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Nothing personal, but safety first. Sep 30, AM. R8: 0x, R9: 0xffffff7f9fe0, R 0xfffffff6e0b78, R 0xd4. R 0xe, R 0xfffffff, R 0xec2, R 0x NiViPciK Click the [Support] links for help with non-Apple products. Click the [Details] links for more information about that line. LVHelperLauncher: First one at a time. Then in pairs. While you mention Chrome, it is a USB device that is causing the problem. Chrome aka Google likes to use some experimental protocols that may exercise code paths other apps do not, and you may have stumbled across a bug in the drivers.

Ya I'm actually getting rid of the NI drivers now. They're not officially supported and I don't use the hardware. The Realtek drivers claim to be compatible They're also the ones that drive the USB Ethernet adapter I want to use, so if I get rid of them it doesn't solve my problem.

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It just happens to also be a 3 port usb hub, but I don't have any other devices plugged into it while this happens. It's probably also worth noting that the USB Ethernet device runs just fine along side Chrome on my old iMac running Perhaps you should contact Realtek and point out that their driver is having difficulties with El Capitan when running Chrome.

Or if it is only Chrome, then switch to Safari or Firefox or SeaMonkey, or one of the other browsers available for the Mac. And remember that Chrome automatically updates, so what worked on It is always the fault of the kernel bits, including 3rd party kernel extensions when there is a kernel panic this is me speaking as a long time Unix kernel developer; other Fortune companies, never for Apple.

But for example on that old iMac running Would that not suggest they're included with OSX?

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Could I have double installed something that is causing problems? BUT it still won't connect if Chrome is already open. Any thoughts on why that would be? Anyway, I can live with this until somebody patches something. Sep 30, PM in response to me. If this is not being used for anything, you might as well remove it as well, and have zero 3rd party kernel extensions installed. Sep 30, PM.

Nov 28, AM in response to me. I had exactly the same problem with Chrome version The new driver 1. Nov 28, AM.

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Dec 5, PM in response to dem In response to dem Thank you! I didn't realize they'd put out a new driver. I had the exact same problem — kernel panics when Chrome was open and ethernet was plugged into my adapter — in my case, it's a "Anker 3-Port USB 3. I just installed the new driver and it finally works!

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Dec 5, PM. Communities Contact Support.

Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: me. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software 3. Choose to select the location of the new driver manually and browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver. Installing the embedded card reader software gives your system the ability to exchange data with supported memory cards.

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As for the installation process, the steps are very obvious and easy: simply expand the downloaded archive if necessary , run the setup, and follow the on-screen instructions. Plug your device. The filter should capture it and pass control to your guest.

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You might get a "New hardware found" wizard on the host, that's normal. If the device shows up in your host and is not captured by the filter, either the filter is incorrect, or there might be a problem with your filter installation. Shut down the VM and now zip and post the log. If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response.

These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. I would please like to ask if your issue was resolved?


Thanks, Ranchu. He hasn't visited since. Most probably he followed my advice?