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You can ensure this is always the case by using a dedicated time server for your system. If this is happening only for specific certificates, and you trust that the service you are connecting to, then you can modify the trust settings for the certificate to allow the authentication to proceed. In here, click the Certificates category, and then locate the certificate for the service you are connecting to.

Certificate and Key Management in Mac OS X — RACF

You can do this by searching for the domain name of the service, or by sorting the certificates by name and scrolling through them. In these cases, you can right-click the certificate and remove it from your system. If the connection requires one, then it will be downloaded from the service again the next time you connect and authenticate.

Start by choosing this option to remove custom trust settings for your certificate, but also consider adjusting specific trust settings that pertain to your connection. If the certificate has a blue plus symbol, then this indicates custom trust settings for the certificate, which may be the reason for the faults you are experiencing.

For instance, a certificate may be used for SSL validation, but if this trust setting is not set up properly, then OS X will prompt you to use this certificate every time an SSL connection attempts to use it. Fixing this requires adjustment of the trust settings for the certificate:.

PSM:Changing Trust Settings

The system defaults setting should have the certificate used for the appropriate connections on demand; however, you can also attempt to manually adjust the custom trust settings for the certificate. You can try similar options for the other trust settings, but only enable those that the certificate is specifically used for. Advanced Search…. De Stefano Jr. How to import and export certificate-key pairs using the OS X Keychain. Browse to the location of your P12 format certificate file, and click Open.

You will be prompted for your key pair's export password.

You may also be prompted whether to automatically trust certificates issued by your certificate authority, or CA. To trust and install your certificate, click Always Trust. Right-click, and choose Export [your name]'s ID In the Save As field, enter a new name for the exported item, and click Save.

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You will be prompted to enter a new export password for the item. Document Actions Print this.

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