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I am unable to remove write protection from my Sandisk Cruzer pendrive by trying all the methods under the Sun. Please help me remove the protection. I know it was working earlier i remember that while i was copying files from my pc to this 4gb transcend usb drive, i got no space the files to be copied in full in such way i got error while copying that no space to copy the files.

How to Format A Write-Protected USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive

Then in a half way i have to remove the usb. Then i connected again and checked it was full occupied no free space to copy anymore files there. Now after some long gap i tried goodle for this problem to either remove the write protection error or to completely format and use it as a new one.

Hi guys your article was really helpfull. I had a write protected flash drive and with your instructions it's working again. Thank you a lot. Thanks for the article. While writing the windows image the drive suddenly became write protected. Have tried everything even the Apacer tool - which doesnt find the drive. Nothing yet.

It's still write protected. Still searching. Hi Guys!!! I tried this. But not worked. It says "The arguments specified for this command are not valid. I tried these 'cause I thought that the reason why I can't put anything on my gb usb is because it's on a write protection mode but when I saw my disk's attributes, the 'read-only' says no so it's clearly not on a write protection mode but I can't still put anything on my usb. Please help.

It got write protected. I used every things u described in this website regedit ,apacer,cmd,kingston,etc ,but couldnot change write protection. Thank you very much! Apacer USB3. I have a Scandisk 64Gb 3. Thanks for this article it helps me to remove write protection from my Apacer flash drive.. Thank you very much brother. I was ready to try the other utilities you mentioned, then I read further about checking out the mfr website - Sure enough, they had a utility to restore it to factory defaults.

And it worked!!!! Out of all the articles out there, yours was the only article that suggested that. I would never have thought of it otherwise, and it likely would have gone in the trash such a shame and a waste! Thanks Again!!! Stanley hi i was try every method Ive find in the net , but their doesn't work because the software which can format the USB memory's , its cant find a USB partition.

Thank you so much! The repair tool from Apacer was the only tool in the world wide web that really worked for me in restore mode. When I tried the command prompt, it said "current read-only state: yes" but then it said, "read-only"no".

So is my USB only partly write-protected? Why does it say "no" for the "read-only" instead of "yes"? For months and a dozen or more utilities later, USB3. Now I can use it again for my backups! Go to "Device Manager". Select the "Properties" option from the menu that appears and click on "Policies" tab from the Properties window.

Select "Format" and click on the "Restore device defaults" button then click "Start" to start formatting. Wait a few seconds for format to finish. Hello, I'm having the same problem. Tried a lot of different options just to fix my Kingston Data Traveler 3. I followed all the instructions, downloaded Apacer and Kingston, but it both failed to format the disk. Also tried fixing it using CMD but still no go. Please can anyone help me? Sometimes, if the USB hardware is failing, the USB driver controller will put the drive in Write Protection mode to protect the data that exists on the drive so that it can to copied off the drive.

The drive is likely unfixable. Method with "Apacer USB3. Big Thanks. Same problem can help me. Right-click the message that did not put a pin drive that comes format Warning. McDowell in cmd i have a Read-only state : yes Read-only : no and i cant use it without formatting it can you help me please.

I have a SanDisk Cruzed 16gb that is currently in write protect mode. It begun to be in that state after i copied a game from other computer and I did not safely remove the usb.

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I tried every solution found over the internet including yours but none of them worked. I am from the Philippines. Thanks in advance. Be sure to select the right drive. How to Fix It. Also, check with the maker of your USB thumb drive to see if they have any tools to help, or advice to give. They may even offer a refund.

Here are some links to some major USB thumb drive makers:. Fixed it. None of the diskpart, regedit, or any other techniques worked. This link was very helpful. Find the microcontroller and download it's manufacturer reset utility. My drive's microcontroller is SMI too. The link is not working.. Do you remember what the file was called? Sorry, I need more information about your situation before I can recommend any steps. Have you tried everything in the article? Gone through the comments and tried the suggestions there? I think I've found some helpful information for you, though. It is possible that the microcontroller on the USB flash drive is corrupted.

Only re-programming the microcontroller would fix it then. I'm sorry. You haven't given me enough information to work with. Have you tried all the steps in this article? Thank you Guy for sharing your knowledge Very useful. I've done the cmd and worked for my Lexar 32 GB. I can now format it without the message "The disk is write protected". God bless you! HI Got a problem with my USB-Drive, I can't write anything in it nor format it, all this because it write-protected itself lol, since it doesn't have a write-protect switch nowhere!

Can't delete, there's no delete option on right-click! Tried formatting it through 'Safe Mode with command prompt' failed too! Tried many formatting tools and apps, some fail, some couldn't even detect it! Tried with some live cd-s fails too! There are some other suggestions throughout the comments. Check those out. It might be time to look at getting a new USB drive though.

That means that the Read Only attribute is set to NO. So you should be able to read and write to your pendrive. Thanks finally Apacer USB3. After long hours of search found this article very helpful. My drive would allow anything to be put on it. Just heaven forbid if you needed to delete or modify anything! Blasted "disk is write protected". The command line didn't work, Disk Management didn't work, and a program wouldn't work. I tried putting in my Windows 7 installation disk to use their partition manager, but that didn't work.

No more "disk is write protected" pop-ups so far and I can delete things again. Perhaps the partition table being cleared made it possible for Windows to treat it as a fresh, unpartitioned drive. I'm honestly not sure how that all worked out, but still glad for you. After I finish with the step 1 in cmd, when I tried to do formatting test I forgot to remove flash drive from my laptop before formatting and now it won't read it.

Is there any way to read it again? When you say 'it won't read it' do you mean your computer doesn't see the flash drive? Or, do you mean you don't see any files on the flash drive? If you can see your flash drive in Windows Explorer, but you don't see any files on it, that's because the formatting erases everything on the flash drive. If you have the flash drive inserted, but you can't see it in Windows, I recommend trying the different software utilities like the Apacer and Kingston tools.

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Also, check the manufacturer's website to see if they have any advice or a tool that could help you out. I tried these software and it didn't work. It doesn't show me anything to select although Flash Drive is inserted. Thank you. At last formatted, from same disk management, with volume Level:empty ,File system: exFAT and allocation unit size: K.

I tried the two tools in this article, I tried the partition utility with windows, I tried diskpart. Dude you are awesome Worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!! For me worked the Apacer USB3. Already used diskpart, hp usb format tool, and many more but none worked………. Thank you a lot!!!!! Already used diskpart, hp usb format tool, and many more but none worked Glad I could help. Now if I can just convince Apacer to give me a dollar every time I send someone their way. Apacer worked like a charm on my Corsair voyager slider 64G, instead of formatting, I picked restore and it worked!

Got rid of write protect and back in business. Just wanted to drop a line to show my appreciation. Oh, wait, the Apacer utility worked once I did the restore first instead of format.

It was also not write protected after the restore. No format necessary! Unfortunately, neither utility worked for me on the same Kingston drive in the article. Will keep looking Thanks so much Apacer worked a treat on my Kingston DataTraveller, fantastic little utilty. Will keep it safe in case I need it again. I have tried different way to solve Twinmoss 16gb pendrive write protection problem.

But still it is not possible to reach a solution. Please give a suggestion to solve this as early as possible. Thank you, Esau. I'm glad it helped.

How to remove write protection from Lexar USB flash drive?

I'm sure Acer would love a thank-you note too. Maybe they'll read this! I have been searching for a solution for 24 hours straight. Just saw this at 5 AM in the morning and just wanna add a comment in case anyone comes here and is skeptical. Thanks Acer, and you man!

How to Format A Write-protected USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive - EaseUS

I tried every method that are given above to rescue my USB. But all methods failed to rescue. Now my USB is unusable that its neither opening nor Formatting. Once the Low Level Format is complete, you may need to conduct a high level format of the drive. You will only require this if the drive is not able to store files after you have completed the low level format. Windows will prompt you to format the drive.

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  • How do you format a write protected USB drive??
  • Connect the drive to a USB port directly on your Mac. Click the Erase tab. Under the Erase tab, you should see an option labeled as Volume Format. Click the Erase button to reformat the drive. Remember Me. Click Format…. A dialog box with several formatting options will appear. Windows and Mac compatible. NTFS: Windows compatible only. Type a name for the drive. Click Start. A warning pop-up will appear, reminding you that formatting erases the disk data. Click OK. This formats the drive, which may take several minutes. The drive is now ready to use. Method 2. Open Finder.

    Click the Go menu. Click Utilities. Double-click Disk Utility. Click Erase. Enter a new name for the drive. This is how the drive will be labeled. Select a file format. ExFAT: No size limits. This formats the drive.