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The design has larger vents and a bigger fan, doubling the airflow to better cool the processor. The power supply has been enlarged to provide the necessary power to the new components. On the bottom of the Mac mini's aluminum chassis is a black plastic disk, which does double duty as both the foot for the compact PC as well as a cover that opens to provide internal access. Around the edges of the panel are cleverly concealed vents for air flow, and the simple black surface has "Mac mini" imprinted on it.

This access panel has taken different forms over the last few iterations of the mini, with the model offering a simple twist-to-open design and the model requiring a special prying tool literally, a modified putty knife to open. Unfortunately, the model still uses the less convenient design that requires a special tool. The Mac mini is being touted as more upgrade-friendly than the previous model, which had its RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. It also means you'll be better able to keep the Mac mini up to date if Apple takes another four-year break before introducing the next model.

Accessing the internals of the system is difficult. Apple has a well-deserved reputation for making its products hard to upgrade, and the Mac mini is no exception. In a discussion with Apple representatives, it was explained that the Mac mini was meant to be "service upgradable" — upgradable by professionals at a Genius Bar or other approved Apple service provider — rather than "user upgradable.

The access panel has to be removed with a special tool, likely the same modified putty knife used in the previous model we got a credit card to work. Once you open the access panel you will be faced with a metal grille secured with six Torx screws. Just to make things a little more irritating, a standard Torx driver set is not compatible with these screws, which feature a center pin inside the recessed driver slot of the screw.

So, even if you have a set of tiny Torx drivers, you'll probably need to get a different screwdriver, one with a hole in the center to accommodate that pin. Specifically, you'll need a driver for a TR6 Torx security screw. Additionally, while Apple has returned the upgradable RAM found on the and Mac mini, the upgradable storage is gone.

In the model, you could remove the included Fusion drive Apple's hybrid SSD and hard-disk storage solution and replace it with an aftermarket SSD, boosting the performance of the machine and extending the life of the Mac mini — which many people found necessary in the long wait for this year's update.

In the model, that option is gone. The PCIe-connected SSD is soldered to the logic board, making the flash storage modules all but impossible to remove and replace. The good news is that, thanks to the bandwidth offered by the Thunderbolt 3 ports found on the rear panel of the system, you can connect external storage — even at jaw-dropping capacities — and use it without taking a hit on performance.

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Similarly, while there's no configuration for the Mac mini that offers a discrete graphics card, you can also bump up the horsepower for gaming and other graphics-intensive uses by adding an external graphics card enclosure , also connected via Thunderbolt 3. Those Thunderbolt 3 ports offer a huge amount of connectivity, thanks to speeds of up to 40Gbps. It's enough to connect two 4K displays, and you can also use an external GPU, not to mention all manner of storage and peripherals. If you need even more speed for connecting a local network or network-attached storage, the Ethernet port can actually be configured as a 10 Gigabit connection, instead.

It's a very cool business-friendly feature that media pros will appreciate, but won't be much use to the average user. And, it wouldn't be Apple without dropping a connection or two. While you get more connectivity overall with the new Mac mini, you do lose the SDXC card slot from the model.

Every configuration of the Mac mini is outfitted with quad-core Intel 8th-generation processors and all flash storage. Apple has been promoting the dramatic improvements in performance from the previous Mac mini, but those claims ring a little hollow when you consider that the last Mac mini update was in , and that the previous system was still rocking fourth-generation dual-core processors. During usage, I saw plenty to like. When web browsing, I could browse with 15 tabs open, while also streaming music and video. I never experienced any lag.

This chip serves as a co-processor, providing secure boot capability and full disk encryption. Apple also boasts that the T2 allows faster video transcoding, claiming up to 30 times faster HEVC video encoding than the model was able to offer.

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Whenever we test a Mac, we're limited because several of our standard tests are not Mac-OS-compatible. However, in the tests we were able to run, we saw some excellent performance from the Core i3 Mac mini. File transfer speeds were fast enough that I did a double take. I took 2 seconds to copy over our 4. In fact, it's identical to another member of the Mac family, the workstation iMac Pro, which had the same 2 second, 2, MBps speeds.

Processing performance was nowhere near as dramatic, but it's still fairly impressive coming from an Intel Core i3 CPU. In Geekbench 4, the Mac Mini managed a score of 13, points. Running the JetStream 1. That's phenomenal for a Core i3-based system. If you plan to use the Mac mini as a home theater PC for streaming to a TV, or as a basic productivity machine that uses web apps heavily, you'll be set with one of the best mini PCs on the market, even in this basic configuration.

I was wrong. Even after I streamed video, ran benchmark tests and used the system to work on this review, the Mac mini never got warmer than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only 15 degrees above the room temperature of our lab. That's barely enough heat for it to feel warm to the touch. It's well below the degree comfort threshold we hold laptops to, and it's significantly cooler than the HP Z2 Mini G4 94 degrees. Compared with smaller, less powerful mini PCs, like the Zotac Zbox PI pico, which hit degrees during testing, and there's no comparison.

The Mac mini is one cool customer. Even after I streamed video, ran benchmark tests, and used the system to work on this review, the Mac mini never got warmer than 85 degrees. It's also quiet. The Mac mini's larger fan lets it run slowly and silently, while still providing enough airflow for cooling. That's good news for audio pros and home-theater users alike, since it means you won't have to contend with a noisy computer when you're trying to get clear audio.

The Mac mini ships with macOS version So turned off all audio, and leaned really close to the enclosure. Only then could I hear the whirr of the fans. They are stunningly quiet, which was something the company strived for. Often times, the Mini is used in music studios or on film sets where loud fans aren't welcome. The internal speakers on the Mac Mini aren't very loud.

If you're going to use this device to stream music or watch a lot of videos, I would suggest picking up some external speakers or headphones. The internal speakers are designed for minimal use. Think system alerts and the occasional song. Ideally, the base model would forgo GB of storage. Most users can get away with half that amount on phones and tablets, but in a computer, GB isn't enough. I haven't installed everything I have on my iMac, because eventually, the Mini has to go back to Apple, and because I currently have about GB of storage in use. The Mac Mini should start at GB of storage, and allow the user to upgrade from there.

The Mac Mini uses Apple's new T2 Security Chip for secure boot, encrypted storage, and tasks such as system management controller, audio controller, and the SSD controller. Even though I've been testing the base model Mini for the past few days, I'm somewhat mesmerized by the device. I had always viewed the Mac Mini as a device that's better designed for use as a home server or a really powerful Raspberry Pi.

As my workload has gone back and forth between having to edit and render videos or spend a lot of time in Photoshop editing photos, I assumed the Mac Mini just wasn't capable of keeping up. And several years ago, I was probably right. The Mini was a solid computer, but not one for resource-intensive tasks. With this year's update and my own rudimentary tests, I have little doubt the Mac Mini is more than capable of keeping up with my workload, and more intense workloads.

Apple Killed the Mac Mini.

I downloaded a handful of videos, imported them into an iMovie project where I spliced, added effects, transitions, and even some slow-motion magic, and then exported my quick creation. The first video was around two minutes in length and exported at full p with best quality rendering in 1 minute and 20 seconds.

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I then lengthened the clip to over 17 minutes and exported with the highest settings possible, and it was done in just over 10 minutes, with a file size of That process took five minutes. Indeed, using more in-depth programs like Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro would push the system a lot harder than I did, but my experience has left me impressed.

With four Thunderbolt 3 ports, with which you can connect monitors, external GPUs, external hard drives, and a myriad of other peripherals that take advantage of a high-speed connection, and the option to upgrade to a 10GB Ethernet connection, which can be used to share the workload across multiple Mac Minis, it's hard to imagine that a professional photographer, video editor, or developer would be left feeling underwhelmed by the Mac Mini.

It's not just built for now, but built for use well into the future. Pro users often appreciate the upgradeability of computers, whether it's adding storage or more memory. Although the process of getting into the Mini, and doing it yourself isn't going to be easy.

LOVE: Apple offers plenty of customization for the Mac Mini.

When I asked Apple about user upgrades, I was told the company views the Mini as a service upgradeable device -- meaning users should use a certified technician or Apple itself for any upgrades. That said, I would suggest waiting to see how difficult the upgrade is going to be once iFixit publishes its teardown and then decide which path you want to take. Nevertheless, the option is technically there. It just depends on how comfortable you are with removing the base, cooling enclosure, and digging through the Mini's guts. Between the number of ports, the types of accessories those ports allow for, and the customization options, the Mac Mini is a computer that's no longer serving a niche market.

It's designed for all types of users, whether you want to use it as a server in your home, and set up more than one Mini as a set of servers to offload video encoding and code compiling. For the past four years, Mac Mini users have wanted more from the desktop-like portable computer. And with the model, Apple has delivered. Even the base model is something I could see myself using on a daily basis, and when I realistically look at my use, I'm not a "Pro" user. I'm an average user who dabbles in pro features. If I were in need of a new desktop computer at this very moment, my search would start with -- and it's entirely possible it would end with -- the Mac Mini, as opposed to an iMac.

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