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It centralizes all data, which eliminates discrepancies between production reports, and makes it easy to arrange reports any way we need, with different levels of detail depending on scope.

Gru and Crew Make a New Debut in ‘Despicable Me 3’ | Animation World Network

Shotgun provided users instant access to critical project data in real time from any location. Illumination Mac Guff also fed Shotgun statistics on render times, which helped detect abnormally long renders and anticipate a re-allocation of render power based on weekly quotas. Today, we have accurate statistics on almost any part of the pipeline, and can anticipate costs and durations very precisely. The simplicity of the API and the core engine behind the UI also make coding dedicated tools very easy.

Illumination Mac Guff Overview

For our studio, Shotgun made it possible to get global reports as well as detailed views. For Meledandri, the key is continual evolution.

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Which is not to say that that makes it easy. Despicable Me is such a beloved franchise.

Gru and Crew Make a New Debut in ‘Despicable Me 3’

They struggle with issues that audiences can relate to. They are highly nuanced.

Despicable Me 2 - Gru and Lucy's Wedding

Then he was transformed by his relationship with the girls. And then he met a woman and got married. We are challenging his character, making him more vulnerable, playing with temptation.

Illumination Mac Guff

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