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Lion sports more than new features and is due out in July. The new version, a On Monday afternoon, Microsoft released version The update, a megabyte download , can also be located, snagged and installed via the Microsoft AutoUpdate program, offers the following fixes and changes:. In other news, Microsoft also released version The update, a megabyte download , adds the following fixes and changes:. Microsoft Office The update can, of course, be located and installed with the Microsoft AutoUpdate tool. Google Talk, Bonjour, etc.

The new version, a 22 megabyte download , offers the following fixes and changes:. MSN: — Fixed bug that prevented adding contacts to your contact list in certain circumstances.

ICQ: — Fixed a bug where some contacts from your contact list might not show up. Affected non-English users the most. Contact List: — Fixed tooltips not being updated when scrollwheeling through the contact list. Fixed erroneous application of a grey dotted top border to a consecutive, unfocused action that follows a non-action. Fixed text wrap alignment issues on actions. Mockie: — New mention and focus indicators, and improved scaling at large font sizes. Renkoo: — No longer scrolls to bottom on new content regardless of scroll position. Smooth Operator: — Compact: Mentions in actions are no longer italicized.

Sendercolor Adiumy is not displayed in IRC too. Fixed progressively increasing saturation of the sendercolor Adiumy on each consecutive message. Lightened the on-click shadow. The per-message marks in the classic variant now grow to the left rather than to the right where it can overlap message text. Shifted the built-in buddy icons down a few pixels so they look more centered.

Switched to more compact focus indication icons. Per-message timestamps now display on the left when the message text is RTL Improved the performance of all-by-sender-on-click javascript. Miscellaneous: — Growl notifications for Group Chats now show the channel on the same line as the nick, instead of before the message.

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Shawn Khan Adrian Godoroja Re: history "greyness", does the age of the history determine it's lightness? I almost hit "install", but then I saw the screenshots, including such grammatical errors as "Juliet want's to send In this state, though, no way. I'm no native speaker and even if I would be I'm pretty everyone can make a mistake. I'll update the screenshots with the next version. When I installed this message style, it causes my Adium to crash. It locks up and I can't do anything. Olease email me at pichfl einserver. Adium 1. Love your Message Style! Could you consider making a "dark" version?

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A pity this style doesn't coalesce status messages like the bundled styles do, makes the style less "minimal" if you will. Was this a conscious choice, Florian? If you look at the preview images or try the style , you will see that it has this feature. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Post a New Comment You must be logged in to post comments. Regarding the comment " Before phone-home DRM, no applications ever stopped functioning in such a manner. I have WinXP games which still work perfectly well on an old desktop, and will continue to do so indefinitely. I'm not asking for support, nor testing, or updates. I'm only asking that Valve goes hands-off and continue to give my non-updated Steam client a thumbs-up when I launch a game, so what works right now continues to function.

That's all. Last edited by silvertrumpet ; 26 Oct, am. Fixed my typo, thanks. My main argument isn't that you aren't willing to upgrade.

Goodbye Adium: Pidgin on Mac OS X… with native GTK!

You like what you have and are unwilling to change, fine I get it. My argument is that supporting a 0. To me as a software developer it is an easy decision to make.

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The fact that you're stalwartly defending this marketshare number as something that is worth a company's time to support is an impractical argument. So let's say that let these old games continue to run on Then you will not receive any updates to the software because any new updates would potentially break your ecosystem as the update could use an API that is not supported on your legacy backend service. Valve has made deals with these software developers that they will handle DRM for them.

If they were suddenly allowed you to play these games without the DRM then the contract may be void. Regardless, you can find other services see GoG that will allow you to download game versions that are not synched with DRM. The developers agreed that they distribute without this version without the DRM. I think those services would be a better fit for you. Another thing, you "agreed" to the Apple ecosystem the moment you bought the hardware and decided to only use their operating system as your rigid computing platform.

I've heard the "this isn't how games used to work" argument before, and you're right. However, computer software is not what it used to be as it was in the 90s. Software and all media is much more like a service today. A service that provides you with entertainment. The market demands dictate how much it is updated to support new OS and hardware configurations before it is abandoned, and to me 0.

You can either accept the change, or live alone clutching your jewel cases until the nuclear apocalypse. Frigidman View Profile View Posts. There are pure, substantial, and founded reasons some people cannot update certain machines with certain 'new' software. However that is clearly lost on the 'just update!

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I agree with the OP. Valve does have lots of money and resources at hand to make an EOL build of Steam for They choose not too because they do not care about Mac users to begin with. This will happen again. I know it will. Alleycat View Profile View Posts. Same problem here, I still run some games in a laptop on OSX I also have a What happens to all our installed games? Are we really going to be blocked out of using them at all or if it's all installed will it still run?

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Because if it wont we should be refunded for the games that haven't been updated to Lion if they will not run or wont run well on the new OS. I would say spazzard has a good idea, though if using a VM is not an option you can dual boot. Some benchmarks show Windows having better performance for gaming most likely due to developers having more experience and underlying API differences. If you can't or don't want to pay for a Windows licence, you can dual boot a newer OS X version.

Alleycat, not sure what what type of MacBook you have, but if it has an optical drive that you don't mind taking out, you can get adapters to replace it with a second hard drive or an SSD.

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Then use an external optical drive if needed. I also agree with OP, he has made valid points. Advice to upgrade is pointless, because almost all the I too am affected by this decision, although I have reduced my gaming on Steam anyway and shifted over to more comfortable platforms like consoles or GOG - I just value my time higher than the money I would save using Steam. Apart from that, there are some interesting things that one should notice: First, according to the current Steam survey, the numbers of people on Mac OS X are roughly as follows: This may be due to the very fast cycles in releases Apple has done in recent years.

One should not upgrade before point release. This increase of speed mainly benefits Apple hardware cycles, App store commission and some software companies who can afford to always switch to the latest and greatest version and charge for the updates accordingly. On the other hand it puts pressure on other developers who need to maintain an ever increasing number of different releases or stay at the lowest common level that is, ignore all new features that have come out in the meantime.