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The display on this phone is a bit disappointing. Although it does have a reasonably good set of features for a mid-range 2. You can set up your workouts from the phone, selecting from criteria such as time, distance, pace, calories and so on, and schedule in your personal plan. Every time you run, performance data is recorded which can be synced to your personal miCoach account. You can view graphs of your performances based on this data, presented in minute detail — you can check your heart rate or pace at any point in any run. Usefully, too, the onboard music player is integrated into the training system — something MP3-player carrying runners will be pleased about.

As well as a variety of regular categories under which tunes are stored artists, albums, playlists, genres, composers, etc.

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In addition, the music player categories offer quick access to your favourite FM radio stations — a useful free music service the F miCoach also offers. The user interface is again intuitive and attractively presented, while the audio performance is impressive. The in-box round-ear headset produces good quality sound, with its ear buds blocking out background noise.

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Although good for running albeit with a bit of adjustment to fit tightly , you may want something more discreet when wandering around. On the other end of the spectrum, stereo Bluetooth is supported for high quality wireless headphones. It does take acceptable snaps however, particularly in bright conditions, and colour reproduction is generally good.

Nonetheless, the user interface is nicely set up, with a dedicated camera button on the side, and there are a fair few settings you can tweak, plus picture editing tools to adjust shots too. Naturally, Samsung has included a mobile internet browser here, a NetFront v3.

Other standard features include a selection of organiser functions — a separate non-miCoach calendar, notes and memos - and office-style applications — voice recorder, world clock, convertor and calculator.

Adidas Releases Reworked 'MiCoach Train & Run' App

The development of the desktop app was organized to go simultaneously with continuous enhancement of the web application and constant updates of device firmware, which intensified the collaboration as well as presented a certain challenge to the project. Raasoft specialists communicated with several teams responsible for miCoach web portal development , mobile applications, and devices firmware enhancements and were scattered across the US and Europe.

The process was organized in the most efficient way. As Raasoft team demonstrated their expertise and ability to juggle multiple tasks efficiently and professionally, the Customer entrusted the quality assurance in our hands as well as the development.

We were responsible for the full cycle QA, including preparation of acceptance testing documentation, integration testing, automated testing scripts launching, usability testing, and manual testing. The QA team was involved in all the development stages, from verification of design and specifications to uploading the final release on the App Store and Google Play Market. On the request of a leading sports industry solutions provider, Raasoft enriched functionality of their core video management application. The implemented editing and streaming capabilities made professional sports video design and distribution easier, faster and more flexible.

DailyFitLog brings together physical coaches and students to manage individual training plans and promotes physically active lifestyle through efficient and enjoyable web interface. Gathering and extracting information from smart devices Data analysis and powerful presentation Two-way data exchanging capabilities involving web portal, desktop app, smartphone and gadgets.

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You can also set weekly goals, namely short-term targets that your work towards whenever you train within your miCoach Zones. You can choose from 5 levels of goals, depending on the difficulty level and the time you wish to spend working out. Users can choose from multiple activities like swimming, basketball, running etc. The app displays the time, number of calories you've burned, pace and shoe usage. The app can also import music files from your device and play them while you workout. You can also enable voice motivation, have the voices of adidas athletes keep you going by providing you with motivation.

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The app also displays your route on a map, but it has some trouble finding your location. You can check out your workout history and stats for certain activities you've taken. It will remind you to get out there and work on your body in order to stay in shape. Other than that, you can access the forum and discuss with other users on matters related to sports and working out. In a hurry?

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