Bullet point on mac excel

Microsoft Excel does not include a bullet button on the command ribbon. However, you can still create an indented, bulleted list using shortcut keystrokes.

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Microsoft Office also allows you to copy formatted text from one program to another, such as bulleted lists created in a Word document, then copied and pasted to an Excel worksheet. The bulleted list can insert as one line per cell, or as an entire list in one cell.

Excel Tips 31 - Add Multiple Lines to Text within Cells - Use the Enter key within a cell

Click the cell where you wish to insert the bulleted text. The selected cell displays a black outline.

How to quickly remove all numberings or bullet points from an Excel column?

A black bullet appears in the cell. For example, insert two or more bulleted lines in one cell by inserting this new line for each additional entry.

A list of bullets appears in one cell. Insert extra spaces to the left of the bullet for a longer indentation from the left side of the cell. Insert the cursor to the left of the bullet. Excel knows it cannot use Word's rich-text representation in this case and uses the plaintext representation, which includes fake bullet characters and additional spaces.

8 ways to add bullet points in Excel

Although this does not directly answer the question, it does address the motivation. I have disciplined myself to consider using MS Word if all I am doing is structuring information in a table.

Excel Keystrokes

I now only use Excel if I am going to use spreadsheet functions i. My short answer to that OP is "use MS Word" because the example on the screen does not indicate any functional use of the spreadsheet. If some sort of additional function is required, try a different way of laying out the information because the use of dot points that relate to some other function implies an inefficient organisation of data and may interfere with a future function or need.

How to Insert Bullets in Excel 2013- Microsoft Office Training

Likewise, using Excel for calendaring and timeline planning is simply using the wrong tool for the job and makes one's life harder long term thinking, not short term thinking. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is it possible to create a list within in a Cell using bullet points? PeterH PeterH 4, 10 10 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 54 54 bronze badges. Yes No.

Create a list automatically

Sorry this didn't help. Otherwise, each item in the list will be pasted into a different row with an unsightly gap to the left of each bullet which cannot be removed.

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