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If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. TotalFinder became a commercial solution not long ago: the full beta development stage was free and gave me plenty of time to test the software.

Your indispensable assistant in managing files

It's an excellent solution, and I have seen almost every single bug disappear progressively. Even if not a free solution anymore, its source is available on GitHub.

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I would recommend it on the grounds that it already works wonderfully well, and definitely deserve some support in my otherwise freeware-oriented opinion. Edit, as mentioned in another answer, XtraFinder looks like TotalFinder, but free. Try XtraFinder. Is like TotalFinder, but it's free.

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All in all, this application is designed to be a great Total Commander alternative for Mac switchers. The latter offers additional functionality for a reasonable fee. It includes connecting to FTP servers, linking Dropbox account and sharing Dropbox links, mounting iOS and Android devices, support for a larger number of archive formats. It enables you to extract, open archive as a folder and copy files from archive without extracting them.

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  4. You can also compress files, although RAR is not supported here as of now. Open as many tabs as you like in the dual-pane interface, make most of the three view modes, access local and remote drives, queue operations and much more — Commander One enhances your workflow and boosts your productivity! Follow this link — you only need to provide a proof of purchasing Total Commander earlier.

    You can find the whole list of Commander One features here. Your indispensable assistant in managing files This is when Commander One comes into the picture. Try for Free Its various tools help you execute basic, as well as more advanced operations. Recent posts.

    Transmit vs. Commander One Olga Weis 30 July at This is another promising project.

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    It has a fully functional 30 day demo available here. I prepared you a mini-guide below, follow the steps and you will have a fully functional Total Commander in OS X for free. It will start up a bit slower, it will have less eye-candy but it is the real thing. Worth a try? Read more on page 2.

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