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Click Apply and close Advanced Sharing.

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Before closing Properties, take note of the Network Path. You can also use the Command-K keyboard shortcut.

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Now, use the Network Path of the windows shared folder to enter in the Server Address textbox. Click Connect when finished. A connection window will briefly appear, then a prompt for username and password. Enter a valid Windows username and password with permission to access the share, ensuring you are connecting as a Registered User. Tick the Remember password in my keychain checkbox if you will be accessing this shared folder often. Want to Join?

Connecting to SMB shares with Mac OS X

Stephen Glasskeys is a blogger and blog watcher, writer and developer. Change Windows 10 file share settings. Open Control Panel from the Start Menu.

How to Share Mac Folder & File to Windows PC (Wireless)-Easy

If you need to share documents, click the Change what you're sharing The Connecting window The Windows 10 C: drive and folders now appear in Finder. Here you will see an option called Password protected sharing , which you can turn off. I personally keep it turned on, but if you really hate having to type in a username and password to connect, this is an option.

Also, if you use Windows 10 without a password, this would save you from having to setup a password on your account. Note that even if you have a Windows account with a password, if you turn off password protected sharing, then people can still connect without typing any credentials. If Shared is not in the sidebar, you have to add it.

How to share files between Windows and macOS

With Finder open, click on Finder and then Preferences at the top. Click on Sidebar and check all the items under Shared. Now go back to Finder and wait till your computer shows up. Note that it can take a little while until the Windows 10 PC shows up.

Connecting to SMB shares with Mac OS X - College of Agriculture IT | Montana State University

To do that, open Finder and click on Go and then Connect to Server. You have to make sure the firewall is configured properly.

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  5. Once it shows up in the sidebar, go ahead and click on it. When you click on it, it will try to connect and you may get a message saying Connection Failed or Not Connected. You can do that by clicking the Connect As button at the top right.

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    Go ahead and type in your credentials and then click OK. Now you should see the Windows 10 shared folders in Finder on your Mac. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor.