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Using the layered male and female vocals of the other tracks on the album, coupled with flamenco guitar and a beatboxing segment ought to sound rushed and ill-advised. Instead, it feels like all the best bits of a mix-tape, all in just over four minutes. Melancholic harmonies between Nicks and McVie lament the loss of innocence, but also look forward to change and growth.

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All ish of them. Silvery strings echo around a slide guitar, as the harmonies rise, as Nicks leaves the past behind. Sometimes a song becomes so familiar that what makes it special is nudged into the background, like a favourite dress worn too many times. Feel free to give the Disney-via-ITV accompanying video a miss though.

The story behind the song is twofold. The lyrics refer to Nicks reflecting on her time before Fleetwood Mac, when she was playing in Buckingham Nicks and struggling to make ends meet.

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Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies (Official Music Video)

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