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You can also try a 30 day free trial. For a more in-depth look, you can also read our full Banktivity review. Moneydance has many satisfied customers that previously used Quicken and is an excellent desktop equivalent to Quicken on Mac. Moneydance has all of the features of Quicken including online banking and bill payments , bill attachments and arguably has better investment tracking and budgeting tools than Quicken. Moneydance is particularly good at handling investments and transactions in multiple currencies so is an excellent choice for those that hold investments or make purchases in currencies other than US dollars.

Moneydance provides a very clear overview of your finances. It gives you all the essentials such as account balances, upcoming and overdue transactions and exchange rate information. The calendar overview is particularly useful for a quick oversight of upcoming credits and debits so you can manage your finances for that month more easily.

Moneydance can import Quicken files in QIF format although we noticed several duplicate transactions which had to be manually adjusted. Moneydance can automatically download transactions and make bill payments online to hundreds of financial institutions. However, online banking is only available via Direct Connect and we found this can be tricky to setup in Moneydance.

Investment tracking is also easier to navigate and more powerful than Quicken, with support for stocks, bonds, CDs and mutual funds among others. You can see the total value of your investments or the performance of individual stocks and mutual funds over time. Moneydance will also download stock prices automatically in real time. Moneydance also has some powerful reporting tools that compare favorably with Quicken and it can generate reports for any of your accounts, savings or investments. You can also extend its functionality with add-ons and extensions for such things as a Balance Predictor, Debt Insights and a Find and Replace extension.

Overall Moneydance is a solid financial software for Mac to replace Quicken especially if you need reliable online banking integration. You can also check out our full Moneydance review. Mint is owned by Intuit the makers of Quicken and is basically a free, lighter and less powerful version of Quicken. The biggest difference between Mint and Quicken is there is no automatic online bill pay feature in Mint so if this is a deal breaker for you, move on. In fact many people use Mint for day-to-day budgeting alongside Personal Capital to manage their finances.

Mint also has one of the best mobile apps out there for budgeting. The Mint iPad and iPhone app looks good, gives a clear overview of your finances and is easy to navigate.

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Like many personal finance apps, Mint can take time to update your balances and transactions and can be affected by changes made by your bank to the way third-party apps communicate with it. Sometimes this means you have to delete an account in order to reconnect it and the problem with this is that you lose your account history in Mint. They are completely separate products. Overall however, as a more basic free alternative to Quicken, Mint is an excellent budgeting tool for Mac users. SEE Finance 2 is designed specifically for Mac and used to be the closest thing you could get to Quicken before Intuit finally released Quicken for Mac.

Despite the launch of Quicken, the makers have continued to develop SEE Finance into a very reliable, robust and feature packed personal budgeting app for Mac.

The Best Personal Finance Software Programs

In fact the latest version of SEE Finance 2 has been built from the ground up and is a big improvement on SEE Finance 1 in terms of both looks, functionality and affordability. Investment tracking is also very well done in SEE Finance 2 with a clear and varied overview of your investments with lots of different reports. SEE Finance 2 is also very good at handling multiple currencies with over different currencies supported.

You can connect to banking institutions via Direct Connect which will automatically download transactions and import data from others. This is easy to setup and use in SEE Finance and pretty reliable at syncing and updating account. SEE Finance 2 is a massive improvement on the first version and remains a fast, reliable and slick app to manage your finances on Mac. You can also try a 30 day free trial of SEE Finance. Because of the way it approaches budgeting, YNAB has proved very effective at helping users to save money and get their finances in order which is made it very popular with Mac and PC users alike.

The developers of YNAB strive to help you manage your money more efficiently by encouraging you to use a Four Basic Rule method which can genuinely help you save money or get out of debt. YNAB is structured around these four principles and helps you to structure your budget accordingly.

The Best Personal Finance Software Programs

YNAB can import bank files and transaction ledgers and can retrieve your balances from over 12, banks. It does however allow you to factor mortgages and simple investments into your overall budget and gives you a very clear overview of where your money is going. You can also try a 34 day free trial of YNAB before deciding whether its for you or not. There is no support for Bill Pay though. The difference is that the Premium subscription includes Direct Connect which allows you to automatically download transactions from bank, credit card and investment institutions.

CountAbout is very good value for money and considerably cheaper than most personal finance software that supports Direct Connect.

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MoneyWell is a slick, simple but effective Quicken alternative designed specifically for Mac. MoneyWell is unique in that it uses an envelope budgeting system to help you manage your finances better. Rather than setting targets that you either hit or miss, envelope budgeting works on the basis that any money you save or overspend is constantly adjusted to show the effect on your incoming bills.

MoneyWell also supports Direct Connect so that you can automatically pay bills from your bank account. MoneyWell is clearly well thought out with some really smart interactive reports. MoneyWell Express was the mobile version of MoneyWell but was discontinued in early due to syncing issues. MoneyWorks was one of the first ever finance apps for Mac and made its debut on OS X way back in — before Windows 95 was even invented.

MoneyWorks is also generally very good at representing complex business data in graphs and produces custom reports via the MoneyWorks Gold report writer. MoneyWorks comes in 5 different versions aimed at differing sizes of business and all are available for standalone purchase or via subscription.

A Minimalist Approach to Personal Finance

MoneyWorks Cashbook is completely free to use and is ideal for small organizations that need a simple financial management solution. You can also try MoneyWorks free for 45 days. The fact that you can use it completely for free is obviously a massive advantage compared to any other personal finance tool out there.

The best Quicken alternative for you really depends on your specific needs. Some people need things like Bill Pay and Online Banking while others are more focused on investments. This is essential for those that want their accounts to be regularly updated with real time bank transactions. Direct Connect known as QFX in Quicken products is the standard method that most banks support although increasingly, users are finding it very unreliable. Some banks such as Citibank have even dropped support for Direct Connect in favor of their own proprietary system instead.

As a result, some applications such as Moneyspire, Banktivity and Moneydance have developed their own version of Direct Connect although this usually costs extra. Of course, you can do this easily by setting up a Direct Debit with your bank for things such as utility bills but Bill Pay enables your finance app to track them more easily.

When it comes to security, remember that any connection made between finance apps and your bank are only as safe as the application accessing it. Make sure that the application takes security seriously and uses encrypted connections to your bank to prevent unauthorized interceptions. A few apps such as Personal Capital add an extra layer of protection by not actually storing your financial credentials but managing access via specialized encrypted service Yodlee. This is also used by many financial institutions and adds an extra layer of protection to your data.

Alternatives such as Personal Capital, Banktivity and Moneydance all feature robust investment tracking as standard.

If you like to manage your money or check accounts on the move, make sure the software you choose has a mobile app. How about advanced searching based on any combination of criteria? What if you'd like to change the date or description for a group of transactions in a single stroke? With CheckBook Pro's simply powerful data management tools it's just plain easy. Take a look at a few of CheckBook Pro's features: Friendly single-window interface that stays focused on the task at hand - and all our major features are just a click or two away, not buried in menus where you'll never find them.

QuickFilter, an advanced search field that turns "those other search fields" on their ear Scheduled Entries - an easy way to keep track of your monthly bills. Account Summaries, customized reports to help you visualize where your money came from and where it's going. Printing that works, so you can print all the transactions in a given account, the current filter results or the selected Account Summary.

Multiple currency support, including support for transfers between accounts with different currencies. You tell it your income. You tell it your expenses. You tell it your debts, and everything about them. And Debtinator tells you how to re-structure your money and pay them off as fast as possible. Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.

As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. Home Inventory helps you organize the receipts, warranty information, product manuals, maintenance schedules, repair and improvement notes, and other important information about your home and its contents.

With Home Inventory, all of this information is in one place, and easy to find. Quicken Starter connects directly to your accounts and imports your balances and transactions, automatically categorizing them. Budgets are easy to create and can be divided into categories to track how much you spend on groceries, rent and other items. You can set up email or text alerts for when you approach or exceed your budget limit in a certain category.

The Quicken mobile app also lets you check on your budget from your phone.

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You can also use the app to take pictures of receipts and add those to your records. Quicken Starter has no tools for monitoring or tracking your investments. Having a mobile, web-based personal finance program makes it easy to track your spending and expenses from anywhere. Once you create an account with Buxfer and download the app, you can connect it your bank and credit card accounts. Once connected, your balances and transactions are added to Buxfer and automatically categorized.

Creating a budget with Buxfer is easy.

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You set an overall spending limit for each week, month and year you intend to budget. You can use the categories to further refine your budgeting. The budgets are color-coded. Buxfer also has shared-expense tracking, which lets you send money to others, especially useful if you split rent or utilities with roommates. Buxfer offers simple reports that help you visualize your spending. You can use the pie charts to determine what percent of your income you spend on various categories. Line graphs give you a quick view of your income versus your expenses.

This program has tools to help you track your investments and monitor the progress of your portfolio. It syncs to your brokerage account and shows your balances and trades. In addition, it has reports that let you track your transactions and the performance of your investments. Moneydance is an easy-to-use program that lets you categorize your spending so you can see how much you spend and what you spend it on.

You can also sync to your bank and P2P lending accounts to directly import your transactions. With this method, you split your budget into envelopes marked with categories such as groceries, bills or entertainment. You then purchase items with money from the envelope category they fall under. Mvelopes lets you track your expenditures by assigning them to digital envelopes.

When you exceed a spending limit, the envelope balance changes to red, and the program prompts you to address the situation by adding funds or letting it stay negative. This is a good way to visualize your spending and track where your money goes. For this most recent update, we spent 60 hours using 20 programs before settling on the best We chose not to include free services like Mint or Personal Capital, though we may reconsider in future updates. We did look at both of these programs. Mint is one of the most popular personal finance apps.