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Very pleasant to use, but not quite cheap enough or powerful enough to be good value. Apple Macbook Pro 13in 2. If you can live without these amenities, the new MacBook is a very good value. It's attractive, has a colorful and bright LED backlit display that's a great improvement over pre-unibody MacBook models and the updated graphics give the machine enough punch for light gaming.

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It's a fast and responsive machine whether running Windows 7 or Mac OS X, and the multi-touch trackpad is superb. If you're not wed to Mac OS, there are certainly compelling Windows laptops in the same price range with better specs, but few have the Mac's build quality.

We do live in terror of the pure white finish that's scratchable and can stain. If you're rough on your computers, the MacBook unibody won't likely stay glossy and pretty for long. It is fairly impervious to dents and it is easy to wipe and clean though.

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Still, we wish Apple would find a way to toughen up the finish or move on to another one altogether old black macbook, we miss you. Our advice? You get so much more for that small sum including a durable metal casing, twice the RAM, a backlit keyboard, FireWire and an SD card slot.

However, there is plenty of entertainment value in having a built-in TV tuner, especially if it means a backseat of quiet children on a long car ride.

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Factor in its lengthy battery life, and this Dell Mini 10 is a decent choice for those who want their TV on the go. The base price is below average, the performance is about average, the design is exceptional, and the TV tuner is downright cool. While the latter is designed to be a cheap as possible in the name of robust portable computing, the goal of the 10 proper is to be more a jack of all trades.

Like all the current crop of Atom netbooks though, the lack of a decent GPU is an annoyance and, in this case, the HDMI port brings that annoyance into somewhat sharper relief. It's possible Dell will come up with a world-beating netbook, but this isn't it.

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We liked the cute Inspiron Mini 9, but were less enamoured with the under-powered Inspiron Mini 12, so we were keen to see how the Inspiron Mini 10 shapes up. The annoying trackpad and awkwardly designed battery pack are big letdowns, however. Dell still has some way to go before it produces a really stunning netbook.

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While the excellent keyboard and screen of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 provide strong selling points, the limited mobility and poor components restrict usability. It's not that the Dell is a bad netbook — far from it — it's just that many better netbooks can be bought at this price. In size, style, general performance and ergonomics, this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is a must-see for any shortlist.

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If you need a slightly faster 1. For some reason Dell chose to launch it with a 3-cell battery, which doesn't provide you with a lot of juice. Most vendors are slowly phasing out 3-cell units in favor of 6-cell or 4-cell batteries, even on entry level SKUs.

Of course, you can get a 6-cell power pack for the Mini 10, but you're basically paying for something you are supposed to get straight out of the box, and that's something no consumer enjoys. The keyboard helps to make it one of the most comfortable and practical netbooks available and, unlike rival products from HP, it doesn't cost the earth.

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Charge and power external devices. And now with even more cores packed into its 7. Learn more about apple trade in. Mac mini. Open menu Close menu Overview Tech Specs.


Part racehorse. All workhorse. Up to 5 X faster system performance 1. Up to 6-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. Up to 4.

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