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This enables professional photographers to:. Studio and Product photographers use the grid overlay option for accurate alignment and composition of product shots. The ability to control shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc. The flashing highlight display and histogram display intensity, red, green and blue channels give accurate exposure feedback. Provides color managed previews for more accurate display of colors for critical applications. Portrait and event photographers take pictures using the camera as normal and download them automatically to the computer where an assistant can show them to customers, take reprint orders or print them on the spot.

The photo booth shooting mode offers exciting possibilities to make more money from events. Aerial Photography DSLR Remote Pro for Mac allows real estate agents and others to control a camera mounted on a mast or cherry picker from a computer at ground level.

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Movies and Computer Graphics. Auto bracket up to 15 shots for creating high dynamic range HDR images. There is no trial version is there? There is a trial version.

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The link for direct download is as follows: Windows Version: nikonusa. Mac Version nikonusa. Originally posted ages ago. Thanks Luke!

Camera Control Pro 2 - Full version (Digital download) from Nikon

I just tried it and it works great wow it even lets you set the white balance and change menu settings. My camera was set to manual when I connected it, the exposure mode is greyed out, so I guess you can't change that in CC pro 2. Updated with a link for the Mac version. If only I could see what I was shooting the scene in CC pro 2, I would have bought the software right away. It is a neat camera control software. The best part is that you can take as many pictures as your computer's storage capacity allows.

That's what appeals to me about it - the storage possibilities. Is there a way of doing it similarly on Mac though?

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  • On Linux, there is an app called gphoto that will control the d80 from a command line. It works great, but isn't available on Windows Perhaps Camera control pro has a command line interface and I just don't know about it Thanks in advance! Alan ages ago permalink. I've tried it on a free 30day trial and it was alright, Good for doing timelapses. I have camera control pro for timelapse.

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    I use quicktime pro to but them all together. Sorry to drag up an old topic, but I just got my hands on Camera Control Pro 2 and I'm curious about how those who have it use it. I'll have to play with it more but it seems really cool how it works and controls the camera settings from your laptop.

    I guess for timelapse photos your just clicking on shoot or can you set the program to take photos every so many seconds or minutes? I can see its benefit in shooting models or fashion as well and maybe for shooting the moon at night but what else do YOU use it for? Bundy, yes you can set it to do time lapse, its in one of the menus somewhere, cant remember off hand, but it is there. Also use it for macro which comes in very handy.

    Probably should dig out the software bundled with my old Canon G5 and see if I can use that instead. The Canon software wont work with Nikon well didn't when I tried.

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    • Shame cause the Canon software is the same programme type and please note nikon free. I didn't write that very well - I meant that I'd try using my G5 with it's software for time lapse. For creating some movies it would probably be more than good enough and I have a power adaptor for the G5. The wireless would make a huge difference but sadly I don't think the D80 can use it but I could be wrong.

      Camera Control Pro 2 - Full version (Digital download)

      I thought I read that somewhere. No I'm pretty sure it won't. Not during my use of the program at least. It will only show you the photos after you take them. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home.

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