How to get league of legends on mac os x 10.5.8

It also happens with Firefox Is there an easier fix to the browser issues I have? I have been a Mac fan for years. I know computers well and built my fist one in 6th grade in I use them as a power user all day long. Macs were awesome until and are so slow and painful to use now.

Steve Jobs would roll over if he knew what has happened. I have had every iPhone since the first day always and now i dont want to use it and cant wait to get an android. Major Duh. Help boards like these are mainly for people who have older macs, and over time a mac, just like a pc, can become slow. Get a life, and stick to your Windoze forums, troll. Easy to see and one click to clean the RAM. Why cant some one try and come out with a modified versionsied OSX or cutshort mini versions which can have only the essential components and applied tweaks.

In windows these tiny versions available from torrent sites. The complete operating system comes in a CD less than MB disk space. Lack of System Memory is a killer. Firstly run Activity Monitor and click the System Memory tab. You will see a pie chart, The green slice is Free Memory — you need plenty of this.

Ankh 3 Battle of The Gods Intel Mac OS X 10.5.8 10.6

Leave Activity Monitor running so you can see what happens. Now, run Terminal. All running processes are frozen while purge does its job. Eventually, Terminal will prompt for a new command, but wait a bit longer. Looking at Activity Monitor will now show a much bigger green slice. Some things missing from the article: Running Disk Permissions can speed things up, also clearing out old caches can help using a program like Onyx. Software Update, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Excellent info. My mac runs slow when I have a lot of tabs open and some tracking cookies will slow down my mac everything is back to normal after I run a anti-malware utility.

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How do I fix this? Delete that crap plugin safari. I can say that the performance improvements from upgrading the ram and the HDD on a Macbook can be dramatic. I am still amazed by how fast it got. Just make sure you have lots of free space on the SSD.

This is common in Macs as Apple typically includes Seagate drives. After that, they become painfully slow. Replacing with a true SSD NOT a hybrid will have the most significant performance improvement…assuming you can live with the reduced space. Try this: Open Safari, then open three tabs. Set another tab to something with a large java applet. And finally set another tab to something with a lot of Flash video, ads, or games.

Check memory usage. Now let those things stay open for 2 hours and check memory usage again. Java has in-built garbage collection, making it extremely difficult to have memory leaks, unless you are purposely going out of your way to store masses of data. Ok first, a gc does not keep you from having a memory issue. Maybe not leak per se but a badly thought through a program could easily keep creating more objects without letting them leave scope.

Also same thing goes for JavaScript. I had a webpage use 20gb of ram once before I had to kill it. Proper resource cleanup would minimize or eliminate the leaks. My mac was recently extremely slow, causing beach balls all the time. I could not start any apps. It turned out that I had extreme big logs 4GB — more specificly the kernel log was that big.

The bzip2 process was trying to compress the logs. So another good tip: run console once in a while and check the logs first for content and then delete them if nothing important was found. Build a PC with quality parts and you never get blue screens. Enjoy your spinning pinwheel and CPU throttling. PC master race. I find that not letting apps run for extended periods more than 4 or 5 hours at a time , and doing a complete shutdown, DSL modem included once a week seems to do wonders!

Every minutes, the computer freezes for 1 to 4 seconds. Its seems to be because of rpcsvchost. Good info! Simply create aliases of the icons already there, and replace the original folders with the new aliases. Then place the original folders where you like not on the desktop, of course. This scheme has essentially the same result as clearing the desktop altogether, as the limited memory allotted to the Finder deals with Aliases much better since they are much smaller than their counterparts.

Things will definitely goes faster. I switched because of the functionality that Apple offers. Just stay on top of that clutter! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Jacques Delyea says:. July 7, at pm. Nicole says:. July 15, at pm. January 22, at am. League of Legends Strategy. Garena - League of Legends Action. Downloaded for. League of legends mac download. League of legends mac How to protect your Mac from malware featured.

How to share files featured. How to type with 10 fingers featured. Vocabulary Teacher Languages. Snapz Pro X Screen Capture. Twitter Facebook. Btw I really appreciate you trying to help out all these people. I think you can safely ignore all of these instructions now.

I thought it didn't work at first, but the problem is the window for LOL doesn't appear over your other windows on your desktop, so you have to minimize everything on your desktop and then you will see the LOL interface. Click play, it will do a quick update then you are good to go. I have a Macbook pro and it works great!

See you on the battlefield.

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Hi guys. I am sorry for the delayed response but I was moving house. Regarding the frozen update sequense it happens some times. All you have to do is quit and reopen the game. The update will continue from where it left off. Regarding the language problem. Try changing your system language to something else English GB for example. Tyler: This is very odd. I have not encountered such a problem. Regarding the SEA problem. Currently there is no way to play LoL either from either windows or mac or any operating system in SEA. I think Garena has made a deal with Riot about setting up the servers sometime in the future.

Regarding installation problem. If you cannnot install the game try downloading the whole game from the provided link. The app crashed when i tried to launch it, but i was too lazy to do what's mentionned in the forum. I just killed the stalled process and relaunched the application and it is now patching so yay for me. Are you sure the game localisation corresponds to your account localisation? I mean if you have a european account have you made sure you connect to the european server?

And if have an american account are you sure you connect to an american server? Does this usually happened? Its always said website offline. The game does not usually crash. When you leave a battle fro any reason though, you cannot join another one until the one you were playing is finished so it is natural that it was loading that battle again for you. That is a rule of the game and not specific to windows or mac. I launch the game it says Unable to connect to PVP. An american account for american server and european account for european server.

If you still have the invalid certificate try changing the date of you computer to something before This should fix this. After the latest patch, when I try to log in it says Client Version 1. Hey there, I followed the steps above. I get into the Login Queue as the server is full so I wait until it's my turn. Can you guys help me? Thank you very much in advance. You client was updated fomr the American server but the european server has not updated yet.

In the mean time you cannot connect since your client has newer version that the server its trying to connect. To prevent this in the future I updated the guide to include this. Check the last steps of the guide for this and make the relevant changes. Dear Mastorak! Can i have a question? Everything went perfect, last time it said "cannoct connect to pvp.

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Any suggestion? It works now, had to re install it.. Hi, Iv fallowed all your instructions and successfully downloaded and installed the game. I have it running on a MacBook Pro 2. If that matters My problem is, the titles screens and audio seem to be working fine, as well as control of the character, however the display is completely wacked out. I have tried adjusting the video settings with no luck. Is anyone else having this issue? Screenshot of issue mentioned above. Regarding the sound unfortunately i have no idea what the problem might be.

Anonymous Friend with video problem Play the game fullscreen and set the video quality to low. If your Macbook sports a second graphics card make sure you are using the powerful one instead of the integrated one by selecting "Higher Performance" on the Energy saver menu on System Preferences. This is so bizarre If even one setting was "Very low" or "Medium" etc. LOL Thanks man. Hi, I downloaded it and everything went fine but when I click the play button the screen minimizes and goes next to the trash and then nothing happens after that.

I've tried searching but I can't find a solution for it. Any help would be appreciated. Adam, I have sound problems too. The only way I get my sound back is if everything except LoL is closed and wait until the sound is back, in a match. Then I reopen the things I want Ventrilo, etc. Sometimes I switch the sounds to my headphones, rather than using speakers.

Not sure if that will work for you tho. As for the comment above, No idea. That only happens to me if I have peerblock on and only when I play a match. Maybe something is blocking it from opening, or you need to be on administrator. Yo I played all of last night and exited it properly and it is saying "The application League of Legends can't be opened.

Some met the following problem :? The American server is trully offline and launcer show it, but iam playing un EU and the EU server is online. I had to wait till the US server is online through i can play on EU? I found that out that the luncher shows the US server status altough i made every things you wrote down. Is there a solution for that the luncher shows the EU server status? Delete all the text inside, and replace it with one of these lines, according to which language English, German, French, Spanish or Chinese you prefer. Absolutely none, is this normal?

Thanks in advance! Thats my problem too, i dont have ingame voices or music.. Thank you for sharing this!! You made my life easier! The application starts just fine, but sometimes it sends me this error : "The application League Of Legends can't be opened. I restart the computer and it's ok, but this will always solve the problem? Thanks again for sharing this!

Iyz thank you for sharing this, I apprciate it. DarkShadow this happens to me as well but not often you mileage may very according to differences in your system and installed software configuration. Unfortunately I do not know what is causing it. Hey, downloaded the lol. I have a link below on what the problem looks like, is it the Java 34 bit problem. Hello again, My League Of Legends application won't open. I try to restart my computer but it says "League Of Legends is blocking restart.

Quit from League Of Legends and then restart". I tried to do it, but LoL doesn't quit.. I also tried to shut down but it says the same thing Yesterday I downloaded the beta version you were talkin about in your upper comments. It all was installed well, It updated and I ve got quickboot as well.

I too changed the language - and now it is on german. Besides, I envy you for your patience! Hey Mastorak, I have read this entire post and tried anything that seems it might help. I downloaded the torrent, and was able to update fully. But, when I go to log in it says "connection failure: unable to login to the PvP. Thus since you installed now you used the correct uri. Make sure that you created a european account for the game and at your lol.

Anonymous friend Make sure that you lol. If you assigned the european server on lol.

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Hey Mastorak, I made sure that the lol. It looks exactly like you have it in the post. It still gives me the same error message "connection failure: unable to login to the PvP. I feel like I am going to be that exception in this, even though I well exceed the requirements for the game. If you have any other suggestions for me, I will be checking this thread frequently.

As always your continued patience is much appreciated. Anonymous Friend Since you have a valid NA account and you have saet up the game to connect to the NA server I do not think the problem is mac related. It is probably RIOT related. I would advice you to try it again in a few hours or tomorrow to see if anything has changed form riots side.

It probably is a network related problem. If not I do not know what it might be Oh, and a 'just in case question': Does the message on the bottom-left of the login window say that the server is online?

Fill | why cant i league of legends on my mac

Hey Mastorak, I have tried again and again, even tried using the European server. I cannot get past the login screen. When I put my username and password in and press login it loads for a min and then shoots out the same error message. It says the server is online as well, so I don't get it. Its really too bad, I was excited for this game. If there are any other thoughts Ill be checking the thread. Anonmous friend who is asking if it works even though riot removed the beta.

It is working for most users, your mileage may very.

Installing OS X 10.5.8 On My SECOND iBook G4!

You can try. Random: Restart the application and then the update will resume. You say to replace the text in the lol. Do you mean erase the text not replace it? Alzaabi and anonymous Friend: If the installer is giving you problem try to download the whole client form the torrent. Cody Replace the text in the lol. Problem is that it says That the server is Unavaliable, I have played lol before in my windows but now trying it on a mac. Downloaded the client from the torrents and followed ur steps to make it work in the uk.

Any ideas on wat i did wrong or wat i have to do? You will be able to login as soon as they solve it. It has nothing to do with the mac client. I got the game running and can join games and everything seems to work, but it wont let me click my actual hero or let me move him anyway on the maps? I have no idea why its letting me shop and learn skills through clicking but not letting me select my actual hero. I followed your guide and to use the North American server, now when I try to open the program it says "The application League of Legends can't be opened.

Stafosaurus I am sorry but I cannot think why this might happen. Try messing around with the video setting of the game and set them all to "low" to see if is makes any difference. Anonymous friend. This happens to windows clients as well sometimes. Restarting your computer might fix it.