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But this keyboard is absolutely fantastic. I just received it, pulled the tab on the back batteries were included and paired it to my Windows 10 PC, my MacBook Pro and my iPhone which i'm typing this review on, whilst the phone is in a charging dock! Took a total of 5 minutes. I have average sized hands and it's easy to speed type on. Easy to mix work and personal gadget typing quickly.

Here are some of the best keyboard choices for your new Mac mini

Apple Wireless Keyboard Renewed. I just purchased this and the serial number was taken off with some sort of tool slightly concerning still came in new packaging though? Lovely keyboard. Only minor quibble is that the Ctrl key isn't in the normal place for Windows users. Rii i9 Bluetooth 3. I have to say I wasn't expecting much given the price. How wrong I was. This is the third bluetooth keyboard I have owned and is by a long way the best.

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The build quality would be excellent at any price: at this price it is outstanding. The keys are responsive and tactile; the back is clad in stainless steel; it has it's own rechargeable battery; it is small and thin enough to slip into a small bag and the bluetooth connection is flawless, with no appreciable lag. If you are looking for a small portable bluetooth keyboard for your android phone or tablet, this is the one. Keys have a good feel. Layout is easy to use - not cramped for normal size fingers. Good weight and finish to construction.

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Has a solid feel that gives me confidence it will stand up to the demands of a mobile life. A bit early to comment on the claimed battery life but still going fine after a few weeks. It connected to Android in no time at all and has integrated well. My tablet smoothly drops the on screen keyboard when I turn on this Arteck keyboard. Combined with a good tablet - it will replace a laptop for many uses.

Note that it is an American key layout, e. Many reviewers use this keyboard as a Mac dupe to pair with their iPad. Dozens of reviews mention the long battery life of this keyboard. For one user, this keyboard put an end to years of searching for the perfect one. I can take this keyboard with me as I travel, and use it on my other two devices interchangeably without missing a beat.

$5 Apple Keyboard Knockoff - Better than the original?!?

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Photo: Courtesy Retailer. Logitech K 2. Arteck 2. Any keyboard recommendations or advice is welcome - Dave.

If you don't have a monitor and want VO to not crash along with certain applications, the fit headless is a good option to circumvent this issue. The fit headless is a small dongle that plugs into your HDMI port and can be found on amazon for a decent price. Hope that helps you out a bit. Hi Zack, Thanks much for your info - I'm not familiar with the layout of a Mac keyboard but I guess this will be my opportunity to become familiar. I had not considered this as a factor and thank you for pointing it out to me. I do have a monitor and believe it will work with the Mini.

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I'll be sure to select a keyboard that features the Mac layout and thank you again. Hi, I'd say get the apple whatever the new magic keyboard, or whatever it's called now. It's got the same layout as the new MacBook portable keyboards do. Then everything should be where it needs to be like on a PC keyboard. Note: I am so used to the apple keyboards, that I don't really remember the PC layouts I haven't used windows keyboards in so long! Hi Justin, Is it reasonable for me to expect to be able to set up my Mac Mini with a wireless keyboard instead of a wired keyboard? I do have the benefit of having a sighted wife, who is also very familiar with Mac products.

I'm not well-versed in wireless peripherals. I do have an iPhone 6 that might be helpful in setting-up a wireless keyboard connection to my phone. Hi, I think the keyboard can either be used wireless or wired using the included USB lightning charging cable. It's like the one that comes with your iPhone. It's good that your wife is well versed in the mac line, so if ya have an issue, then you can have her help you! Hi Justin, Thanks for more helpful information.

My wife reminded me last night we have a friend who set-up her boyfriend's Mini so I'll call her today and ask whether she thinks set-up with a wireless keyboard is feasible or not. If all else fails, I'll call the local Apple store and get their input and recommendations. Hoping to have a keyboard and the matter resolved in the next day or two. Thanks again! You'll need a wired keyboard to set up the computer. Alternatively, you could have your wife go through the setup screens using a USB mouse and then pair the Bluetooth keyboard. You may be able to use one of those wireless keyboards that communicate with a USB adapter.

Just plug the adapter into a USB port on the Mini. If the keboard works, you're good to go.