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Long may it live. We started this article saying the Mac mini has an image problem and that's its size and the mini name, especially when professionals are considering buying a new Mac.

In our test, the new Mac mini may be mini in name and size but that's where it ends. The Mac mini is a mighty little atom which as you can see from our tests holds its own against two Mac Pro machines, one of which is a 12 core machine. Geekbench scores put it ahead of the two other 'pro' machines in our test. It performed well in real-world sessions and in most cases didn't even break a sweat, when it did, the cooling has been designed to be quiet and not sound like a jet taking off, something users of older MacBooks have experienced. The Mac mini is a machine far more powerful than one would expect; it can certainly offer pro-performance that belies its size.

Equally, if you want lots of connectivity without resorting to adaptors and hubs, then you may want to pass on the Mac mini. If you don't mind the small size and the need for more cables and possibly an external chassis, then the Mac mini may well be the next Mac you buy. For the review we purchased Yes we paid for it a Mac mini with the following configuration: 3. Ran the test with 25 instances of Eleven II Mac mini 3. Geekbench Scores When it comes to Geekbench scores, the Mac mini is equally impressive.

Connectivity Of course, anyone looking for a computer to use in the studio is going to want to hook a lot of gear off the back. USB-2 Audio Issues We have been alerted to possible USB-2 audio issues by community members, forum posts, and other news websites, so we were keen to get to the bottom of this. Summary We started this article saying the Mac mini has an image problem and that's its size and the mini name, especially when professionals are considering buying a new Mac. In a word…impressive. Preparing For macOS Because of this, updates and bug fixes for recording software will often be released for Mac users first.

With that being said, most recording software and hardware is compatible with both platforms. Macs are also more expensive, so this may influence your decision. Just make sure your audio interface and software is compatible with whatever you choose. The following 4 specs are what count.

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Hit the guidelines below, and your computer will handle nearly any recording session with ease. If a computer was a car, the CPU would be its engine. Clock speed is like the number of cylinders an engine has. The higher the number, the faster the CPU. A fast CPU will handle large recording sessions gracefully.

If the CPU has multiple cores, this is even better.

How To Find A Mic That Makes You Sound Radio-Ready

Multiple cores will allow it to multitask more effectively. It can be difficult to compare CPUs especially those with a different number of cores. More RAM will make your computer run faster, particularly when working with large, complex projects. This is where your recordings will be stored. If you end up filling your hard drive, you can always buy an external one. In fact, speed is even more important. The best hard drives are solid-state. If your computer has a solid-state drive, it will be much snappier when playing back and recording projects with large track counts. The Mac Mini is seriously underrated.

Opt for a solid-state drive and maxed-out memory for even more power. Even the baseline unit is more than enough. Your audio interface is the heart of your home recording studio.

How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

Interfaces vary widely in features. Some have knobs to adjust the volume of your speakers and microphones. Others accomplish this through a software control panel. This is where high-end interfaces often differ from cheaper ones. The more preamps, the more microphones you can record at once. To record drums or people playing together, go for 4 or more. When it comes to mic preamps, people get distracted by quantity.

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They think more is better, so they buy cheap interfaces with 8 preamps. Cheap preamps will add noise and distortion to your recordings. This will become a permanent part of your tracks, and it can add a harsh, brittle quality to your music. Quality is more important than quantity. Avoid cheap interfaces with 8 preamps.

Instead, go for an interface with 4 or 2.

You can then use software to shape the tone. This is an essential feature, and almost all interfaces have one.

How to burn music on a Mac - 2018

Make sure your computer has a free port of that type available. Microphones are the ears of your home recording studio. They convert sound into electricity which gets sent to your interface. Microphones work the same way. One might sound better than another in a specific situation. Avoid them. If you plan on recording lots of guitar amps, you may want to invest in an additional microphone. The Shure SM Studio monitors are speakers designed for use in home recording studios. These are different than the speakers you might buy for your living room.

Whereas consumer speakers often flatter and enhance the sound, studio monitors are neutral and uncolored. Great studio monitors will force you to work harder to craft a mix that sounds good. This will lead to tracks that sound great on a variety of different speakers, not just ones that sweeten or hype up the sound.