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Note that the method is enclosed in a try This is necessary because it throws an IOException if an error occurs if the file cannot be created for some reason :. Now that we have created a file, we can use other File methods to get information about that file:. In the following example, we use the FileWriter class together with its write method to write some text to the file we created in the example above. Note that when you are done writing to the file, you should close it with the close method:. In the following example, we use the Scanner class to read the contents of the text file we created in the example above:.

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Example import java. Method Type Description canRead Boolean Tests whether the file is readable or not canWrite Boolean Tests whether the file is writable or not createNewFile Boolean Creates an empty file delete Boolean Deletes a file exists Boolean Tests whether the file exists getName String Returns the name of the file getAbsolutePath String Returns the absolute pathname of the file length Long Returns the size of the file in bytes list String[] Returns an array of the files in the directory mkdir Boolean Creates a directory.

File name: filename. Files in Java might be tricky, but it is fun enough! HOW TO. Page address:. Your message has been sent to W3Schools. Utilisateurs et groupes Linux 5. Permissions Linux 5. Access control lists ACLs Linux 5. Noyau Linux 6. Processus Linux 6. Console virtuelles Screen 7. Installation de logiciels 7. Paquets Linux 7. Installation par les sources 7.

Installations automatiques 8. Scripts Shell 9.

Virtualisation KVM 9. Concepts 1.

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Terminologie 1. Typologie des architectures de virtualisation 1. Machine virtuelle 1. KVM 1. Qemu 1. Libvirt 1.

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Outils de base 1. Outils libguestfs 1. Interfaces graphiques 2. Installer KVM et ses outils de gestion 3.

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Administration de base avec virsh 4. Scripts d'installation 4.

Un premier script virt-install 4. Export manuel d'une VM 4. Clonage avec virt-clone 4. Miroir d'installation HTTP 5. Support d'installation HTTP 6. Installation automatique 6. Installation Kickstart 6.

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Installation automatique en console graphique 6. Installation automatique en console texte 7. Activer ttyS0 dans grub 7. Manipulation de disques 9. Redimensionnement de disques 9. Migration V2V 9. Manipulation de disques Live Migration Exemples de scripts automatiques Automation des installations Surveillance Commandes Virsh Domain Management help keyword 'domain' Domain Monitoring help keyword 'monitor' Host and Hypervisor help keyword 'host' Interface help keyword 'interface' Network Filter help keyword 'filter' Networking help keyword 'network' Node Device help keyword 'nodedev' Secret help keyword 'secret'