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Availability: Out of stock. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and personal belongings are safe and out of harm's way. Record snapshots when anyone enters or exits your driveway, garden, home or business. Pan and tilt remotely for an extended view of what is going on. Built to last with solid construction, wireless Foscam is designed to work right of the box - simply connect the camera to your wireless network, setup port-forwarding and away you go. Once properly configured, the camera operates independently without the need for any computer. As long as you have internet through 3G or WiFi, there is not limit on where and when you can stream your Foscam.

See who is pulling in to your driveway or who is at the front door.

Foscam_Quick Installation Guide

Watch your baby sleeping peacefully in her cradle or your pet tearing up your sofa. Track visitors within your home. Monitor caregivers with your elderly parents. Foscam uses 11 infrared LEDs to record video in total darkness up to 8 meters. It also utilizes an IR-cut off filter which allows the camera to render true and accurate colors during daytime. Listen and respond to what is going on while you watch. Foscam's built-in speaker and mic allow you to keep in touch without the need for a telephone or computer. Take video conference calling and remote baby monitoring to the next level.

You have complete access and control over your content and can never be locked in to paying any monthly fees. If you wish to store your video on third party servers, that option is available. Foscam is compatible with Dropbox, Sensr. Be the first to review this product.

Be sure to leave all other menu options alone until finishing the rest of the installation. If your router does not support WPS function,please go to chapter 4. If your router supports WPS function, please go to chapter 4. If there is no wireless router, please read Wireless Settings in the User Manual about how to set Adhoc. You can click Scan here to scan for wireless networks, which should display your own network.

Make sure you are not hiding your SSID, or it will not be detected. Step 2: Click the SSID name of your router in the list, the corresponding information related to your network, such as the name and the encryption, will be filled into the relevant fields automatically. NOTE: Sometimes the information filled in may differ from your true network settings. If you are unable to connect wirelessly make sure the encryption within your router is correct and the encryption selected on the page for your wireless network is correct.

Try using different encryptions if you arent able to connect with a certain type of encryption. You will only need to fill in the password of your network. This is listed as Share Key on the wireless settings page. If your password to connect to the internet for your router is , you would put in the Share Key field.

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On the same note, if your password is something like foscam, you would put in foscam in the field. Again, make sure that the SSID, Encryption and the password you filled in are exactly the same for your router. Wireless Settings Step 3: Click on the Submit button after all settings have been entered.

The camera will restart after 30 seconds. Once the countdown ends, take the network cable out of the camera. Never shut down the power of the camera until the IP camera is able to connect to the wireless network. You have set up the wireless connection of the camera successfully. If you fail to make a wireless connection, please refer to your seller or contact us directly for assistance.

The WPS button on the Foscam camera is shared with the reset button. Use the small end of a paperclip or a toothpick to press and hold the RESET button for four seconds and let go. Next, press the WPS button on your router within 60 seconds. The WPS button is usually on the back or on the side of your router. On some routers, you may need to log in to the web interface and click on an on-screen button to activate the WPS feature.

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If you are not sure where the WPS button is on your router, please refer to your routers User Manual. The camera will automatically create a secure wireless connection to your router. If you have plugged in the network cable, you can disconnect it at this time. While connecting, the green network light will blink quickly and the wireless settings will take effect. Make sure that the PC and the camera share the same subnet.

NOTE: When setting up the WPS Settings, you must press the Reset button only for four seconds, or else the camera may reset itself back to factory default settings if you press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds or more. Remote Access Setup We have been able to access the camera within the LAN network, and have set up a wireless connection, but how do we access the camera via WAN or from outside networks through the internet to view from anywhere in the world or on our smart phones?

We have to set up Remote Access via Port Forwarding before we can access the camera outside of our own local area network. All cameras have the default HTTP port of This is because it is understood that any time you are entering an IP address without a colon and port number at the end, it is defaulting to port 80 no matter what, so the colon and port 80 are taken out of the end of the link because of this. It is recommended to change port 80 to a different port, usually in the 4 digit range. The reason for this is because some other devices, such as your router, also share port If this is the case you may experience slow speeds on the camera, or you may not even be able to connect at all.

It is best to assign a specific port to your camera so that only your camera is using that specified port number. We usually suggest changing your port to , , or any type of 4 digit number, just as long as it is not at port You can set the port anywhere between and Open the IP Camera Tool, and select the camera you would like to change the port for.

Right click on the IP address, and click on Network Configuration, this brings up the network configuration box as shown:. Enter the Username and Password, and then click OK. Changing the port in IP Camera Tool Enter the username and password of the Administrator default username is admin with a blank password , and click OK to apply changes.

Wait around 10 seconds or wait for the camera to reboot; youll see that the cameras LAN IP address has changed. This is very important that a static LAN IP address is set, or you may have problems later with remote access and seeing the camera remotely if the camera loses power and reconnects on a different LAN IP address. This guide has been divided into two different sections of setting up remote access, one for Static IP addresses and one for Dynamic IP addresses.

This means that even though your WAN IP address is constantly changing, you will have a fixed host name you can use to access your cameras at all times. You can access the camera directly from the Internet using the host name and port number. What is Port Forwarding? If you have never done port forwarding before, you can open and view the following link to understand the basic concept.

Port forwarding allows for outside connections to access a specific device on your network from anywhere in the world.

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Every router automatically blocks any incoming connections for safety purposes. Using port forwarding, you are telling your router to allow a connection through a certain port you can think of it as a gateway into your router. You set this port to a specific device, in our case an IP Camera, so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. How do we configure Port Forwarding? We would then click on the Single Port Forwarding sub-menu. On the bottom of the camera, you can see the domain name sticker with this information on it, or it should appear on the DDNS Settings page in your camera.

Foscam: How to port forward on Mac

NOTE: If you are still unable to access the camera remotely, try checking to see if your port forwarding is working correctly by going to www. Input your port number and click check to see if the port is opened properly. If you have done port forwarding correctly, but the port is being blocked you may need to contact your ISP and request the port be unblocked for your usage.

Setup Foscam Home cameras ( Setup Camera Remote Access ( a) Camera MAC…

Other Settings Security At your first time logging in the camera, please go to Users Settings panel and reset the username or password to prevent intruders connect your device. The default username is admin with a blank password. You have finished the quick installation guide of the camera for PC. Take the Wi-Fi antenna, and mount it on the SMA connector on the back of the camera, screw in the antenna, and make the antenna stand vertically.

Double click the IP address of the camera; Safari will prompt you for a username and a password.

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  6. Securing Your Foscam.
  7. Enter the username admin and leave the password field blank. This is the default login information. You will then see the cameras login page. Once you click on Server Push Mode, you should be taken to the live video screen immediately. NOTE: Sometimes the information filled in may differ from your actual network settings.