Can mac mini run final cut pro x

Self employed contract worker. Here's the specs for your system: MacBook Core 2 Duo. OK here's the corrected models specs: MacBook 13" 2. Owen Dyke omvredleader. I know my old mbp was a 64 bit as it ran el capitain.

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As well as the macbook white unibody from with a 2. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index.

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Gigabit gigabit Rep: Hello, I'm going to get a 2. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

Sooner or later we were going to encounter a known problem with FCP X and this is one of them. In FCP X In the last update as of this writing FCP X will remember right where you left off. On the bright side, this break from editing does give you a chance to get up out of your chair and stretch. Troubleshooting problems is not the most glamorous of tasks.

However, when you think about editing much of our work is finding creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. This blog relies on people like you to step in and add your voice. Send us an email: blog at frame.

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Type your search and press enter September 21, Symptom 1 FCP X is just plain slow, all the time, doing everything. You might as well edit off of a USB2 thumb drive. Page content loaded. Oct 23, PM in response to ddangerous In response to ddangerous. Oct 23, PM. Going for the cheapest lowest spec machine around, can I suggest that you can expect the performance results will match.

You cannot expect to get multi tracks of full HD all running together and render time that fly, expect some waiting. If going this path seriously consider working with proxies. The HDD read and write speeds will give you some idea as to what performance you can expect. Oct 24, PM in response to ddangerous In response to ddangerous.

I just went into the Apple Store today to talk to someone about this very question. The big disappointment to me in the new mini is that the mid-level not server used to have a discrete graphics card -- and now none of the minis offer anything other than the integrated graphics chipsets But the more filters and full HD tracks you're trying to composite or render at once, the more a dedicated GPU will help. So it sounds like if you're not doing anything too fancy, the mini should be great.

Can I run Final Cut Pro X?

So if you're going for simple video editing I work for a church; we do simple video interviews without a lot of effects or compositing , I'm looking at the quad-core i7 mac mini as a sweet little machine. Oct 24, PM. Oct 24, PM in response to unsounded In response to unsounded. What I'm looking at is 3 tracks of full HD. Oct 25, AM in response to ddangerous In response to ddangerous.

Go into an Apple store. Use a few of their stock movie HD files to build a multicam project on the Mini. Test it for playing in real time — add titles, effects, whatever. Export it and note how long it takes. Do the same thing on a MBPr. Very interesting. The MBPr "won" that speed test. Oct 25, AM.

#5 Mac Mini Video Editing Final Cut Pro Performance Tests

No problems. Of course he is doing pretty simple stuff. For consumer type editing the new mini would be great.