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Warcraft 3 - Custom - Eternal Conflict (Aeon of Strife)

That's amazing man. It's crazy how much 1.

The Reforged Hosting Issue could push teamgames!

Just makes me feel like they really need to allow cross-realm games, west is SO dead its not even funny. Last edited: Dec 16, This is the second client patch to start addressing some of the core issues. Some prior hosting bots used to half this time by default only measuring the time from the server to client. Thanks, Classic Games.

Note: Arranged teams still require port forwarding for 1. The current patch only removes the need for port forwarding for custom games, but dont worry, good things are coming.

Warcraft III/Patch 1.30.2

There has been some unexpected fallout when the number of lobbies hits This patch is intended to address those issues. Keep the feedback and reports coming. Happy holidays. You must log in or register to reply here.

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  • arranged.team: a site that tracks and visualizes all War3 games played on Battle.net.

This was a big problem for 2on2, 3on3 and 4on4 arranged team games as well as tournament games: Because of the low number of people who were able to host, it was nearly impossible to find games. The consequence is that all people are playing 4on4 random team, because of the fast searching queue!

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  • The common Warcraft 3 Port Forwarding hosting problem:.
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The solution: Blizzard has officially announced that in Warcraft 3 Reforged the Port Forwarding problem will be eliminated — Everyone who owns the game, will be available to host custom, at and tournament games and play with his friends! This will be so great, I was one these guys who opened the ports but did not manage to be able to host.