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Click here for more information. Super Mario Bros. Joined: Nov 10, Posts: After six months of development, I have completed a playable version of Super Mario Brothers. In First Person, created in Unity. Screenshots: This is my first game release, not for sale or resale. Comments and criticism welcome.

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If you like the game, be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Last edited: Nov 11, ZeroFolio , Nov 10, Joined: Jun 15, Posts: 2, We're not just downloadin' a random file. Ah; fair enough. I'll edit the first post with a few photos. Unfortunately, I don't have any videos just yet.

ZeroFolio , Nov 11, Joined: Feb 8, Posts: I just took the Mac version for a run, I have to say as an "old school" gamer, you've done a great job taking a classic and giving it a new look and feel. The graphics, sounds, everything was spot on, I did however find myself viewing the minimap while playing the game. All in all, very good job!

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Hey, thanks for playing, Raiden. I consider myself an "old school" gamer, as well, having grown up with these games and systems that have had such an impact on my life. Most people end up using the minimap, but there is a way to disable it in the options for a little added challenge. Pardon the double-post, but could I possibly get more feedback? I've edited the first post to include a few gameplay screenshots. ZeroFolio , Nov 12, Joined: Apr 17, Posts: Can you make a webplayer? Maybe with reduced textures or something, so that it is not 2GB big!


I've attempted using a webplayer version in the past, when the game was in earlier development stages, and it seemed to struggle with keeping up with itself as more content was added; while lowering the texture sizes would help, it would hardly be playable. ZeroFolio , Nov 13, Joined: Jun 8, Posts: 2, This looks epic! This is something Nintendo obviously didn't think of, anyone agree? Last edited: Nov 13, FuzzyQuills , Nov 13, Joined: Jun 25, Posts: FoxysGamesBah , Nov 14, ZeroFolio , Nov 14, How about that webplayer?

Joined: Mar 21, Posts: 1, Marrrk , Nov 14, Joined: Dec 21, Posts: This is pretty amazing. You nailed the presentation and really pulled off your concept. The controls are a little rough. I find either I'm just staring at the minimap or its hard to judge. If possible adding some mario legs would help judging jumping or at least a character shadow for jumps.

Speaking of which, be sure to mention what features you'd like to see in Version 3. ZeroFolio , Nov 15, Hey, we reached downloads today; thanks for the support, everyone.

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ZeroFolio , Nov 20, Joined: Feb 22, Posts: The game started with a wrong resolution and my monitor couldn't handle it. Too usual problem these days. If you don't make your own start-up config screen, please use Unity's own. That's rather bizarre; it wouldn't even allow you to reach the main menu, where you can change the resolution?

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ZeroFolio , Nov 21, Joined: Jul 1, Posts: 1. Wow, more fantastic than I thought. I highly recommend downloading. Made really well, and is really fun. SpiceyNips , Jul 1, ZeroFolio likes this. Joined: Jan 21, Posts: Thanks for this, it was fun!

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Download Sonic Lost in Mario World. Play as famous moustached Mario character online for free. Collect coins and eat mushrooms to raise points and enlarge the character Download Rating:. Use your arrow keys to jump and run and collect the coins in this little platform game. Have a nice playing time with free Softendo Mario Games Online.

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  8. Catch as many coins as you can, and avoid or jump on the enemies that are in the way. Use the arrow keys to move, and Space to jump. On our site Softendo Mario Games You will find world score Click stars to rate this APP! Newsletter Submit. View Screenshots.

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