Free unit converter for mac os x

So, how many of my readers know that OS X comes with a fairly fully-featured calculator?

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I realize that at first glance, a how-to piece on using the OS X and iOS Calculator might seem pretty lame, but the reality is the majority of Mac users are not aware that a calculator app even exists. As with other free little gems that come installed standard on each and every Mac, Apple does not make their availability obvious. Back then, it was a simple four-function calculator program that came as a stock Desk Accessory.

The few remaining Macintosh veterans who can even remember back that far will recall that in a very rudimentary way, Desk Accessories were a first glimpse into the wonders of multitasking at a time when this technology was unheard of for personal computers. They were little widgets — very similar to what we have in in the OS X Dashboard today — that provided various bits of functionality while another application was running.

Stop downloading those third-party unit converting apps!

Desk Accessories were available from the Apple menu. The Basic calculator, while providing the simple functionality for arithmetic calculations, does provide memory storage and recall features. Scientists, Engineers and Programmers can delight in the fact that there are calculators that cater to their specialized needs as well.

These can be had by going to the View menu and selecting either the Scientific or Programmer versions of Calculator. The Scientific calculator — for advanced mathematic calculations — can, among other things, work with exponents, reciprocals, as well as trigonometric, logarithmic, and factorial functions.

Convoto review: The only unit converter iOS app you’ll ever need

Additionally, these hard-working guys and gals are often clamoring for calculators that work in RPN mode Reverse Polish Notation — as in the sausage, not the colorful stuff some of us apply to fingernails. The third type of calculator is the Programmer calculator which can do hexadecimal, octal and decimal conversions among other functions that programmers frequently require. Select, compare, and activate fonts with Typeface , the affordable Mac font management tool.

The Calculator app does unit conversions? Yes, it does. Look at the array of options. The This program's bundle is identified as com.

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The software relates to Productivity Tools. The most popular versions among Unit Converter for Mac users are 2. This app is suitable for Mac OS X Unit Converter is the perfect tool if you need to quickly convert between units. Easy and simple to use, launch the app and select your conversions.


Windows Mac. Download now. From the developer: Unit Converter is the perfect tool if you need to quickly convert between units. Download Unit Converter.