Open office mac keeps crashing

After that, try force-quitting the application by using the Command-Option-Esc shortcut. When the Force Quit window appears, select the app you want to abort and press Force Quit.

Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

If an app crashes or closes unexpectedly, the files you have been working on, are lost in most cases. However, Word saves the file edits automatically, so it can help you recover the information after restarting the program.

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If you use Time Machine backups and the default backup frequency is one hour, chances of file recovery are quite high. Adopt a habit of saving the documents as often as possible to prevent unexpected data loss. By default, the auto recovery is set to save a file every 10 minutes. So, in the event of unexpected quitting, Word should have saved the document version created ten minutes before that. There is one more way of finding the file if the Word app has crashed: go to the Finder to check if the file locates in the Documents folder.

The solutions listed below are suitable for Excel on Mac:. Alternatively, use Command-Option-Esc shortcut. Check if you closed all Microsoft Office for Mac applications. To display it, press down the Option key while clicking the Go menu. After that, relaunch the application to see if the problem is solved.

Once your computer boots up, launch Excel to see if the problem persists. Thank you for your help!

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I am so frustrated. I will await a solution and keep doing frequent saves. I checked my updates and update KB is not listed. I have a second system that does not have that KB installed either. I have used the same files on that system and it does not have any problems with them. I hope a solution will be found soon, this is a big problem. You have a similar problem which will have a different solution and should be posted in your own thread, not one that has been solved for someone else.

Outlook for Mac 2011 crashes or hangs at startup

You were told that others had solved the problem by rolling back a Windows update and given a link to this thread so you could read about how they solved their problem. You were also told that your problem was probably different. If you're still having a problem, then you should continue the discussion in your thread because the problem is different.

OpenOffice Quits. A Fix

And I understand it probably has to do more with Windows than anything else. I wouldn't doubt they added logic to give OO to crash. When you get to a "comment" and "reject" or "accept" the comment OO crashes.


It also randomly crashes at other points after accepting a comment as it is scanning to go to the next change. Any ideas? The work around is to manually select each change and 'accept' or 'reject'. I can open OpenOffice and select one of the last ten documents I've worked on, but that only opens a single document. When I am working, I may have as many as eight or more odt documents open at once; the file I'm working on and additional reference documents.

I usually turn off the power to the secondary monitor at night but just let my iMac go to sleep so it can do its scheduled backup when I'm not using it.

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  4. When I powered up the secondary monitor, one of my "missing" documents was there when it came on. I now believe that all the time I had trouble was because I couldn't see the document I had tried to open because t was opening in the secondary screen, even though it was turned off. I am going to leave this here in case there is anyone else who encounters the same problem.