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The persuasive power of video is not limited to the social media feed. For both of these techniques, make sure that Microsoft Office is updated to the latest version.

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The first approach, adding video to PowerPoint using a file on your computer, is fairly straightforward. You can always reorder your slides later if you change your mind.

Once your video is inserted, you can make adjustments, including whether you want it to play automatically or upon being clicked, choosing a thumbnail, adding a border, visual effects, and more. Requires viewers to have an Internet connection. Screen capture a YouTube video While all the above tips require viewers to have an Internet connection, you can make your presentation internet independent by inserting a video from your computer.

2. Use an embed code

Copy the link within the quotes from the embed code on YouTube. Open a blank tab in your Internet browser and paste the link into the address bar. To make the capturing process easier, you can hide most of the YouTube player elements from the video frame. To remove the video title and the player controls from the frame, add?

Q. How do I insert a YouTube video into Microsoft PowerPoint?

Run Free Cam using a shortcut on your desktop or find the application in the list of the installed programs. Click on New Recording. Open your Internet browser and adjust the capturing frame to the size of the video. Click on the red button to start recording. The app will show a 3-second countdown before it starts capturing the video.

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You can change the assigned key in the Free Cam settings. After a preview of the recording has been created, you can edit the video by clicking on Edit. Locate the folder where you would like to save the video file. Now open your PowerPoint presentation and insert the file as a local video. Share the article:.

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Insert Video (Movie) Clips in PowerPoint for Mac

Subscribe to our blog Stay tuned with our latest eLearning tips and tricks. For the best video playback experience,. If you are using a Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer, we recommend you to add. Since whether you are using OS X Summary: Is there a format that works both on Windows and Mac?

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Embedding Video on Apple MacBook Pro PowerPoint 2011

Click "Add File s " button to upload the video file you want to embed to PowerPoint to the program. You can upload them in batch. You can also check part 1 again and choose other PPT supported video formats that in line with your computer and powerpoint version. After the conversion, simply click "Open Folder" to get the converted video. Then open PowerPoint and insert the video to your powerpoint.

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