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Looking to upgrade both memory and video card for optimal performance. Mac Pro, Windows 7, osx Posted on Mar 25, AM. Page content loaded. Mar 25, AM in response to designbourne In response to designbourne.

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Mar 25, AM. Thanks for the responce! The GTX works, but i do get some delays or temporary freezes when working on big files.

Eithor way Im getting more RAM. I have two 4gb dimms and four 2gb dimms. Is the boot screen issue a deal breaker.. I dont know. Core Clock Mhz : MHz.

AMD FirePro V7900 Linux Review

Manufacturer HP. Manufacturer AMD. Do you need a lift gate truck for your drop off location?.

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Yea, I noticed that after posting. Also, did anyone see this: div' ;q. Quote: div' ;q.

Mac Pro 4.1 2009 running AMD FirePro D300 (W7000) and EVGA GTX 980 SC

I was VERY happy to see that. Had some worries about putting it on top of my desk old one is under but now I think it will be fine as long as it's away from any microphones in the immediate footprint area. HydraMac wrote: Cron wrote: Power is square with frequency. Oddly, for the D they are not doing that. And that's the GPU which will test the system's thermals the most. MilanKraft wrote: There's a 6 core out there being made right now with my name on it. There's no magic in silicon fabrication, Apple has done some customization work which is a big negative here of course but there's not much room to play around without a process shrink, which we haven't gotten yet.

These can't be massively different in terms of voltage either since the clocks have to be in the same ballpark given Apple's claimed max performance. Quote: we should expect the power draw to be substantially different here because there are no fans drawing power. Fans are completely insignificant in terms of power draw. At least at the high end they seem to have the same amount of RAM. They can consolidate VRMs and some other components as in dual GPU cards, pay AMD for top tier binning to get chips that can be adjusted to the max and so on, but W is still a really, really high place to start working down from if the goal is to fit a couple in a W envelope in addition to everything else in the system including a Xeon.

Quote: but I don't really care as long as the form follows function thing is adhered to. Too bad it doesn't. Quote: And here they have made a conscience choice to get away from spinning hard drives and optical drives something I don't have a problem with any longer -- might've 3 or 4 years ago but not now. Optical bays I'm fine with them dropping. That I'm way iffier on, but if it was traded for a big pile of 2. But zero bays whatsoever, even 2.

This isn't a notebook, or a media center PC. They offer notebooks, great notebooks even. They offer a Mac Mini. MilanKraft wrote: WRT the W specs people are talking about, isn't this a good indication these are completely custom cards with different power requirements? Tom's did a review of the gaming cards vs. Performance in pro apps based completely on DirectX is similarly good. We took a quick look at this board using Maya and AutoCAD, and it has no trouble competing against more expensive products.

Quote: Another of the FirePro W's strong points is its power consumption. This is Pitcairn at its best. The card manages to stay well below AMD's specified W ceiling during normal operation, and in fact falls below W much of the time in games. Also Nvidia might be a bit on the power hog side which wouldn't work well in this new MP.

nMP D is V? | MacRumors Forums

The w seems to be a pretty decent card all around too. Quote: There's a 6 core out there being made right now with my name on it. Depends on what you "custom". The D? Haven't seen a matching FirePro card yet. No love for photographers? Well there was a casual mention of a new version of Aperture to take full advantage of the new MacPro during the demo.

If that's true then this may be ground-breaking. A retail machine with this much power with under 20db operation under load is practically unheard of. And 12db at idle that's practically silent. THT wrote: MilanKraft wrote: WRT the W specs people are talking about, isn't this a good indication these are completely custom cards with different power requirements? The w and w have 4.

It looks like AMD fabs two chips and fuses off compute units on the w and the w This machine has something no other machine has: lightning fast responsiveness on very large projects. This is a computing unit first, storage second. And that will probably never give you similar performance as you'd use standard motherboards. Well said. Just a.


Complete, utter bullshit. WTF are you even thinking writing such crap? What are you doing here? Did you just come out of a time warp from 10 years ago? There is nothing inherently special about the basic hardware of Macs any longer. This would be a lie except scarily you seem to actually believe it so I guess it's just stupidly wrong instead. Interesting in the spec comparison they use Pixelmator rather than Photoshop to show off the MacPro speed. What is the "baseline" that Apple is comparing performance against?

It's not exactly clear on that site.