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Then click on the " Settings " right beside "Profile" , along with "Profile Settings" window popping up, in which covers a number of audio encoding parameters to enhance the quality of the videos. You can adjust the conversion options as you needed including channel, sample rate and bitrate. But if you're a novice, you can leave the default values alone which can also give you a good feel for the resultant.

To cater for various user needs, this program also provides a vast array of preset devices as well on the format panel for instant playback. It will save you plenty of time to figure out what format does your device probably support. It seems sensible that there are some occasions your imported music for devices playback may be inaudible or need a volume enhancement, thankfully, this utility can easily make this fixed using "Effect" menu under "Edit" option on the top toolbar to adjust the volume of music by dragging "Volume" scroll bar.

After all set done, remember to make sure you know where you intend to save the converted FLAC music file. Press "Browse" button beneath "Settings" to specify a local folder on your Mac. All that is left to do now is hitting the orange " Convert " button on the lower-right hand corner of the interface to start FLAC to iTunes ALAC conversion for and wait until the whole process finished.

Launch iTunes on your Mac machine and drag and drop your newly created music files into the library, then you can play your favorite songs via iTunes or sync to iPhone, iPad, iPod for enjoy on the go. Is there any iTunes replacement to manage your media collections between computer and your iOS device, iPhone for example?

Absolutely YES!

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With its smart conversion technology, the tool is also able to convert your video and audio files to what your device can use on the fly and very quickly. This means you can, without a help of 3rd-party utility or plugin, send any type of music or movie file to your iOS player iPhone, iPad, iPod , and they'll automatically get converted to something that will work on that device.

Even better, you can:. Download Now! For example, you can convert FLAC to mp3 and play those in iTunes, though mp3 audio is lossy and the audio quality will be reduced by doing so.

iTunes tutorial: Convert FLAC to ALAC using iTunes

You could however rip a CD into iTunes and change the audio import settings of iTunes to be Apple Lossless Encoder to get a similar effect. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Is there a flac-player on iOs that has a decent way to handle playlists? These apps may allow you to create a new playlist — the focus here is to be able to import a predefined playlist into an iOs phone.

I have been using FLAC files in my macs since You likewise can play HD music on a mac.

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You go to Applications…enter utilities…and open Audio Midi Setup. Just want to mention my favorite CD ripper and audio file converter: dbPoweramp. It started as a Windows app, then the author rewrote it for Mac OS. Has a number of excellent features, not the least of which is its ability to do a CRC check on a rip to ascertain accuracy. Audirvana and Swinsian are the better choices. I use Audirvana for classics and Swinsian for pops and rocks. Then just drag into iTunes as normal.

How to Convert FLAC to iTunes on Mac (Catalina Included)

Now all your HD music is in one library. Just another way apple got you by the, you know what. DAC is built right into your macs. You can play HD music on most macs. Send it to the amp using either USB or the 3.

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Seriously, stick to the topic. Quick Look? Seriously can you do a playlist with quick look. You can play HD music on a mac. You do not require external units to play HD music in macs. Works a treat. I use Tag Editor Free to clean up metadata prior to import. High Sierra can play flac natively, at least, in my MBP. Might also work with VLC et al. Yup, I vote for VOX also.

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Keep my audio on a dedicated Mini now and play them with VOX. Mostly FLAC files. This is an awesome article, thanks! It plays everything I throw at it kind of like VLC. I have version 0.

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