How to apply liquid foundation with mac 187 brush

I also use it for cream bronzer and blush or a heavily pigmented powder bronzer or blush that I want to sheer out. As far as duo-fibre brushes go, this is one of the best on the market. I own 7 duo fibre brushes and they all shed to different degrees, however the sheds less than any others. If you like using a duo-fibre to apply your foundation I definitely think the is the only one worth spending money on. Reading all other reviews, I can't help but think my MAC is somehow faulty.

After purchasing this at my MAC counter, I had high hopes Unfortunately it seems to shed constantly, so I end up with little black hairs stuck to my face, and after a few gentle washes it has become very coarse.

A brush used for the lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments.

I'm very disappointed in this brush. This brush works great for applying anything from foundation to blush and powder. The only complaint I would have about this would be the exorbitant price tag - I've found the manicare version to be a good dupe for this, so I would check that one out if you're not willing to fork out a fortune for this. This brush is amazing for applying liquid foundation and blush. I tend to use this more for applying my liquid foundation as it gives a very even and airbrushed effect. I sometimes use it for blush though i find it to cause a more sheer result rather than a matte which makes it zoom on my problem areas which are my CHEEKS, but other than that this is such a versatile brush and i love love love it.

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Would I use this blush for powder or blush application? No, however I don't think that is it's intended main function. If applying a heavy powder the sparse fine hairs don't work best with this type of product and clump together so you end up with an un-even application. Once you have applied your powder, use the brush in swirling circular motions over the cheeks, nose, forehead, and where makeup finishes next to teh skin to buff away any excess product.

Once blended, it creates a seamless effect between skin and makeup so that makeup looks as natural as possible. Great thick sturdy handle is easy to grip. Be very gentle when washing as the hairs are very fine. This is one of the best face brush I've used. If you want that airbrush look then you need to get this brush.

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I use this to apply my MAC mineralize satinfinish foundation and it applies it smoothly. I also use it to apply blush because it applies it lightly and you don't get that clowny cheeks look. You need to take care of this brush though and wash it every so often using the brush cleanser. I adore this brush! I use it to apply my liquid foundation, loose powder and bronzer.

It gives an exremely natural, air-brushed finish - which is what a foundation brush should do! Perfect for day and nightime foundation application. It may seem very expensive for a brush, but it is definately well worth the spend! You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. I've been using this concealer for months now and really liking the level of coverage it gives. I have mine in NW20 which is the perfect shade for my pale skin.

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    Airbrush Look using a stippling brush

    I use it to apply my liquid foundation, to apply my powder, bronzer, highlighter and my blush especially very pigmented blush because it gives a very light application that you can build up One of my favourite things is that the brush in neither too large, nor too small for my face I have a smallish face , and MOST importantly it doesn't shed at all. Gives me a perfect airbrushed finish. Liquid foundation application, simply stipple your foundation all over your face.

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    Blush application: provides light application of blush so you can use very pigmented blushes without the fear of over applying just be sure to pat off the excess first Powder application: Stipple the powder where needed over the top of your foundation. Definately a must for anyone who's serious about their foundation application. Tinaaa 27 Mar PM. Simmainy 1 Mar AM. I am glad I have this brush as it is very functional for powders, however the price tage is a little steep.

    I would recommend this brush or the for highlighter application also, particularly if you are using a liquid or creme highlighter. Definitely a good addition to your brush arsenal but if you are purchasing this expressly for the use of applying liquid foundation I would go for a or another brand. Rebeccalife 18 Jan AM. Multi-tasking and really unique.

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    Clauds4makeup 1 Jun PM. This is great for liquid foundation and gives a flawless, airbrushed result. Shopaholicshell 11 Mar AM. Ina J 21 Jan PM. Whiterabbit 9 Jan AM. Autumn beauty trends to wear now. These beauty looks are breathtaking. This brush is effective. It is a definite investment purchase, but the can do so much more than just apply liquid foundation. Powders and blushes can also be applied with it, to a beautifully blended result.

    I am currently using it with liquid to powder finish foundation and my cream blush. Cleaning it with a gentle cleaner intended for brushes is best to maintain it's efficacy. This brush is very interesting. It is a dual fiber brush which means that the black goat hairs in the base are fused with thinner sparse synthetic hairs at the top. Why this is great is because as you apply your product, the white hairs bend easily allowing you to buff the product in. Also makeup doesn't get absorbed into the thick part of the brush but stays on the white hairs and then get transfered right on the face.

    You don't loose as much product to the brush. Now what can it be used for??

    187 Synthetic Duo Fibre Face Brush

    Almost anything! You can use it to stipple your liquid foundation on the face. You can also use it for face powder, bronzer and blush. Even highlighter can be applied with this. I love the fact that the brush is flat and very soft. I cannot use it with some of my harder blushes but it is great for all the soft ones.

    The brush doesn't pick up too much product so you don't end up looking like a clown. It is so easy to apply evenly too! I used buffing motions instead of the sweeping ones and I think that works best! Since I bought it I have only seen a couple of hairs fall out which is acceptable when it is brand new.

    It is best to clean it with some baby shampoo to extend its life. Join Us.