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Microsoft Office - Uninstalling a Trial Version Before Installing the Full Version

We will tell about such tools in the second part of the article. Here you should find all the folders and files related to Microsoft Word and delete them. In our case, the Word service folder was located in the following directory:.

How to remove Microsoft office 2011

However, we would recommend that you also check the following directories for possible leftovers:. You should accurately remove all the files created by Microsoft Word, but be very careful not to touch any other file. Otherwise, the deleting of important files may damage the system. Well, the manual way of programs deletion could be too long, inconvenient and unsafe in case you delete files by mistake.

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So, most certainly, using a Microsoft Office removal tool would be more suitable for you. Read on to learn how to uninstall Word with a few clicks. The application will scan your Home folder and, in several seconds, show you a list of all your applications as well as the list of service files for each application. It seems that this tool is the best MS Office uninstaller. You can also use the app in case you just want to remove cache files, manage startup programs and disable unneeded system extensions.

The video is available directly on YouTube as well. Some people have said to completely uninstall Office and then re-install it.

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You can definitely try that, but it may just have the same problem once you download the latest Service Pack 3 I was convinced there was another solution to prevent Mac Office crashing in Yosemite. So I decided to see if I could replicate the issue and the fix on a different computer.

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I installed the latest version of Yosemite Unfortunately, on two different machines, I could not replicate the error. That does not mean that it will not appear later on those machines. Another thing that I noticed apart from the Font rebuild after doing the Cache cleaning was that people were using Font Book to validate fonts.

This may be part of the issue.

How to Uninstall Office on a Mac Manually

You can check to see if you have any duplicate fonts and then delete the duplicates. Then reboot your Mac. However, if you want to test this Font cache cleaning out, here is a free and quite useful utility that helps you do a variety of operations.

Delete Office 2011 before installing to 2016?

OnyX a free utility app has been updated for Yosemite and has a section to clear out various caches including specific font caches. For those who have encountered the issue, please test using OnyX and see if you can delete the Microsoft Font Cache.

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  5. You can also delete the System, User and Apple fonts to test if those are causing issues. Lastly, you can use OnyX to purge a lot of other system cache, so you can try to see if some of those will help the Mac Office Crashing in Yosemite issue. Did any of these fixes work for you?

    Did you encounter the Mac Office crashing in Yosemite?