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The keys' size, shape and travel -- that is, the distance they move when pressed -- were right on the money, making it a genuine pleasure to use. Then, in , Apple replaced the traditional Air keyboard with its "new and improved" super flat "butterfly" keyboard. The reception has been mixed.

MacBook Air (Retina)

Some folks don't love the flat design. Others think it's fine. And a small but vocal subset of users have alleged that the new keyboard is fatally sensitive to dust and other microparticles, rendering some keys unusable in some cases. Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern this weekend penned a hilarious, maddening article about writing with a defective keyboard. Constant double "E"s and "T"s , and I've had food nowhere near this thing.

No biggie. They're just the most used letters in the English language. We believe that the MacBook Air and newest Touch Bar MacBook Pros have a retooled version of the butterfly keyboard , equipped with a membrane that helps keep dust from gumming up the keys. The entry-level MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar has an earlier version of the butterfly keyboard without the membrane; this is the version that has been labeled "defective" by some.

The MacBook Air has Apple's traditional, beloved keyboard, which is my favorite of the lot. It's more than a mild preference -- but short of a deal-killer for the new MacBook Air. Still, it's one of the reasons I think the older model remains worth considering. Like the keyboard, personal taste will dictate how you feel about the touchpad. The new MacBook Air has a much larger touchpad that's equipped with Apple's Force Touch technology, with sensors at each corner of the touchpad that register when you click it.

The older model has a simpler hinge design. Both are great. Apple laptops usually have older, less powerful processors than their Windows-based contemporaries and the MacBook Air is no exception. Both models feature integrated Intel graphics, which means neither is ideal for gaming or graphic design, though I've used Photoshop on both without issue.

One other note about the model: It has a fan, which doesn't run constantly, but it is surprisingly loud when it does. And here's the shocker: Despite having a processor that's several years newer, the new MacBook Air is just a tad faster than its predecessor. In our benchmark testing, it eked out a minor performance edge that's barely imperceptible in regular use.

The upside: much faster connections that could output to two 4K screens or one 5K display. It also means that the new model doesn't have the older model's MagSafe connector, which I love.

MacBook Air vs MacBook vs inch MacBook Pro | Macworld

If you accidentally trip on your power cord, it simply detaches -- instead of pulling your laptop off the table and on to the floor. I believe that this one feature has saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the years. Battery life has always been super solid on the MacBook Air though a number of Windows and Chrome-based laptops have pulled ahead.

Still, among the and MacBook Air, battery life is basically a wash. You can expect plus hours from both machines -- good enough for a full day or work and then some. The new MacBook Air has a few other new noteworthy features. Spec: The version boasts a crisp new Retina screen and touch ID sensor just like the iPhone which allows you to sign in with the swipe of a fingertip and verify banking details for online purchases.

Audio quality has also been given an upgrade with double the bass of former models and speakers that are now 25 per cent louder. Spec: The Air is still a great machine, and with the newer model on the scene there are some decent discounts if you know where to look.

MacBook Air vs MacBook vs 13-inch MacBook Pro: Screen

While the screen is superior on the newer model, it's still a stellar option offering an 8GB RAM, solid storage and responsive processor - all contained in a compact and super lightweight design. Aside from Apple's official certified refurbished outlet online , eBay is one of the most popular and reliable places to find refurbished or secondhand Macbook Airs for sale. He shared these top tips for bargain-hunters to follow if buying any refurbished goods on the site.

Seller information: Always read seller feedback and ratings before buying an item. This information should give you a good overview of what to expect from the product and service. Grading: As most items are not new and sealed, certified refurbishers will clearly state their grading criteria and what grade they are selling. Industry grading ranges from A pristine to D faulty or damaged , so make sure you check the grading to understand the cosmetic condition of the item.

How big a deal is a Retina display?

Accessories: Because some items may have been previously used before being restored to pristine condition, or received in damaged packaging, always look out for what kind of accessories are included in the sale. For example, when it comes to home appliances, always make sure that all accessories, such as blades for food processors and water tanks for coffee machines are included. By Molly Holt.

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