Add downloads to mac dock

More like a mess of icons. Simple, right? We can create a collection of folders entirely in the finder. First, create a folder. There are two main ways to make an alias. This creates an alias in your current folder, which you can then drag over to your start menu folder. Go ahead and add as many folders, files, and applications as you like. Not bad, eh? Want to give your folder a custom icon? But you can do whatever you want! If you want more useful things on your dock, you can also add a list of recent Documents or Applications to your dock.

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. To remove your custom icon, click on it and hit the Delete key.

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However, you can add a Recent folder to the dock, where it will sit alongside your Start Menu and perform basically the same task. Here's how to use them and some great examples to get started with. Read More. You can use it to display recent applications, documents, servers, and favorite volumes and items.

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  5. You can right-click this stack and choose what content to display, and how to display it. You can also run this command multiple times to add the same stack to your dock.

    Do More with the Dock

    From the dropdown menu choose Last opened date , then specify a range in days. I went for 30, but you could leave it at a week or less if you get through a lot of documents on your Mac. In this instance, there are three items I want to remove from my search: applications, folders, and chat logs.

    None of these are particularly useful additions to a recent documents list, so we can set rules to exclude them.

    Using Dock on your Mac

    On the next row down, choose None of the following are true , which will allow us to specify exclusions to the rule. On the next row, select Kind in the first dropdown, and Application in the second.

    How To Add The Downloads Icon In The Dock

    Both application files and folders will now disappear from your results. To exclude chat logs, click on the first dropdown and choose Other. This is where you can add all manner of custom criteria. Now specify Delivery type in your search, and type iMessage in the custom field. Add another Delivery type rule and type SMS into the custom field.

    How to Restore Missing Downloads Folder to Dock on Mac

    Finally, drag your smart folder into the dock area near the Trash. Creating a Mac Start Menu gives you the option of shortlisting your favorite apps and locations. You could add remote servers, frequently used documents, or your own AppleScript automations. Here are a few tips to help you find more on your Mac. Start typing an app name and hit enter to launch it. Read More , just like that fancy smart folder we made earlier. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals.