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To repeat: this was true not only for the Firefox instance I installed using MacUpdate, but for every browser installed on my computer. The same was true for Safari. I uninstalled it rather than find out. Tell me: do you think this is something MacUpdate users want? That they would be better off with Yahoo? Do you think users want every browser on their system messed with?

Mac AppStore cracked using "Kickback"

If not, the whole system makes no sense. Does that seem likely to you? PC users know all about this sort of bundled crapware. Let's do something about that. Read More to the crap bundled by the likes of Download. Some of these can be trusted to offer the downloads without any nonsense, a tendency that helps them build a reputation and a userbase. Read More , and the pushback for them has been brutal. Let's look at some common nuisances and detail how to remove them. Read More. This makes their computing experience just a little bit harder, and a little less effective — all in the name of adding another revenue stream.

But this sort of scheme usually proves to be self destructive. Response from MacUpdate about injecting malware into downloads. They lost me over this.

HalGumbert November 5, Will you be using MacUpdate in the future? Your email address will not be published.

Piracy concerns over Apple's new Mac download store

The one I am finding at the moment to be most interesting is that the editor s of MacUpdate may have close affiliations with Apple, Inc. If you think about it, MacUpdate and the Apple App Store are not exactly compatible in the sense that Apple would prefer Mac users to download all software from the App Store. Yet it tolerates MacUpdate, mainly because there is no law against another site offering Mac downloads. Mac developers can choose an alternative location for users to download Mac software at any time and Apple has to live with it. However, if I develop an app that somehow can directly compete with Apple's own free OS X apps, such as contacts.

This is untrue, and I had to write in the comments section for the app page that this is not the case. Then when I make enquiries about this message, an editor eventually state that a file may have a suspicious virus signature in a Site Specific Browser I use to direct users to our product URL. More than 50 anti-virus tools have never picked it up, even to this day. A check on TotalVirus. At any rate, in the interest of users, I decided to replace the SSB app.

Problem solved. MacUpdate should be happy, but then the editor is not happy about the changes I make to the product description to improve its chances of users downloading the app. I also asked why the editor would remove the product and download URLs from the MacUpdate software page for the app when hiding the listing and notifying us of any problems would suffice.

There is no explanation.

The Mac App Store has been cracked

Before the app was put onto MacUpdate earlier this year, there was a few years gap since I last put the app on its web site. Back then I had to remove it because no update submissions were getting through, and sending emails to its support team would not initiate a response. Now I have changed the email address and with the passage of sufficient time, the listing has managed to get up online with the changes I wanted initially, but again making simple changes to the description is proving to be extremely difficult.

Developers are not allowed to list trial or demo software , so if you want to see if an app is suitable for your needs you have to buy it. By Matthew Humphries This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use.

The Mac App Store has been cracked -

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