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Mac also learned at this time that her large white mutt, named Ruggles , was abandoned at a boarding house during her mother's travels after fleeing from her abusive father.

She showed more sympathy for her father's efforts to be a good dad, pathetic as they were, and more anger at her mother for leaving them to fend for themselves. Mac mentions at one point that by fifteen she was getting in trouble for drinking and stealing cars.

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She ran away from home when she was seventeen her junior year of high school , and apparently married Christopher Ragle a year later. They were both drunk for much of their married life. He was later arrested and sent to prison for motor vehicle theft. At some point, Mac finished high school. On the night of her graduation, she was traveling in a car with her friend Eddie. They were both drunk, and were involved in a car accident that killed Eddie. After graduating from high school, Mac joined the Marines. It was under his recommendation that the Marine Corps put Mac through law school.

While stationed in Okinawa, Mac engaged in an affair with her superior officer John Farrow.

Who Won the Coin Flip on JAG? - NCIS: LA Reveals If Mac or Harm Won Coin Toss

Unbeknownst to Mac, Chris Ragle followed her to Okinawa and discovered the affair. John paid Chris the money he demanded, but Chris threatened to kill him anyway. Mac tried to wrestle the gun out of Chris' hand, but it accidentally went off and killed him instead. As a Major, she was subsequently assigned to JAG headquarters. It was hinted by Admiral Chegwidden that Mac's assignment as Harm's partner was recommended by his former partner LT Meg Austin , who had transferred from headquarters to another assignment.

JAG Sad to see it go. This Site Might Help You. RE: JAG what happens at the end? Jag Harm And Mac. JAG was one of the very best shows on tv-I am watching all the reruns and wish we could have definite answer as to who gives up commission.

The Cast Of JAG – Where Are They Now?

Better yet, bring back the show!!!!!!! Existing questions. Related Questions Hook me up guys and if your list got it, 10 points are yours!!! Please read an opening paragraph? Is TO playing another season with the Bills? More questions. My first attempt at writing. Can anybody tell me what movie this is? Does anyone know any good shows to watch on Netflix, I honestly can't find anything to watch on there.

So any suggestions? If basil Rathbone is the best on screen Sherlock Holmes who do you think is the best on screen Hercule Poirot? Jordan Parker has a brief love affair Harm Rabb for eight glorious episodes. However, their fire dies out when Jordan breaks it off when Harm chooses to go back to his true passion, flying. Things take a dramatic turn for the worst when Jordan is mysteriously killed in the sixth season of the show. Following her death, the JAG team tries to figure out who was behind the murder and bring them to justice.

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Susan is a two-time Emmy winning actress who has also starred on the soap opera One Life to Live as Dr. Marty Saybrooke. After her stint on the soap was over, a rumor began to go around that she was fired from it after the writers no longer knew what to do with her character. In any case, that was the end of her acting career. Regarding her personal life, Susan and longtime companion Thorsten Kaye have two children together. In the fourth season of JAG the audience gets introduced to Chloe Madison, the most lovable and adorable little girl. Mac becomes a sort of older and protective sister to the young Chloe, even after she introduces her to her real father.

They remain close for the next three seasons. Mae Whitman had been acting long before she arrived on the set of JAG, and over her long career, she has starred in the film Independence Day, the medical drama Chicago Hope, and has even appeared on the iconic sitcom, Friends. Before reaching the age of 30, she has already starred in almost different movies, television series, and productions. She is currently working on the romance musical film Valley Girl. Admiral A.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Will Catherine Bell Return as Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie in the Season Finale?

Chegwidden has starred on the show JAG from its pilot episode all the way until the ninth season. Chegwidden served as the Advocate General of the Navy and is one of the most respected officers. He acted as a father figure to many of the soldiers under his command. By season nine John had enjoyed the ride but he was ready to move on. His leaving the show came as a shock to the entire cast and crew; it was hard to see their friend leave.

John also agreed to act as Chegwidden once again on the spin-off series of JAG in He definitely knows what his strong suit is. Tracy Manetti graced the screen of JAG for only seven episodes but she definitely made an impression. After a number of crimes perpetrated throughout Europe are blamed on the U. Navy, Tracy is assigned to the case and joins forces with Harm to get to the bottom of the seemingly illogical turn of events.

Most recently Tamlyn has starred on the young and hip supernatural show Teen Wolf, and on the drama series the Good doctor. Tamlyn is currently working on the film The Living Worst, which should hit the big screen sometime in Caitlin Pike was on the show JAG on its very first episode. Their relationship seemed to be that of friends who on occasion were intimate with one another, while not developing romantic feelings or entering into a romantic relationship with one another.

Catherine Bell As Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie

In season six the audience cheered as Pike returned to the show, this time in order to file a complaint against one of her fellow officers. Andrea Parker is an incredible actress who has worked on many movies and television shows including ER as Linda Farrell and on the television series Pretender as Catherine Parker. Not only is this gorgeous woman a talented actress but she is also trained to be a stunt driver! It seems that Lt. Gregory Vukovi and Tali have an intimate and shared history together that begins to unfold on camera.

Besides being a talented actress, this Haiti-born beauty also happens to be a talented figure skater, skating on a national level while living in She decided to leave the world of figure skating behind for a more lucrative career in Hollywood. JAG was actually the first recurring role that Meta Golding landed. All the way from Italy Meta has integrated well into the Los Angeles life. Her role as Enobaria in The Hunger Games movies is her most high-profile role to date.

Golding has also starred in a few episodes of Criminal Minds, and is currently working on the set of Behind the Movement, which is set to be released sometime in Turner is a submarine worker before transitioning into a lawyer. Sturgis and Harm go way back before he joins the JAG team and their friendship grows stronger both during and after work hours. Their bromance is truly fun to watch, with Harm often making fun of Sturgis for being a bit too much of a rule follower. Scott Lawrence graced the screen of JAG for 76 episodes before he moved on to star in other hit television series like dramatic soap opera Desperate Housewives, suspense series American Horror Story, and additional soapy drama Nashville.

Over the years. Scott has also starred on the big screen, featuring in the sci-fi Star Trek film Into The Darkness portraying the role of the U. Vengeance Officer in Most recently, Scott has starred in the television show thriller series Mr. Mercedes as Pete Dixon. Mac and Clayton had an intense relationship for a while but sadly the two never got their happy ending. Clayton had to fake his own death for his job in the CIA, which frustrated Mac to no end. Lieutenant Harriet Beaumont is a southern belle who comes from old money, and a lot of it, which might be why she was made fun of for enlisting in the army.

The two served together on the Seahawk and when they finally got to work together on JAG, they were also given the chance to work on their relationship, which quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship. Karri Turner is an experienced actress who has been on stage, the big screen and on television shows since A former member of the famed improvisational comedy troupe the Groundlings, Turner has also entertained American troops by going on the U.

This dramatic episode is an all-time favorite among fans, with the high ratings to prove it. Daphne Ashbrook started her long as an actress at the age of six. Considered to be one of the best trial lawyers on the team, Bud is liked by nearly everyone at JAG HQ and garners a lot of respect from the others. Many opponents underestimate Bud as he comes across as less intelligent than he actually is; however, this is a smart ploy to lull others into a false sense of security.

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JAG fans will know the best assistant Chegwidden has ever had, and the real comic relief of the show, Jason Tiner. Tiner is known for tripping over his words more than once, which adds an element of comedy to the show. More recently, he played the lead role of Caskie Jones in the low-budget movie Cowboy Drifter in