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However, you can create other modules within the Normal template, and you can save your macros in other templates if you prefer. You can use simple macros perfectly happily without knowing any of the information that follows. However, this article may help you understand Word a little better, giving you more power over what you do with it. Macros are designed to help you automate Word to make your life easier. There is limited undo ability, and no backup here; Word assumes that if you are in this deep you know what you are doing.

  1. Use the Developer tab to create or delete a macro in Excel for Mac - Excel for Mac;
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It would be a good idea to make a copy of your Normal template before you begin playing with macros. Then afterwards you can dump the copy with the macro experimentation and swap back in the older Normal template.

  • Introduction: How to get started.
  • How to open the VBA environment.
  • Word:mac - Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor!
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  • For more about the Normal template and how to find it, see here. It is possible to test macros from the VBE directly. You can run the macro while you are still in the VBE by pressing F5.

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    Make sure the cursor is in the macro you want to test. You can also size the VBE and the Word window on your screen so you can see them both at once, and step through the macro one line at a time, in order to see what it does.

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    • Press F8 to begin and to move to each line. Of course, function keys on a laptop may not behave.

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      Understanding the VBE

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      Use the Developer tab to create or delete a macro in Excel for Mac

      Linked 5. Related Hot Network Questions. As long as you are reasonably familiar with Excel then it should be easy to follow the instructions of the tutorial to move around Excel. In case you do not know Excel at all, it is probably better to first explore the already extensive possibilities that Excel offers without the use of VBA.

      This tutorial is especially aimed at those with good knowledge of Excel who can substantially upgrade their work with only a bit of VBA knowledge. Firstly you need to have Visual Basic for Excel installed on your computer. In my experience it is included already when you have followed the standard installation of Excel, for both WIndows and Mac versions.