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Have fun. You will never fear sentry turrets or Tentacles again. To activate, enter "impulse " into your console menu. Avoid using this when in a moving vehicle, such as a train or elevator, as it may cause you to take damage, or cause the vehicle to stop. They will not attack you, even if you attack them.

They will still attack NPCs, however. To activate, enter "notarget" into your console menu. You should see a message saying "notarget ON". You will be able to fly, unaffected by gravity and physics. You will also be able to phase through solid objects. To activate, enter "noclip" into your console menu.

You should see a message saying "noclip ON". Control it like you would if you were swimming. This is handy for items that aren't provided by Impulse All "mode cheats" godmode, noclip, notarget, etc are disabled the same way they are activated. Do not use Impulse in a part of the game before you get your respective suit on, as it may prevent you from progressing. Do not NoClip into areas where you're not supposed to be.

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There may be consequences. Such consequences include, but are not limited to: Getting lost, accidentally skipping parts of the game, crashing the game, and killing yourself. Finally, I'd recommend only using the "kill" command if you've somehow gotten yourself stuck. This can be rectified by simply loading an earlier save, but hey, it's your party. Thanks for reading my guide. This is the first one I've made on my own, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave a thumbs-up and a comment.


I'm always open to suggestions. Constructive criticism is allowed, hate comments are not. I hope you understand the difference. This concludes the guide. NightWolf out. Spacedefender Not that I know of, afraid you'll have to ask Google. Thanks again!

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Spacedefender54 30 Jan pm. Im stuck on widescreen, it's a nonsteam version of it. Is there a command to like get the options button open so i can fix it? DutchyBoi 8 Dec, am. I don't use any mods for Half-Life. I do have "-console" set in my special launch options, however. DutchyBoi 29 Nov, am. In that case, I'm not sure what the problem would be. DutchyBoi 28 Nov, am. DutchyBoi 26 Nov, am.

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This stops each command executing simultaneously, instead it waits at least one frame before parsing the next command. Spawning more than one of the same Special Infected causes their names to go into a numbered list starting with no number. For example:. When you try to kick a Hunter and it doesn't work, then there may be more than one Hunter on the map. Note: For some reason, if you throw a Bile Bomb at a bunch of force-spawned Uncommons, they will start pushing rather than hitting each other, like when you bash one with your weapon.

Some of them are either part of the maps, hidden in the map files, or can be downloaded as standalone VPKs. Need to drop a pipe bomb or molotov instantly, damn the consequences? This will spawn an armed pipe bomb or molotov at your feet. You might want to be running when you try these. By default, the game limits how many zombies are drawn at any given time. You can bypass this limit to get truly outrageous numbers of zombies and also make you crash. All good and fine, but what about those spaced-out zombies that are just standing still, waiting for you to shoot them?

Would it not be more tense if they were always moving in at you? Okay, if you got this far, you're going to need more boss zombies. This controls time in seconds between boss spawns and the max number of bosses that can be spawned at any given time:. If you were to set the minion limit from 3 up to 6, there could be, at most, 6 special infected alive at one time.

However, since the limits for each specific type are set to 1, you could not get more than 1 boomer, 1 hunter, and 1 smoker.

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Note: Of course, spawning too many zombies at the same time can slow down your computer or even crash it or your game. Don't like the fact that dead isn't dead? Fix it!

Can you use the PC cheats for halflife on your Mac?

Set to minus one to preclude that ever happening. Set to " -1 " to preclude that possibility. Don't like the fact that you have a walk key instead of a sprint key? Set this variable to something ludicrous like 5, Still not fast enough? Use the following to get in and out of the action at faster than light speeds.

Well, maybe "no friends" is a bit drastic, but this will help you when you need some Versus and have no one to play with. Do note that the Survivor Bots will walk through the stage well enough, but may get hung up when it comes to pushing certain buttons or leaving certain areas. Simply switch teams again, accomplish the goal, and switch back.

Do take note that the map that you are playing is still a co-op map and may end prematurely once both teams have played through. To avoid this, vote for a change in campaigns to load the Versus version of the maps. NOTE: This cheat has been patched. You must then finish the level and you will switch teams afterwards. The AI will then spawn other Infected to play with you. They won't make the best decisions, and you will likely be the only one killing anyone.

You must enter map mapname Versus. This will allow you to play Versus for the entire campaign. Often, you will spawn in on the second or third map as the wrong team, so you can still switch. Sometimes, you will even spawn in as a Spectator. You will have all AI teammates, unlike the first Left 4 Dead where playing Versus by yourself meant by yourself. They will move through the level very fast, but they won't sit in the safe room for hours. This is not a console command. This can be added by right-clicking on the game in Steam, selecting "properties," clicking "Set launch options," and adding it there.

Then hit the team change key M by default. You can choose if you like to be an Infected or Survivor. Then without hitting enter after "map", you will see a list of available maps. Disable the white background fog to play the game without the unrealistic lighting effect. This was the original way the game was designed per the development team: Left 4 Dead takes place in a variety of dimly lit night-time environments.

Because of this, play testers weren't able to see zombie silhouettes in the mid-ground and background. Because of this, they were repeatedly getting mobbed. While sudden zombie attacks were unarguably scary, they were also frustrating—players weren't being given the information they needed to react.

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They wanted that "Here they come! The solution? Light-colored fog. While not as realistic-looking as actual fog in some settings, it meant play testers could see attackers in the distance. Once they were able to anticipate attacks, play testers started to have a much better time. But remember to wisely use it in L4D2 — disabling fog somehow also disables rendering of water, leaving empty spaces everywhere where there used to be wet - not recommended for Swamp Fever and Hard Rain!

Want something else to see? No models in-game will be textured, that's not counting the eyes of your Survivor fellows. Alternatively, if you wish to use your flashlight to see the difference between daylight and normal map lighting, use the following commands:.

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  4. This allows the name change to be bound to a key as well. Additionally, this is temporary and only lasts on the game you are on until it's finished or you leave. To use names that have spaces in them, surround the whole thing in quotes, so if you wanted Example Name as your temporary name, you would type:.

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    Do you want to end your cruel life or got stuck somewhere and wanna enter spawn mode? Just type " kill " in the console and you will die instantly.

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    Is there a player that's being a pain in everywhere? Then type " kill [player's name] ". A side note is that you do not need to type the whole name; to kill Louis, for instance, you can simply type " kill L " and your work is done. This won't work if someone else has L at the beginning of their name, so just keep going until the name string is unique. Note that this is not efficient when hordes of tank spawn, so try kick Tank instead. Tired of first-person view?