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If you attempt this solution, be sure to make a backup before deleting any files. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Type here.. Excel Tutorials. E-books Printed books Wholesale printed books Video tutorials. Browse or search all articles. Am I just having trouble due to inexperience in Excel or am I facing an insurmountable mac compatibility issue? Is there anything I can do? I answered this. Disqus ate my reply. I made use of the pivot table and slicer feature on my excel workbook with my windows laptop and it works fine. But i am currently unable to view this file on mac system, could there be a format i could save the file on windows that will allow me to view all features on mac?

I can confirm the pivot chart bug on excel for mac , this is my biggest frustration as well. Currently working with beta version of office for mac , and excel has the same bug!!!. Are they not planning to fix it? I have feedback back this issue, but no answer yet. My workaround is to create the report first in Mac Excel. I create reports using the versions of Excel for Mac and Win.

Making Common Cosmetic Changes

Remove indent. Alt H 5. Increase font size one step. Alt H FG. Decrease font size one step. Alt H FK. Apply general format. Apply currency format. Apply percentage format.

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Apply scientific format. Apply date format. Apply time format. Apply number format. Ctrl Shift! Add border outline. Add or remove border right. Alt R. Add or remove border left. Alt L.

Advanced Excel - Creating Pivot Tables in Excel Tutorial 2018

Add or remove border top. Alt T. Add or remove border bottom. Alt B. Add or remove border upward diagonal. Alt D. Add or remove border horizontal interior. Alt H. Add or remove border vertical interior. Alt V. Remove borders. Toggle absolute and relative references. Open the Insert Function Dialog Box. Shift F3. Autosum selected cells. Toggle formulas on and off. Insert function arguments. Ctrl Shift A. Enter array formula. Ctrl Shift Enter. Calculate worksheets. Fn F9.

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Calculate active worksheet. Shift F9. Force calculate all worksheets. Ctrl Alt F9. Evaluate part of a formula. Expand or collapse the formula bar. Ctrl Shift U. Display function arguments dialog box. Define name. Ctrl F3. Define name using row and column labels. Ctrl Shift F3. Paste name into formula.

Accept function with autocomplete. Display Insert Dialog box. Insert rows. Insert columns. Display Delete dialog box. Ctrl -. Delete rows. Delete columns. Delete cells. Delete contents of selected cells. Hide columns. Ctrl 0. Hide rows. Ctrl 9.

222 Excel shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Unhide rows. Ctrl Shift 9. Unhide columns. Ctrl Shift 0. Group rows or columns. Ungroup rows or columns. Open Group Dialog Box.

What is a Pivot Table?

Open Ungroup Dialog Box. Hide or show outline symbols. Ctrl 8. Zoom in. Zoom out. Ctrl Alt -. Select entire pivot table. Toggle pivot table field checkbox. Group pivot table items. Ungroup pivot table items. Hide pivot table item. Create pivot chart on same worksheet. Create pivot chart on new worksheet. Open pivot table wizard.

Alt D P. Insert new worksheet. Shift F Go to next worksheet. Ctrl PgDn. Go to previous worksheet. Ctrl PgUp. Move to next pane. Fn F6. Move to previous pane. Shift F6. Go to next workbook. Ctrl Tab. Go to previous workbook. Ctrl Shift Tab. Minimize current workbook window. Ctrl F9. Maximize current workbook window. Ctrl F Select adjacent worksheets.

Select non-adjacent worksheets. Toggle scroll lock. Toggle full screen.

Excel for Mac Pivot Tables in Depth

Ctrl Shift F1. Move to next control. Move to previous control. Move to next tab. Move to previous tab.

Excel 2016 for Mac Pivot Tables

Accept and apply. Check and uncheck box. Cancel and close the dialog box. Open Spelling dialog box. Fn F7. Open Thesaurus dialog box. Shift F7.