Canoscan lide 70 mac os x 10.8

When you click scan on your application make sure you DONT have any paper in the scanner. P Working under Lion here by the way. I do not have auto start enabled. I open manually and or select from the app drop down menu.

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Unfotunately it is not working. Which version of the scanner are you using? The Lite from the device itself or the full version, which is installed from CD? Downloaded and installed the 1. PM works with "Lite" software. The driver needed for advanced options does not work. Thanks for the tip — but, sorry to be ignorant, but what's the "Lite" software please? No support for my lidef. If you then click on open scanner a fairly basic scanner window should open.

I kept it in use by using my old OSX6 laptop which has now died completely. I just spent hours trying to find software and drivers to make the scanner OSX7 compatible, gave up and put it away to go in a yard sale. Found your post by accident when looking for an alternative compatible scanner. A basic scan image is all I need and now I have it.

Epson GT-S50 is still not adequately supported in Minimal functionality…using event manager is excruciatingly slow, or does not work. Compare and contrast that to Fujistsu, where my scansnap windows model hacked to osx hasn't had a single hiccup with the And no word from tech support as to when or even if I could expect updated drivers from Epson. So far, the scanner is not on the 'supported in Lion' list on Epson's website. Maybe they won't support it-after all, it appears to be their base workstation model-but you'd think they'd want to update the only model that you can buy at a brick and mortar store.

Tell you what, I'm not going to look at the generic mac icon on a box anymore and blindly buy a product expecting to work with a new OS. Honestly, I'd be expecting this…. I've found great support with a little app called YEP in the app store it handles the full duplexing and is faster than the epson software which on Lion is painfully slow. I've also been fobbed off by Canon. I'm having to use VMWare Fusion to use the damn thing. Very disappointed. I contacted Canon support but they redirected me to a local business centre.

No support at all. I've not managed to find out when they'll provide a Mine was with an upgraded Snow leopard machine. I've found this note from Canon — I have no idea if it's referring to a specific device, but October seems to be a date to watch for. It was also a fresh install; I didn't try running the scanner in Snow Leopard and then upgrading to Lion. This is one fast and accurate little scanner. It does skew a bit, but for my purposes that's acceptable.

My P doesn't work under Lion after reinstalling the pre-Lion drivers. I would like to try some of the rebranded Mac Documate drivers to see if they will work but since ESPro works nicely I don't need to. The German company that makes DevonThink actually sells some Mac rebranded Documates which is probably why it works so well. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Brooks Duncan - December 1, Reply. Pat - October 27, Reply. Brooks Duncan - October 28, Reply. SL Jobe. Tried 1 2 3 and it didn't work. Tried 1 3 2 ditto. I have an iMac snow leopard Doesn't work for me on Snow Leo Tried different orders, and Just plainly says no camera or scanner connected.

Okay, correction. It started working after I manually removed all Canon-related drivers and software, and rebooted! So perhaps you should mention that in the instructions above.

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I dusted off my Lide 30 and I haven't had this think work since Leopard had to use it with vuescan. This is a nice free alternative and the software is nicer! Worked perfect on Snow Leopard!!! Thanks for posting. I just went through all the steps as is, listed above. The Canon website said it wasn't supporting the LideScan 30 scanner on Snow Leopard, but I did a last ditch search for "lidescan 30 snow leopard" and got this page.

You're a genius. Thanks for making someone's life a little better. Does anyone know if this works on Lion? Haven't upgraded to Lion yet. K and A Alesandrini. Instructions worked perfectly in Lion for my LideScan You're a life saver. Hi CoolAJ86 thanks for the post. Works great for me on Lion For command line use, restart was not necessary.

For some reason my scans are all skewed. The preview looks fine but the actual scan looks like someone moved the photo during the scan. Anybody else seeing this? That was my problem when I saw that. It works great with my iMac i7 and Lide 30, but all the saved files like jpeg, png etc. Only the preview is ok! I have the same problem with skewed scans on lion on an i5 mac book pro and Lide Previews are fine.

Same here. Preview looks great. Scan is skewed. Hi Thanks a lot!! Works great. I have listed my I have listed my experience for others. I followed the steps for OS X I also had the scanner connected to the MBP while installing. After step 4 before the 'Reboot' step , the scanner came to life. Launched Image Capture, scanner started perfectly, no problems with the image.

Have just done this and have not rebooted yet - but it is working perfectly. Fantastic, thanks a Million!

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Hi folks! I also get my images skewed while the p I also get my images skewed while the previews are well.

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  5. But - what is even stranger - sometimes, without any logical explanation, the are well but just 2 o 3 images in 25 or 30 scans Most of them are skewed Do you know why? Any solutions? Does anybody have an explanation or better a solution?? Unfortunately I have I'd like to try it again, but how do I uninstall the stuff I did in Steps 2, 3, and 4? Where are they on the computer? I'm a clueless user! Jeff Fox. I am running Snow Leopard Software installed with no issues.

    I did not have to reboot. I also have the problem of scans with a resolution of greater than 75 dpi being skewed. Running This worked very nicely when first performed, but now a week later I go to scan another document and get only "failed to open a session on the device" Not sure why this is. Anyone found a solution to this? I checked the lock switch and made sure it is unlocked. Made me wonder, what is the value of that switch?

    Well, some of them anyway It all worked fine with a Lide 30 but will not see an HP , my preferred scanner. A follow up to my 'skewed' post: If I select two areas and auto detect then the first smaller scan is skewed but the larger second scan is fine. This seems to be fairly consistent over most of the settings I tried. It doesn't seem possible to predict what other single scan settings work OK. Thanks for what looks like it might be brilliant useful software! Same problem with skewing - preview is OK but the final scan is very skewed.

    OS Anyone have a solution to the skewing issue or not what piece of the puzzle is to blame? Image capture doesn't see my LIDE30, but it works with scan image. Anyone else sees this?

    Dan Sz. December 11, The instructions for Snow Leopard work. Pictures scan properly as JPGs and open in other programs. My guess is it will work in Lion, but I'm not upgrading just yet. However, it wouldn't scan a second item without quitting Image Capture. I had to quit and restart it to scan the second item.

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    I think the skewing issue is related to custom page sizes. When I selected the standard A4 page size, no more skewing! I have tried this solution on and on but no positive results I'm thinking of giving up! Am I doing something wrong or it's not possible to make my scanner work?

    Maybe it's I'm not deleting things properly Thanks for your help! Hey AJ thanks very much for this man.

    CanoScan LiDE 70 - Support - Download drivers, software and manuals - Canon UK

    I followed the instructions for snow leopard exactly as above and my mac The only slight issue is that when I hit the 'cancel' button, it doesn't stop the process, but I can live with that! Again thanks for putting this helpful stuff out there. Thanks a lot! The skewing problem goes away for me at resolutions of 75 dpi and fewer.