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Learn more about Teams. Pasting Excel tables in Thunderbird e-mail client Ask Question. Can anybody shed any light on it? Benjamin Codeslayer Codeslayer 2, 6 6 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. Did you find some other way to copy from Excel -paste Thunderbird New Message with borders to be visible?

It should work. Deepak Deepak 31 3 3 bronze badges.

Byron Byron 21 1 1 bronze badge. YonatanAr YonatanAr 86 7 7 bronze badges. Sobigen Sobigen 1, 7 7 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. So far,the best solution is paste the table into Word and then copy from there. Naval Naval 1. Pandian Pandian 60 6 6 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Medical School or Games Industry? Then use that paperclip to attach the Zip file.

macos - Word:mac preserve table formatting on copy-paste - Ask Different

When the file dialog box comes up to choose the zip file, be sure to set it to send Windows Friendly Attachments. Thanks for both of these replies Mar 22, AM. The problem is, unless your other recipient is using the same e-mail, you can't guarantee that sort of formatting. You can after all install any versions of Windows on a modern Mac, thus allowing to use the exact same software for those purposes:. Short of that, your attachment could appear embedded or it could just appear as an attached file depending on the e-mail program your recipient uses.

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You'd have better luck with a website using HTML 1. Mar 22, PM. I'm not used to Windows Metafile which, after all, was designed for exchanging information in a Microsoft Windows environment. The above graphics came from Excel on a Mac, and can be pasted into an Apple Mail document.

Learn the Proper Way to Use Tables and Lists in Mac Mail

If I understand you correctly - particularly when you mentioned a "pasted object" - it sounds like you want the email recipient to view the object and make sense of it, but not manipulate it or change any data. Using my method, it appears to me that the chart and graph are converted to PDFs when they're inserted into the email. At least I receive them in an email as PDFs. What do you expect the recipient s of your email do be able to do with this pasted object? What's the difference between a "simple column table" and a "nicely formatted table? Mar 22, PM in response to jimkessler In response to jimkessler.

Sorry - in composing the reply above, I was able to paste in two graphics - a table and a pie chart. When I hit "Add Reply," the graphics were stripped out of the discussion. Aug 3, PM in response to jimkessler In response to jimkessler. From Excel, I copy and paste into Numbers. From there, I may edit the format a bit. Then copy from Numbers and paste into Mail.

This seems to preserve gridlines and spacing, and it also allows me to edit somewhat if I need to in Mail.

Exporting to a CSV

Aug 3, PM. Using Preview as an intermediary as described above worked well for me and gave me a a nice formatted table within the body of the email itself. I'm on Yosemite. Mar 13, AM. Use Preview as referenced above, however after choosing new from clipboard, export as jpeg. You can then drag and attach the jpeg in Mail and it will be locked in the location that you specify. May 12, AM. Jul 11, PM in response to aballestas In response to aballestas. Jul 11, PM.

Jul 23, AM in response to aballestas In response to aballestas. Jul 23, AM. Aug 25, PM. If you have access to Google Docs then it's best It will let you keep your colour formatting of the table too Dec 2, AM. The other options listed will get your table into Mac Mail as a table.

However, they won't include any formatting like cell borders, shading, etc. It looks exactly how it does in Sheets that way. Except sometimes the column widths and fonts need to be adjusted or there is wrapping. Jan 1, AM.