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The program offers 4K video support, 14 languages, a simple interface for use and even improvements for hardware acceleration support. A view of the UI elements that are found within the program could use a bit of work and the controls are somewhat limited for effects. This is a program that is really tailored towards beginners.

Supported Input Formats : Support for most input media formats including video, image and audio. It offers support for most types of media formats including image, audio and video and it can also export in many compatible sources. Filmora has two different modes depending on your comfort with video editing software. Users can jump in with the easy mode or the full feature editor to unlock the full focus of the program. Picking out the videos and audio that you want to use can also be made easy through the theme focus.

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There are a series of features and effects which can complement various themes and this can be helpful for improving transitions or for finding various effects in the program without having to go rooting around. The preview mode and the music tracks that are available from the themes also make it easy to enhance your video. The full feature mode can give you access to even greater levels of control, this is where Filmora seems much more like an actual video editor.

You can drag images, sound, and more into different tracks as well as perform advanced effects.

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The full feature mode delivers on the chance to use green screens, premade filters for color correction, cropping, cutting, splitting and combining with simple tools and more. The full feature editor also comes with an audio mixer and equalizer as well as the chance to burn your items to a DVD, Facebook, Vimeo and more. The 4k video support is also helpful. The apple imovie system actually has some history to it.

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  • The software has been available since the year and it released alongside the iMac DV. In a way this has been an entry-level moviemaker for nearly 20 years. Apple has worked at regularly updating the application to keep up with the latest in advances as well as to make sure that they can handle the best in new camera formats too. From UHD to modern iphones recording in 4k, the latest version of iMovie can keep up with these formats with ease. IMovie today also comes with a chromakey green screen tool that makes it easy to work with this effect. For the most difficult green on green situations, you can simply brush off the spill correction in Photoshop.

    This is possible because of the non-destructive processing method that our software uses. The software can apply different processing to 2 different mask regions. This is optional for the user. By using Dual Mask, you can get some terrific masks. To use it, just make a quick lasso around the hair or any other area that is semi transparent. Do this in Photoshop prior to running the plugin. The software will then process the selected area for softer edges. It will process the area outside the selection for harder edges.

    The plugin gives you precise control over the range of colors that are targeted by the spill correction.

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    • Also, in dual mask mode, the spill color range setting has independent controls for both mask regions. With EZ Green Screen you have 2 choices for adding digital backgrounds. You can add the background in Photoshop after extracting the image. You can also add the background directly inside of the EZ Green Screen user interface. When adding the background directly indie of the software interface, there are some advantages. First, EZ Green Screen will automatically calculated and resize the background so it matches the foreground.

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      This is done as a non-destructive smart layer. You can change the background it will auto size every time so you can easily try different backgrounds in a non-destructive manner. You can also adjust the lighting independently for both the foreground and backgrounds. The lighting adjustments are done non-destructively in adjustments layers. If you are a Photoshop power user then this plugin is for you! You have all of the Photoshop adjustment layers and masks to tweak. We give you the layers!

      New Green Clothing Recovery! Tired of Bad Extractions? The results can be stunning and very artistic. The Advanced Silhouette special effects is a simple and quick way to produce unique, personalized art for your clients. Version 9. With a few strokes of your mouse, watch fine lines and age spots disappear. Your clients will be overjoyed to see themselves looking years younger. This special effect is becoming very popular these days, especially combining the back and white with a color image. With this software, you can quickly change the images from color to black and white, and back again — so you can easily judge the impact of this special effect.

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      With the release of Green Screen Wizard Pro 9. Now the software can generate four frame types: Square, Oval, Heart, and Jagged. You can pick a color from the palette or even use an image for the frame — or a texture can be added to any frame.

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      And as shown in the middle image above, one of the more unique features is the Blur Frame that lets you use the background of the image as a source for frame content. Add Artistic Texture. One of the most unique and popular special effects is Artistic Texture.