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It includes customization dialogs for focus settings, window movement, resizing, grouping and placement settings, audio, multiple desktop, desktop background, pager, tooltip and autoraise settings. Enlightenment can automatically run user scripts or applications during startup, restart, and shutdown.

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This facilitates the loading of system tray applets, rss readers, screensavers, and other daemons. Enlightenment manages windows and files. Website: www. E22 0. Window manager Graphical shell Desktop environment. Free and open-source software portal. Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 8 March Archived from the original on Retrieved Martin Geisler Online.

Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 18 February Retrieved 12 January Andy Williams' Website. Operating systems and Linux distributions that offer Enlightenment. Desktop environments and window managers based on X11 or Wayland. It works very well for me. Simple - exposing developers and users to free as in freedom software, will benefit the free software community of users if they are accepted and promoted by these new users.

Every license out there puts limits on the freedom of others. Please stop misusing the word freedom. Open Source software licenses are merely more permissive in that they provide access to the source and the permission to redistribute derived works under the same license to other people. The GPL is one of the more restrictive licenses in that it restricts the freedom of developers to make use of the code in only GPL licensed projects. It is viral in nature and because of that, it actually can strip the rights of other developers if they do not educate themselves of all the terms and conditions before they touch the code.

Yeah, and that's intended and works toward keeping the end user's freedom, as opposed to the programmer's freedom which is maximized by using a BSD style license. Can we please omit this discussion? I can't hear it anymore. Just accept that there isn't only one definition of freedom, and never assume that you know what's right and the other one is wrong. It's just a point of view. Troy, you Your articles are simply wonderful! Is tomorrow Monday again?

I'm definitely looking forward your next article!

Elive distro illustrates power, beauty of Enlightenment

Damn, it's going to be sooo coool and soooo great, absolutely the greatest DE in the world. I think the portability to Mac and Win is a killer-feature: we will have great free applications working anywhere, well, this is a dream becoming true. Thank you for the great article! So the smart guys started wasting time porting their selfish little apps to more platforms instead of finishing KDE4. Does Qt4 suck or what? Hey, developing for KDE4 base system is a totaly different work than building packages.

Would you have complain if the article were about packaging KDE4 to Ubuntu? Canonical doesn't develop KDE4 they might help , but you can install somme of the 4th serie on your ubuntu OS.

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Thanks to Qt, It's Nearly the same to make an Ubuntu. Skip to main content. Contribute Submit an article about your project to KDE. Submitted by Troy Unrau. On the Mac, due to the OS X user interface styling in Qt 4, we get centred tabs during tabbed browsing, as seen below: The Mac has made a name for itself as a premier Desktop for graphical and multimedia applications.

Comments coolness but beside the apple look the kde look does look not good : the icons in the apps shown are not the oxygen icons, are they? Re: coolness Oxygen icons are entering kdelibs in SVN today, unless something changed Re: coolness Digg it! Re: coolness dugg. Re: coolness Yay, it's on digg frontpage now :. Excellent dot Great summary, a very interesting read! Good to see things are progressing so nicely.

Re: yeah lol give us mutant kde with win32 inside explorer. Re: yeah lol give us mutant kde with win32 inside Don't forget Reactos. Re: yeah lol give us mutant kde with win32 inside It's a very sweet project and I really hope they succeed in creating an open source Windows clone; and I'm more than willing to give it a spin!

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Re: Excellent dot I agree that an explorer replacement would be a great idea. Awesome review! Re: Awesome review! OSS on none OSS platforms I would content the more application like firefox and OpenOffice you can get people to use, the less reason they have to hold onto a closed source system. You should let you work stand on its merits not on it association. Am I missing something?

Someone more knowledgeable, please enlighten me. I agree Troy's explanation wasn't very clear. THAT is what is important. THAT is what is important here.

Porting to other platforms is an interesting thing if done afterwards, not first. It is not because something can be done that it must be done.

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If you admin lets you do that, s he'd probably just let you use unix anyway : All of the important bits of KDE cross-application integration will still be there. This is a good thing I want to second Fede's point. Thanks for stopping this part of the thread. Re: Great! Love the Road to KDE4 articles. Great work Troy! Great article, great technology Hi Troy, Thank you for the great article!

PS: no puppies but kittens. KDE is based on Qt.


Also on Mac. How do you distill any qt-suckage out of this article? Re: great "So the smart guys started wasting time porting their selfish little apps to more platforms instead of finishing KDE4. OK it's mostly closed, but hell, the kernel is open. Search form Search. It is coming alive.