state transitions and edge cases. Yes, I did file a radar on this months ago. I think it got closed as dupe. Update : Rhett Jones via Dan Masters :. Last week, a purely cosmetic bug in iOS 11 embarrassingly found its way into an Apple ad.

The proprietary nature of Lightning allowed Apple to make sure it was ready to serve as the wired audio connector for iPhones when Apple wanted it to be. However, Lightning is no guarantee of quality , either. Thursday, March 15 , [ Tweets ] [ Favorites ]. Several former employees said Mr. Prakash with the plan to integrate all of the tech into a single stack. Several members on the Siri team took an immediate disliking to Mr. Sinha, who had no background in the natural language processing world. One former employee said Mr. Unfortunately, I do not see any evidence that Siri is about to turn the corner.

Williamson wrote. The software was riddled with serious bugs. Those problems lie entirely with the original Siri team, certainly not me. Dag Kittlaus who left Apple for Viv :. This statement, wholly false, was made by the architect and head of the biggest launch disaster in Apple history, Apple Maps. In reality Siri worked great at launch but, like any new platform under unexpectedly massive load, required scaling adjustments and 24 hour workdays.

This matches my experience that Siri was more responsive initially. It required an iPhone 4S, and Apple must have known how many of those it could make. Update : See also: Dan Masters. Update : See also: Kontra Update : Chance Miller :. According to hiring data tracked by Thinknum, job openings for Siri-related positions at Apple are at an all-time high…. BuzzFeed :. Wikipedia is a crowdsourced digital encyclopedia — anyone can edit it — and editors sometimes engage in fierce partisan battles over divisive topics.

It remains unclear how YouTube will ensure factual accuracy of suggested pages. Melanie Ehrenkranz Hacker News :. And given that YouTube has failed at efficiently moderating conspiracy theories on its platform, it might have been smart to consult with Wikimedia about how to best use its resources to fight misinformation. Web Wikipedia YouTube. Marco Arment tweet :. My server always sends values with U. Honest truth. If anything, its lead seems to be increasing. I think Instacast was first to it, years ago. Bloomberg MacRumors :. Update : Pierre Lebeaupin :. For instance, developers do not sell their wares to Apple or Google by any definition of that word , they do have to use a price grid but have full latitude to pick any spot in that grid, and Apple at least does not get that much data from apps.

The French secretary is blaming Apple because developers are forced to choose between different prices. Chance Miller MacRumors :. The company highlights how developers can start with a company of one or two people, but ultimately grow to a full team. Josh Centers tweet :. As much as it pains me to say this, Gene Munster was right. For years the former Piper Jaffray analyst was routinely mocked because at every Apple investor call, he would ask Apple leadership if they were planning to make an Apple-branded smart TV set. Imagine: no calibration, no special settings, nothing to twiddle with!

Just sit down and watch TV in the best possible quality. It has no interface, and no settings as such — it just works. This is a Disney thing more than an Apple thing though, as this is the case on all major storefronts. Most phones are expected to keep a charge at 80 percent for two or three years of use. He looked at his charging behavior and realized that since switching over to a wireless charging plate about six months ago, he was eating up his charges at an alarming rate. Now instead of the cord bearing the brunt of power duties, his battery is constantly working to charge.

Other phone users on Android devices have their suspicions about heavy battery wear on the devices with inductive charging. My iPhone SE battery actually retains its full design capacity. Tuesday, March 13 , [ Tweets ] [ Favorites ]. John Voorhees :. I backed out of the partially built scene realizing that I had to reconfigure my group. The solution was to ungroup my desk lamp from the rest of my lights in the studio and set up a scene that turns the desk lamp red and a workflow that triggers that scene when the back door opens.

Instead, I needed another scene to return the desk lamp to its original settings. You probably get the point by now. Home is both too complex because of the way it splits things into rooms, zones, groups, scenes, and automations and too simple because it lacks features like robust state awareness and, in some places, timers. However, the problems with the Home app run even deeper. They are compounded by a generic UI and complex navigation. Dan Goodin MacRumors :. The app is Calendar 2 , a scheduling app that aims to include more features than the Calendar app that Apple bundles with macOS.

In recent days, Calendar 2 developer Qbix endowed it with code that mines the digital coin known as Monero. If users approve the arrangement, the miner will then run. Users can bypass this default action by selecting an option to keep the premium features turned off or to pay a fee to turn on the premium features. I would want to see a legit app informing the user in advance or making it an option that can be turned on but is off by default.

My personal feeling on this is that, given the disclosure, I think the user should be allowed to make their own choice. Some people might be perfectly willing to let an app like this mine cryptocurrency so that they can use it for free. In an e-mail sent about 90 minutes after this post went live, Magarshak said he has decided to remove the miner from future versions of Calandar 2. Patrick Wardle tweet :. Hooray for honestly I guess!? But users clearly are not stoked about this[…]. Update : Dani Deahl MacRumors :. Apps should not rapidly drain battery, generate excessive heat, or put unnecessary strain on device resources.