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However, maybe you want to give your old Mac to your kid, and you want to erase the data, but you want to keep the applications that have been installed. The question is: Is there any other option besides the format or reinstall so that we can keep the applications on our old Mac?

How to Delete a User Account in Mac OS X

Actually, there is a method to erase our data and settings without format and reinstall, so we can keep our applications alive. Before we step up to discuss about this method further, I want to talk about Home Folder in Mac Operating System which is necessary I will not make it complicated. I promise. One user account in OS X has one Home Folder, if there are 2 user accounts, there will be 2 different Home Folders, each belong to those user accounts separately.

Home Folder cannot be deleted if the user account is online or active. Only the user with administrator permission can delete a Home Folder.

Why to remove an admin account

Home Folder is a place where all the data are stored and mostly used by users for this purpose, and there is also Library folder as a place to store all settings and other components related to that user account. All we can do is deleting the user account and the Home folder, and then create a new user account.

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This conclusion is almost correct, but we have to remember that Home Folder cannot be deleted if the owner of the user account is online or active, and this action can only be performed by a user account with administration permission. So, we have to create a new account with administrator permission first. Then, we can delete the Home folder in the new account.

Removing an admin account from your Mac

Your old Mac will still have installed applications and your data has been deleted and ready for someone else. Bless You! Fast and easy. Facebook is a leading social media platform connecting people all across The Guest User account is disabled. Click the "Lock" icon and enter your administrator name and password. Click the name of a user you want to remove in the left column.

Removing the Guest User Account

Click the "-" button below the column. If the account is for sharing only, a dialog box opens asking you to confirm that you want to delete the account. Click "Ok. Save the guest user's home folder if desired by selecting "Save the Home Folder in a Disk Image" option.

The image is saved in the Users folder, inside the Deleted Users sub-folder.

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If you don't select this option, the user's home folder remains where it is in the Users folder. Click "Delete User.

How to Setup a New User Account On Mac

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