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Now, is there any way to produce such a "virtual display"? Alexander Alexander 6, 5 5 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 72 72 bronze badges. That's weird, whenever I VNC into my Are you using a third party VNC server? KevinChen Are you? Screen Sharing always drops me into the same session and desktop that I was using in person.

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Or, maybe this works differently if you log out of your desktop session completely before connecting? To do so you should: create second user account and log him in "physically", connect using Screen Sharing to your iMac with your PRIMARY user credentials, Screen Sharing will provide you with 2 choices: "Share" screen with current physical user or "Log In" in a "virtual" session, select "Log In" and here you are: you have a "virtual" screen not visible to current physical user. You can now change screen resolution to match your MacBook's screen. Looks like it is not as neat as it sounds.

I used to use this feature on server with only one display using cscreen for changing resolution, since there are too few available resolutions in Displays pane while in virtual session. It works almost fine with the exception of one small issue: sometimes the Screen Sharing client starts showing black screen just after resolution change. To get it back alive, you have to disconnect, wait about 30 seconds to let the hung server daemon die, and reconnect back again.

But just now I checked the resolution change feature in virtual session with two monitors a laptop and an external display. Things get much worse here: any attempt to change the resolution causes the very WindowServer to crash :- It appears like instant logging both physical and virtual sessions out, making it impossible to change resolution. My server is And no, the real display resolution is not affected. Medical School or Games Industry?

Featured on Meta. I want one of them on Desktop 1 and one of them on Desktop 3. I can't assign the app to a specific desktop because then both of them would have to be on the same desktop they're the same app. In your scenario, you have Chrome on one desktop and Safari on a different one.

Mac OS X Full Screen Resolution in Virtual Box

Two different apps. There's very little you can do to circumvent this, besides dragging windows to their rightful place each time you restart.

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I'd recommend using both Chrome and Chromium or a portable version of Chrome , or use a third browser like Safari or Firefox. I agree, this is an inherent limitation of the way Mac OS X handles windows, apps, and desktops. Personally, I use Chrome heavily and with multiple user profiles which it supports nicely. I use one profile for work and have windows on that profile on multiple desktops, and a different profile for personal use on yet another desktop.

I have not found a solution that handles this, and I suspect that no solution is possible. I am exploring some of applescript's capabilities, though, and if I can work out a way to uniquely identify windows based on some property, there might be a way to do it.

Creating Spaces

Thanks Tim for your reply before, sorry for the late response. My mbp is , does that make it "old"? Guess so. So anyway, back to the topic about desktops, I will try again, see what happens. Thanks for your help :. Switched from the Dark Side to Mac in , I must have been in a parallel universe all this time, this is the first I've heard of multiple desktops! Great article, as are all the MakeUseOf suggestions-kudos!

DisplayMate for Apple Macs, Linux, and Unix Workstations

Glad to hear, that was after all the intent — it's a bit of a hidden feature that many users won't go looking for unless they know it's there. Apple even hides the "new desktop" button until you're hovering right next to it! Tim, thanx for the response. Yosemite does seem to address some issues, but i strongly dislike the changes to the look.

Thanx for the report though! Hi Tim thanks for your reply. I have a 13" mbp which runs really slowly so I have to make sure I never have too many programs open at any one time although I would love to have both Safari and FF, Evernote and whatever else open all at once. Could using these desktops help or would it slow the system down even more?

I can't say for sure whether or not spaces will slow your Mac down more than it is already, though I wouldn't have thought the performance hit would be too bad. What's really slowing your Mac down is the number of applications you have running including background applications. So I'd say try it, if it's too slow you can revert to your old methods. Is your MacBook Pro old? Generally even older Macs can run more than two browsers and a note-taking app at once, so I wonder if you would benefit from a fresh OS X installation. Have you ever reinstalled the OS?

What am I missing? I think it depends a lot on how you work. If you use lots of different software all day long, it can be a real drag having to cram everything onto one screen. I think it's one of those features that you start off not really using very much but come to rely on. I should point out I do have a Retina MacBook scaled to a higher resolution to fit more on screen , so if you use a giant 27" iMac this might be less appealing as you'll have that much more screen space!

I never cared for multi-desktops. I've tried them under Linux and Windows 95 or 98, iirc, a powertoy over the years. It's just another way to sub-categorize open windows. To me it seems like more confusion than its worth. Much akin to having separate browser windows for different sets of tabs. I'd much rather see better multi-monitor support. On Mavericks, it's so bad i don't use the second monitor. After it goes to sleep, the second monitor doesn't turn back on but does does cause resizing in the first monitor, continuously, until the next reboot.

OS X's features tend to be cool until you actually use them. I stopped saying, "i love my mac" some time ago. Thanx for the article though. It's always useful to remind us what some of the basic features are of any OS. They're often overlooked at first, until they are forgotten, and then when you need them most, you haven't the slightest idea they are already there. I also had terrible issues with using external monitors on Mavericks. My MacBook Pro would simply refuse to output a signal to my TV via HDMI no adapters , and when I did get it working there was a visible lag between input and the monitor including sound issues.

After upgrading to Yosemite this has all been fixed. I haven't had a problem with any external monitors, either in mirrored display mode or when using the monitor to display an extra desktop. The lag is drastically improved, and sound no longer goes out of sync. I can even shut the lid on my laptop and have the TV has the sole laptop, without everything going nuts and destroying itself.

So if you're having such issues I'd wholeheartedly suggest updating your OS to Yosemite. It does introduce a few other issues, and things are bound to get a bit slower as with every software release, but if this is something that's impeding your enjoyment or productivity then I'd say it's worth it. Multiple desktops are wonderful, I have been using them in Linux for a long time. Nice to see some of the other operating systems finally starting to include them. Well Windows is the only major OS that has yet to add them, but that's being fixed in the summer with the release of Windows Macs have had them since and Linux long before that I remember first seeing it as part of KDE on an old Debian installation.

I use Spaces everyday. I started using it on a 13 laptop, but find that muscle memory makes it just as useful when using a larger monitor. You can set default desktops to mimic the your workflow which saves a lot of time each day - browser on one, text editor on another, mail, iTunes, and so on. Make it your own. If you want to manage resolutions for different displays it's also best to use QuickRes.

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Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Hey Tim, great post! Hi Tim, I could't find an answer for my problem, so hopefully you will know how : Is there a way to set different kind of display settings per multiple desktop on MBPr? If I find that app I am thinking about, I'll post a followup.

Does anyone know if there's a way to lock individual windows to a desktop?

Thanks so much guys! Basically and I think this was explained in the article but I'll go through it again : Assign your windows to the desktops you would like to keep them on permanently, create any extra desktops you need.