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Just wanted to show what can be done. I like it, thanks. PlayOnMac, sounds interesting :stumped: :question: Have you tried other Windows apps on this aswell? To be fair thought, I'm not sure how the other 'auto' programs would even cope with that bad boy? Haha, I realised as soon as I'd posted my first comment.

I thought you'd posted it saying that you'd done one from that image You've done a good job on it for sure! How would you feel about people saving that file? Not a problem. I will see if I can find the other two or three I did that were similar too. However this plugin doesn't work very well. If it doesn't crash it produces nonsense. Yeah, that's how I've done it for years. For many things this is unnecessary though, like gravel, bunches of grapes, bark etc Saves hours of work. That's what I'm looking for. BTW, that is a superb job on that stone. I don't think I'd expect a program to do that quality of work.

Example below. I also installed Texture Maker 3 and found it to be extremely convoluted, buggy and totally unclear on how to quickly achieve good results. If a program already shows major flaws within 2 minutes of use, I'll give it a pass. Installed Genetica and it seems very useful. I was quickly able to achieve good, solid results. The tutorials are also a lot more helpful than with texture maker. First time I launched the trial I thought: oh my god - nodes But it isn't! Just play a little with it and you'll find out very quickly how to use it.

Something I really like about this tool is the ability to pre- create a hole structure with color, specularity, bump outputs and reuse this structure again for the next texture. Just feed the structure with a new map, make it seamless, hit render and you are done. First time I launched the trial I thought: oh my good - nodes Genetica is a handy piece of software. It takes a little getting used too, but with a little experience you can create anything you need with all the maps you need. I'll put in my vote for Pixplant too, I was really happy to find that, especially since it will export color, normal map, and spec, which can also be loaded as a 3D-Coat material for painting with.

Not to hijack the thread, but here are the other textures I said I would upload. Feel free to use them if you like. Feel free to mention you got them from me too :.

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Well it's basically Wine with a GUI, but it appears to be more simple and reliable than Winebottler to me. Didn't get it to work with Marvelous Designer demo, though I had tried it at first to see if I could buy Marvelous Designer when it was heavily discounted.

And didn't try to use it with other apps for now. Anyway, it's free, easy to download and easy to use, so even if it fails to work with some apps, it's worth a try. It also wraps the wined-app in a Mac OS X app, so that you can launch it from the dock without launching playonmac. A bit like WineBottler is supposed to do, except I never managed to get any windows app working this way with WineBottler. Thread hijack OFF :. Am I missing something? I thought the OP was about generating textures using parts of an existing photo something I'm very much interested in too.

All the softwares suggested, with the exception of Photoshop, seem to either generate procedural textures or use built-in seamless photo-based textures. We mentioned PixPlant which makes seamless textures from any photos. I use it with images from CGTextures. You're correct. However, Genetica, Pixplant and other texture generators can often also take photos and make them seamless.

Free Seamless Textures Generator

That was my goal. Genetica seems to work well so far, but I do have to say I was hoping for something a bit more dedicated to this task. It seemed like Texture Maker 3 would do that but to me it seems like a poorly constructed program. I'm not sure you can get more dedicated than Pixplant, although it does also create normal and spec maps from the seamless texture.

Genetica also looks pretty dedicated, though I've never used it. I don't know if Texture Maker would be a good choice - it seems to be abandonware. Their forum is down, and the last update was in I agree, if Imagesynth is no longer supported, then PixPlant looks the most dedicated alternative.

Great thread so far. My choice, Photoshop. You can go freeway like Gimp I love this software , the procedure is more or less the same. You can always alter your tiled image and make it totally different with only one source. You could change color, brightness, add some unique detail, combine two or three sources etc. I find that I tend to use the same fairly small number of textures for my line of work.

I would rather spend time getting a few right rather than a stack of rubbish. Here's another one photographed locally. Then it's a lot less work on the computer.

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Another one you can use. That ones is really nice. I agree, you want to try to take the shot with as little distortion otherwise you're going to have to fix it and in as diffuse light as poss. What is your process for creating the bump map, looks good. Nice tiles gordonrobb and JonW. Firstly I make the image 2k then offset the image. When the image is finally finished, for the bump map I paste the image 4 times to make 4k. uses cookies.

Then offset 2k in both directions. If you have a large blur you really need to do this process so the blur at the edges of the image is ok. The more complex images I will keep this PS image with Alpha channels so I can make different versions of the blur. Another local shot you can use. Photoshop doesn't do what was requested at all. Can we skip this argument? The point it to circumvent the hours of tedious photoshop work for textures that lend themselves to automatic generation of tileable versions of photos.

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PS doesn't do that easily at all. Pixplant looks cool, but it's the most expensive of them all. Its extra features might be worth it for some, but it's pretty steep for a texture maker. At least it's not as much as Crazy Bump! I've looked at just about all of the Genetica Video tutorials and I am pretty sold on that one. I like the interface and the multitude of features.

Without digging into pixplant too much it looks like Genetica wins out on features. Sorry for offering my solution.

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For the record the longest I've spent on a texture is about 30 mins. Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. We would like to hear your feedback about Unity and our products. Click here for more information. Seamless Texture Generator??? Joined: Jan 18, Posts: I was going to ask if there are any worth while seamless texture generators out there about equivelant to normal mapping with shadermap or crazybump.

Seamless Texture Generator???

I seen seamlesstexturegenerator but it had terrible demo and from what I heard was not a true seamless generator I use gimp right now but I was hoping for something a little better if possible. I have been having trouble finding any so I though Id ask the experienced masses. Joined: Jun 7, Posts: 7, Jessy , Jul 10, Joined: Apr 28, Posts: Joined: Oct 29, Posts: Filter forge is decent, but lets be clear, there is no photoshop plugin technically it launches into filterforge they sort of over sell the photoshop part of it.

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