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It has a new and improved sleeker design with a faster connection speed. The GeChic portable monitor comes with a multi-touch screen at 10 points. This USB powered monitor is compatible with other desktop monitors, laptops, Mac Systems, cameras, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, and other compatible devices listed in the manual. The monitor can be adjusted to three different angles; , , and due to the magnetic strip built into the protective cover. Compact size with lightweight design makes it extremely portable so that you can use it conveniently during travel.

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All Rights Reserved. Powered by JIUsite. Touch pen. Touch USB cable. This kind of multi-vendor smart interoperability makes these technologies a real joy to use, IMHO. Jun 10, AM. Jul 19, AM. I am building a recording studio in home and want to build a couple of touch screen monitors into the console to use for the mixer mostly.

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I had already found the touch-base drivers and am excited. My only issue was finding the right monitor. I assume any of the multi-touch ones listed with the blue links should be fine. My real question is whether multiple monitors are supported. I read somewhere that they were, but was wondering if anyone has experience with it. Apr 23, AM.

I just picked up one of the Dell touch monitors and hooked it up as a secondary monitor on my rMBP running Yosemite. Not sure it's a great long-term solution, given that the driver costs almost as much as the monitor itself.

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I'll give it a whirl on my Mac Mini and see how it goes. Production apps like ProPresenter and Wirecast are kinda nice with a touchscreen. Sep 1, AM. I see you posted this a long time ago, but wonder if you are still using this setup and how it has coped with all the situations you have thrown at it over the last year and a half?

Have touch-base been keeping all the drivers up to date for Sierra etc.? For me I just want a decent size UI screen for my video editing and finishing applications like Assimilate Scratch and DaVinci Resolve to replace my current Wacom Cintiq 13HD which I have enjoyed using for some time but find just too small for many of my most often used applications. With it and a keyboard I can do everything I want, fast and efficiently, I just end up hunched up a bit too close to the screen to see and accurately hit the UI buttons. This I find extremely hard to justify cost wise, but I do find going back to a mouse or magic pad so slow by comparison though I do miss the multitouch swipes from my MacBook.

I have looked at similar pen displays from other manufacturers and even bought a Huion GT but just found the quality of the display only 6bit panel with dithering to approximate 8 bit and software drivers to be too poor for general use, with pointer accuracy impossibly bad near the edges of the screen. These are all products for artists looking to sketch with pressure sensitivity though and, whilst it can be fun to play with, I don't need that for my work, I just need hover, click, right click and middle click. Swipes and gestures can be very helpful too.

Frustratingly it seems that Microsoft have seen this particular set of commonly useful elements and built them in to their Surface devices and even have the 3 button surface pen which seems ideal if only it had MacOS drivers. I am very close to moving to Windows to have this option and the kind of hardware flexibility for the top end that is missing these day from Apple computers.

The only things holding me back are some MacOS only software tools that are essential to my work. Apple continue to re-iterate how multitouch on computers is something they have looked at and decided they aren't interested in. Unfortunately, as with many decisions from Apple, this decision leaves those with specific use cases where it can be extremely beneficial or even essential e. I can appreciate that it wouldn't work well for many desktop apps without a redesign of the UI, and iMacs would need new lay flat and tilt stands to make them comfortable to use like this, but there are many situations where it works very well indeed and provides enormous productivity gains.

UM-1010/C/T 10.1" 16:9 USB Touch screen Monitor

Anyway, for me it works brilliantly to have a stylus and a number of applications I use are designed around either a stylus or touch screen and I want to be able to drive my high powered workstation with one. With the Apple pencil and iPad Pro they have demonstrated how they could make brilliant products that satisfy this niche, leaving those of us occupying it frustratingly tantalised by the possibilities. I want those with multitouch and a stylus! Or if it can't be done with existing products on the market then I hope a company comes along and makes one!

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