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In any Windows application like Notepad or Photoshop, the numeric keypad is used in combination with the Alt key. Activate the numeric keypad by pressing the NumLock key. These shortcuts prove that sometimes a keystroke is faster than several clicks of mouse.

Keyboard shortcuts for popular hidden characters

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Copyright Symbol (©) Images for you to use

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Elements: how do I add a Photo Copyright symbol?

Help other people find the copyright symbol. This functionality below allows you to just type in your name and the year of publication; to serve up the HTML copyright needed to paste a copyright notice on your website. It's as simple as that. Just type your details required, and it does it all for you ready to paste into your HTML body at the bottom of your page to place the copyright notice.

How to Create Copyright and Trademark Symbols via Keystrokes

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Using the Keyboard Viewer

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Copyright & Trademark Keyboard Shortcuts for MAC

The information and links that you find on this website are for you to choose whether you wish to acknowledge as correct or not. If you press and hold the Option key, you see even more characters, as shown below. From top to bottom, the Keyboard Viewer with no modifier keys held down, with Shift held down, with Option held down, and with both Shift and Option held down. Modifier keys are gray when active.

When the Option key is held down, some keys appear in orange to indicate diacritical marks that can be added above some letters. To apply these marks, keep holding down the Option key and then click the orange key in the Keyboard Viewer or on your physical keyboard and then click the letter on your physical keyboard that you want to apply it to.

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To use one of the alternates, either type the number that appears beneath it, or click the one you want. To dismiss the menu, either type a different character or press the Escape key. For even more special characters, use the Fonts panel top to access the Character Viewer bottom.