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It's happened while placing an image, copying text, opening a file, creating a pdf, editing text, moving around the document, and even when I quit out of the application.

InDesign low memory and old software on new platforms

One time it gave the error—"Adobe InDesign is shutting down. A serious error was detected. I have trashed the preferences multiple times. I have installed Java for macOS I only had one Plug-in which I removed. I have searched and searched for an answer.

InDesign CS6 w/ High Sierra Crashing - Apple Community

Only been installed for a week. Posted on Feb 23, PM. Page content loaded. Feb 23, PM in response to rebeccakmac In response to rebeccakmac. Please see Adobe's forums for help. CS is not an Apple product. Feb 23, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. As a professionally trained typographer of more than 25 years, picas and points are THE standard for good typography. Doing math with picas is so much easier than in inches. Buy a pica gauge, which will show both picas and inches, to educate yourself on how to create exceptional type the beauty of the words and their layout should carry a piece, not the images alone.

Being taught picas and points makes it easy to understand why a pt. Type needs the specifics that come with points — and yes, one point IS noticeable to the trained eye. Lastly, please do not use the keyboard shortcuts in this article to achieve foot and inch marks. The other marks are prime and double prime; seasoned designers and typographers know the difference, just as they know the differences and uses between hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes.

Think nobody notices those slight nuances? None of the professionall designers I know worked in newspapers, and we all use picas because the units of measure make a lot more sense when used in conjunction with type sizes. Picas and points are the measurement system of typography. It would be super nice if there were a feature that enabled different units of measurement for typographic controls like paragraph spacing and object controls where inches definitely do seem more useful than picas.

I found this to be extremely helpful for some of those nagging annoyances in iD. Unfortunately I have to use iD v3 at work. Nina Messina. You can enter the value you want in points 6 pt and the program will convert that to inches. I hope this is what you meant :.

Fix- Error 16 in all adobe products

I agree with most of these — especially dynamic spelling, and typographers quotes, line spacing etc.! Preflight informs of images not high quality. Been in the business 30 years. I use both picas and inches all the time and have done so since the very beginning of my career, along with my colleague. I do not know. There are a whole lot of brilliant production artists who also use millimetres exclusively for the reasons stated. I love picas and points, and have used them almost exclusively since the early 90s with QX, then InDesign. After all, there are almost 3 points in a single mm!

Is there anyway of changing the interface colour in CS6? Also does anyone know if you can make the handles on drawing objects any larger? All the designers must hace very young eyes, as a more mature designer!! Just a bunch of countries do not use metric system, what is probed is better not perfect, sure system. This system is used in commercial, scientific and industrial applications. Maybe metrification is faded cause are you so lazy to learn? In my work I use metric, english and typogrpahic measures system.

Want to be good in job? Learn so! Thank you for sharing the InDesign tip! Units are units, and if my client needs to publish something using metrics, great. If they want to use picas…whatever. Another useful tip: If you make these changes with no document open they become global the new default for every document you use in InDesign. Yvette Hunt. Hi Mike, Thanks for the excellent post.

Most of these I already knew about, but there were a few tips I found very useful. My question for you — Is there a way to make the interface tool icons larger? I know you can go into each tool palette and make certain adjustment in the options, but is there a way to make all your tool icons larger than the tiny setting that is the default? Old eyes want to know. I am currently working in Indesign CC and I need to save my file as an idml.

How do I do this? Brian Sheridan. RE: rulers. A big time saver. Illustrator changes both when you change either, which I actually prefer. It makes more sense to use one system of measurement of an entire document. Likely not. Then again I keep seeing layouts where the width of a text box is along the lines of 4.

I assume that this is due to there not being a bit version of InDesign before CC. Hope these tips help! Please help! I must of actually hit a keyboard command without know it or something. Currently using work around with having my swatch window open but would obviously like to fix this. Tried rebooting program… Nothing is working. So annoying!

I agree with Sherry, Matt, and Jack that measuring in picas is easier and more logical than measuring in inches. And it is not true that only people who worked in newspapers understand picas. You can move or adjust objects by a tenth of a point 0. I ask people who wonder about picas: Why is the gutter space in columns. Why such an odd number, and not. Could it be a conversion from millimeters?

Nope, the gutter in millimeters is 4. Why not 4 mm or 5 mm? Then I switch to picas and voila! The gutter space is 1 pica. Please, where did those icons go in CC? Hello, I am having way too much trouble with Indesign to the point I just hate this program. I changed the visualization of the document in preferences like you said to high quality but the document which is from Illustrator still looks like crap when before it looked good.

Also, the option in object that also says to change the visual quality is greyed out and I have no clue why aor how to change it. Getting desperate here, please help! And YES. Use picas everybody. I never place. I place the native. I remember the olden days in college with fondness…when we actually learned about points and picas and drew letters with pencil on tracing paper to learn about line spacing, word spacing, and kerning.

Our fonts were Helvetica, Bodoni, Garamond, and oops, too vintage here…I forget.

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Type On! I change my document to inches but when I open a new document it reloads picas. How do I keep this custom setting for all future documents? Igor Freiberger. Joe Stafford. Good stuff. Longtime newspaper designer before moving into corporate marketing and advertising, so I love picas. Heh heh. Anyway, thanks again. Typical display is basically downgrading the visual quality for better stability. To avoid having your file corrupted, the following tricks are really good suggestion: 1 Keep the Image quality to Typical and manually change the quality page-by-page when you want to check the final results only.

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That thing is a mess and Adobe refuse to recognize its related issues. Especially with InDesign CS6 or lower. Just want to put in a defense for the pica.

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But, everyone has their own preferences. Who wrote this? Mike Rankin or Kelly Kordes Anton? Is one of these the pen name for the other? Units are units. Lucky for you, you can use a number of different units as mentioned above, you are on a computer after all. Besides, there are far more actually impactful things to be concerned about. Nancy Thompson. Lighten Up Does anyone really like that awful Dark interface? Keep Line Spacing Consistent When do you not want the leading to be the same within a paragraph?

Rulers that Rock Guess what system of measurement I learned in grade school in the s?