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Single user mode: Wait your turn If QuickBooks is running in singleuser mode, any number of … [Read more Using QuickBooks in multiuser mode, more than one user can work in your company file at the same time. September 7, By Shelly King.

October 3, By Shelly King. January 17, By Shelly King.

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Multiuser Last Updated: Thursday, November 10, Filed Under: Did you know? Multiuser checklist: What you need to know before you start September 30, by Shelly King. QuickBooks Defined: Single user mode vs. Video: Setting up multiuser September 26, by Will Lynes.

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What is Little Square? The latest news Like us on Facebook:. Need help? We're here for you! You can also post your question to our QuickBooks for Mac community. Our users and the QuickBooks for Mac team monitor this forum daily. Call our Customer Care team to talk to a specialist. Videos See more videos Most Recent Video See more videos Yes, it does work outside of QB. And, since my last message, I downloaded Parallels trial to see if it had the same problem, and yes. It does. Is there a particular version of Quickbooks that you recommend using on a VM? We have Quickbooks Pro that we have been using on a PC.

We bought an iMac hoping to run Quickbooks with Parallels. After installing Parallels and Windows 7…Quickbooks will not install. It seems that there are components missing on the VM that Quickbooks is looking for in order to open and run. What do you suppose our problem is?

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I have considered purchasing Quickbooks for Mac …but would prefer to use a VM if possible in order to have all of the features of the PC version. Should Pro QB work? Or do you recommend a different version? Heidi — yes, should work, and does on my Windows 7 VM. The first thing and easiest thing is to check is that your Windows 7 installation is completely up to date. Probably what you are missing is the installation of the. NET 3. NET Framework 3. Running sfc will attempt to repair all Windows 7 operating system files, including Microsoft.

For more information about using sfc, refer to the following Microsoft knowledge base article:. I followed your directions for sharing over a network for multi user. We never had to do this on the PC. Is there away to lock the mapping in? Our book keeper has a PC and we have 2 Macs. We tried converting on line with no luck.

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Then with files converted by the book keeper they showed up empty on QB Mac. It looks like it will be Parallel and QB Premier. We have Snow Leopard and Lion. Different Blog? Thanks for the info already gleaned from your site. Have you though about exploring a hosted solution? I recommend InSynQ for clients that have people that want to access the program from different platforms and or locations.

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  4. I am using Quickbooks Pro on a Mac with Parallels 6. I am not able to get the QB release 9 to download. When I select it to download nothing happens. I call QB support and they said to download the patch file available on their web site. I did and it goes through installation then nothing happens.

    My QB payroll updates are installing. Any suggestions on getting the Release 9 to download correctly?

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    NET installation issue. Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to diagnose the exact cause, I often find it is quicker to uninstall QB, restart the computer or virtual machine, and reinstall it fresh. You will need your license and product number to download it. Say Yes to All. If the reinstallation also has issue completing, then you have other issues with Windows. Great article. Everything operates fine except for the excel templates like the certified payroll report.

    It comes up with an error that essentially says there is no command to open any program regarding the.

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    Any other creative options to get this to work? Lots of great information on your site VRC, thank you. What do you suggest at this point? Thank you! Thank you, getting ready to purchase an iMac for me and MacBook pro for my daughter. Do you think I should consider enterprise with our Macs or try to get my wireless network wired.

    I have the premier contractors now. I am planning on ordering my windows 7 32 or 64 , parrelles 7 and debating Microsoft office or a Mac office. Are you considering running QB Enterprise via Parallels? You can do that, but it sounds like that make be overkill for you. Regardless of whether you are using Mac or Windows, I always recommend that you have a wired network for QuickBooks. Most of the ones I saw when Parallels 7 was first released were related to IE 9 permissions and QuickBooks, and have been resolved.

    In regards to the second part of the question, Intuit has never officially supported running QB on a Virtual Machine. However, I have reason to believe that they may be more open to supporting this in the future. Hi, I have just installed QB with Parallels 7 latest version. I like my company file to reside on my Mac not on my Virtual PC.

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    It has always worked fine in the past. QB thinks that your company file is hosted on another computer on your network, and wants you to run the QB Database manager on that to set everything up correctly. Sometimes QB will let me in that way when i have trouble opening a file otherwise. This can also happen if you are using Dropbox or something similar to sync files. Your email address will not be published.

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